Microsoft announces Windows Phone 7 worldwide GSM launch

Microsoft announces Windows Phone 7 worldwide GSM launch

Summary: The worldwide launch of Windows Phone 7 revealed there are nine different devices from 13 carriers in over 15 countries coming to buyers this holiday season. Sprint and Verizon will get new devices in early 2011.


From the US perspective, we see that AT&T and T-Mobile are the big winners when it comes to Windows Phone 7 while Sprint and Verizon are left out of the initial launch party. However, Microsoft stated in the press release that Sprint and Verizon will be getting phones in early 2011 so it seems like it came down to a difference in technology and urgency to launch products. I wouldn't doubt if Microsoft still has a bad taste in their mouth from Verizon's lack of support with the failed Kin project. The worldwide launch looks to consist of nine new device models coming from 13 carriers in something like 15+ countries.

Devices in the US will be sold in carriers stores, as well as at Microsoft Store locations and Amazon. Here is the launch lineup that we will see in the USA in time for the holidays:


  • HTC HD7
  • Dell Venue Pro


  • HTC Surround
  • Samsung Focus
  • LG Quantum

T-Mobile ends up with the largest phone in the HTC HD7 and since they are the carrier I have I am excited about getting this high end device. T-Mobile USA also looks to be the only carrier launching with a Dell model Windows Phone 7 device. It looks like both of T-Mobile's devices are targeted towards the high end while AT&T looks to have a full range of product offerings.

The HD7 will also be available from other carriers around the world and it looks like the USA is missing out on the Samsung Omnia 7, HTC Mozart, LG Optimus 7, and HTC Trophy.

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  • Sprint and Verizon left out? hmm...

    Perhaps they are just being cautious, unwilling to be caught in another unpleasant situation courtesy of Microsoft.

    You see, when it blows, then the WP7 fiasco will probably reach much larger proportions than the kin fiasco.
    OS Reload
    • RE: Microsoft announces Windows Phone 7 worldwide GSM launch

      @OS Reload : most likely, the negative from Verizon made it an expensive proposition to proceed with CDMA devices. Sprint alone wouldn't cut it
    • RE: Microsoft announces Windows Phone 7 worldwide GSM launch

      @OS Reload : Most of the world uses GSM. Even in Canada, the two CDMA carriers overlaid their CDMA networks with 3G on GSM. AT&T (the sole US carrier that carries the iPhone) and T-Mobile use GSM in the States.

      That means that they hit about 90%-95% of the world with a GSM only phone (much as the iPhone does). Yeah, it's a pity that one important carrier got left out - but in the big picture, it's really not that big compared to the entire GSM network.

      What boggles my mind is that anyone is still CDMA.
      • Interesting factoid I came across the other day...

        Seems, a site dedicated to pushing CDMA technology mentioned at some point that there were about 270 million CDMA subcribers in the world. Meanwhile... They mentioned that there were over 1 BILLION GSM subscribers.

        This makes sense given there are very few places in the world that do CDMA. The rest of the world is GSM.
      • RE: Microsoft announces Windows Phone 7 worldwide GSM launch

        @TheWerewolf <br><br>One big reason for CDMA still hanging in there is the cost of replacing existing CDMA infrastructure or duplicating it with GSM infrastructure. One way you get to replace all your existing customer cellphones, the other you get to support two networks for an indefinite period. Either way, you get to spend big chunks of money.