My Xbox Live comes to Android, updated for iOS

My Xbox Live comes to Android, updated for iOS

Summary: Microsoft released My Xbox Live for Android today so you can now manage your Xbox Live profile and perform other functions on the go.


While one of my primary smartphones is the Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone, I still do use a few Android phones and an iPad. Thus, I was pleased with the news that My Xbox Live launched for Android and was improved for iOS.

This free Xbox Live utility app for Android gives you the following functions:

  • View, manage, and message friends
  • View and compare your achievement progress with friends
  • Read and Edit your full LIVE profile (name, bio, motto)
  • See your 3-D Avatar and customize it while on-the-go
  • Access your recent activity and manage your Beacons
  • Stay connected to the Xbox LIVE community via Spotlight

The updates in the iOS app include:

  • Discover fresh content (iPhone)
  • Connect to and control content on your Xbox 360 (iPhone)
  • Improved authentication (iPad)
  • Retina display support (iPad)

I don't have much time to play games on my Xbox 360 console, but I do play quite a few games on my Lumia 900 and enjoy the Xbox Live experience. Similar to the current Xbox Live app on Windows Phone, my Han Solo outfit is not yet supported on the phone platforms :(

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  • More

    Rah Rah cheering, from the Zealous WP 7 supporter? how about some honest reporting? Or does Microsoft discourage you from doing that? nd the "alternative lifestyle character on that phone screen looks silly.
    Jumpin Jack Flash
    • Okay then

      if you find his article "dishonest" then put your money where your mouth is and write one that is factual - i.e. no bias at all.

      Or barring that list the reasons you consider his article to be false.
    • Are you high?

      This is an article about an app for Android and iOS.
      Michael Alan Goff
  • Nice!

    I will have to try it out.
    • It is nice

      The best thing? It has a Metro feel to it which on my iPhone is a breath of fresh air.
  • Yet another

    social network! Unless you dont have a life outside your Xbox VR, I cant any good reason for this app. You still cant actually GAME with it.