More Windows Phone Mango news; Facebook Chat, WiFi hotspot, Office 365

More Windows Phone Mango news; Facebook Chat, WiFi hotspot, Office 365

Summary: Microsoft will be showing more details and features of the next Windows Phone update on 24 May, but leaks of some of these continue to appear online.


There will be a Windows Phone event in New York on 24 May, but up until that date it seems we are going to hear more and more leaks about what is coming with Windows Phone 7.5 (aka Mango) later this year. The latest info from the Windows Phone Dev Podcast shows Windows Live Messenger, Facebook Chat, and AOL IM coming to Messaging, Office 365 support, group messaging, artist on lock screen, WiFi hotspot support, visual voicemail, and more.

I am alread a major Windows Phone 7 fan and this latest news just increases my desire to stick with this new mobile operating system. I find Windows Phone 7 to be rock solid stable, fluid and fun, and something developers seem to be embracing with an ever increasing Marketplace. It may not yet have everything that Android and iOS have, but it is fresh and interesting. These improvements, combined with others mentioned previously, show that Microsoft is serious about making Windows Phone a fabulous mobile platform. Combine all of these great functions, stability, and the fluid user interface with Nokia hardware and amazing camera technology and this Christmas may turn out to be very exciting for Windows Phone and Nokia.

Check out for all the latest features coming in Windows Phone 7.5. As much as we are seeing, Microsoft may have to end up calling this Windows Phone 8.

Topics: Mobility, Microsoft, Operating Systems, Software, Wi-Fi, Windows, Social Enterprise

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  • RE: More Windows Phone Mango news; Facebook Chat, WiFi hotspot, Office 365

    I'm still hoping to see something come of the Skype aquisition for Mango.
    The one and only, Cylon Centurion
    • RE: More Windows Phone Mango news; Facebook Chat, WiFi hotspot, Office 365

      @Cylon Centurion 0005

      If you are looking for a Skype app, that has already been announced during MIX'11

      As for Skype within the OS integration, it is very unlikely that the acquisition changed anything for Mango as it probably was close to coding complete by the time the acquisition is announced.
  • Lock screen

    I got an update for my htc Mozart through and now the lock screen doesn't react to touch properly. I sometimes have to flip between standby and lock screen 3 or 4 times before it reacts.

    I'm hoping T-Mobile hurry up with Nodo...

    Otherwise, I much prefer WP7 to my iPhone.

    The one thing I really want is Audible support!
  • RE: More Windows Phone Mango news; Facebook Chat, WiFi hotspot, Office 365

    I would love for VZW to even come out w/ a WP7 at any time now... this just makes me lust for it even more... Finally, I can be rid of my FiveSpot!...
  • video chat

    i am hoping they will have new windows phone 7 models with video chat capabilities soon. also 4G and dual core. if they have these features the windows phone 7 will for sure kill iphone or android.
  • RE: More Windows Phone Mango news; Facebook Chat, WiFi hotspot, Office 365

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