Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

Summary: The Nokia N9 is a beautiful piece of hardware with a pleasant operating system. There are not many out there yet, but there are some cool functions and features to explore.

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I posted my first impressions of the Nokia N9 a few days ago and have been using it extensively since that time. The more I use it the more I love it and I don't know if I can resist picking one up after I send this evaluation unit back to Nokia in a week. Like the N900 before it, there are a ton of "hidden" features and functions in the N9 and I wanted to share some with you and also answer your questions from my earlier post.

Nokia N9 tips & tricks

I discovered some of these and others were sent to me via Twitter or comments:

  • Swipe to view notification: You have likely seen the Android and now iOS home screen notifications and like the new iOS 5 notifications (I believe they passed up Android) you can swipe the notification to the side to launch right into that notification from a locked screen.
  • Swipe to close: By default (there is a setting to change it) you can swipe from off the screen down and towards the center to close an application. I also recommend you get the free SwipeManager utility in the Ovi Store to give you control on swiping from all sides.
  • Leave the power button alone: I found it a bit of a hassle to tap the power button to unlock the screen, but then a follower mentioned all you have to do is double tap on the display to turn on the display. This is also in the settings with a toggle to turn off.
  • Quick Launch Bar: With behavior very similar to webOS, you can swipe up and hold your finger in place from the lock screen or from within an application to open the Quick Launch Bar that gives you four app icons to launch. If you get the free Shortcuts utility in the Ovi Store you can then customize what those four selected apps are if you don't like the default ones.
  • Task manager zoom: One of the three primary screens in the task manager that shows thumbnails of open apps. You can pinch and zoom on this to show more or fewer application icons.
  • Swipe through inbox: Rather than going back out to the full inbox view, you can simply swipe left and right to move through your email inbox with ease.

Reader Q&A

A few questions asked me to show some things so I included the video below that covers some of the tips above, some questions, and some other cool things in the device.

  • Can you show the Ovi Store and video playback (In the video below). Is there a Shazam type app? (Not that I could find in the Ovi Store.)
  • How do you make calls? (Shown in the video below).
  • You mentioned in your review that Google has options for 'mail chat and calls' could you elaborate a bit on that for me? How is the voice integration specifically? Could you post pictures of the interface? Ive looked everywhere on the web and haven't found any answers. (Shown in the video below)
  • I wish you showed how fast the browser is and also if it is capable of "flowing" the text on webpages. Also, it would be great to know what the actual battery life is. (Shown in the video below)
  • Max number of apps I was able to run? I tried running everything I had loaded and was able to run 23-27 apps at one time.
  • I was fiddling with a N9 and saw a documents app. It claims to be to read opendoc format and Microsoft documents and pdf. will you be able to review that? Does it include powerpoint and excel format as well? (Shown in the video below)
  • Is there any app for ereading? such as sony reader, amazon, or kobo? or something that at least handle epub? How about library books like overdrive? (The Ionic E-book Reader app allows you to read EPUB formatted ebooks and is available in the Ovi Store for FREE. I could not find any Overdrive support. See my video for the EPUB reader.)
  • Lastly, are there any Bible apps? (Yes, see my video for a look at MiniBible, which is a SWORD project work.)

I have the Nokia N9 for one more week before I have to send it back so if you have any questions feel free to ask. The hardware is FANTASTIC and I don't think I have held a finer smartphone in my hand. MeeGo is fun to use and a pleasant operating system too.

Topics: Nokia, Mobility

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  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

    Nokia made a great piece of hardware, what a shocker, they have only been doing that since the brands conception. Hope it's enough to keep them afloat.
    • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

      @Bates_ <br>Nokia played chicken and lost.<br><br>Meego would have been the differentiator from the masses.<br><br>Now no real reason to buy a WP7 handset from Nokia over Samsung, HTC etc. Well except Nokia seem incapable of getting any to market.<br><br>Nokia missed the point, the hardware was never really a problem, it was Symbian that sucked. Meego was the successor, and with the added clout of Intel should have been a contender.
  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

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  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

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  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs
  • My Smartphone Challenge

    Somebody, *please* show me a smartphone today that will easily sync contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks from Outlook (not Exchange-connected) to the phone *without* making me (a) use the cloud if it don't want to, (b) purchase addition software, (c) export to csv to import into the phone (which is NOT sync!). Also, *if* it will sync, what happens to data fields in one device that do not match the fields in the other? I heard some sync apps actually end up deleting the contents of any "non-standard" fields!
  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

    as fun as this swiping deal is, there is a good number of us who miss devices like the E90 communicator. NOKIA please!! give us something, unlike the E7. that is worth our Time (almost did it with the N900). let the kids have their droidsmartiphonethingy, can you make a communicator i can be proud to hold in my hand! a smartphone i can take out on a business meeting and put all those iPad, iPhone touchy feely hipster to shame!? i think you can do it.
    • If I were there when you whipped this imaginary thing out.

      @alexmia@... why on earth would I feel shame? I tend to think that is not possible especially over something as silly as a phone but hey this is your claim so back it up.

      Pagan jim
      James Quinn
  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

    IT would be great if Nokia uses the N9 as the flag ship phone for the US windows phone market. I have been putting off buying a new phone (curently have a iPhone)to see what Nokia comes out with.
    Muskie Mike
  • youtube and music player

    Matthew, While I am still waiting for my N9 to be shipped from expansys, can you please show the experience of youtube on N9 browser, is it equally good as an app on ios?

    also just wanted to share, you can do small swipes in music player to go to next/prev songs in the album. Same as you do in mail client to go to next/prev email.
  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

    I prefer Iphone .
  • Something to try

    Here's a different kind of NPR app that plays stories around where you are - and you can't get it on Android or iPhone. For N9:
  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

    Can it make VOIP calls other than thru Skype as in does it have a built in SIP client / stack
  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

    Does it have a built in SIP stack for VOIP calls like the old N95s.
  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs


    Ask Nokia if you will let you try PR1.1, lots of bug fixes and new features like media control.

    ps thanks for the E6 bonus vid. ;)
  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

    all i want is what is advertised in the nokia n9 adds... "swype" for text messaging, something to enable me to video call using the front camera instead of it just being there for the fun of it.. you cant even access it through your camera! i have upgraded from an older nokia and it has more bells and whistles than the nokia N9 does...... why release a product that is not the same as advertised????????
  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs

    will there ever be a Meego compatible version of whatsapp? Or any other decent instant messaging application?
  • RE: Nokia N9 MeeGo phone; tips, tricks, and FAQs


    Thanks for answering some of my earlier questio, I sort of saw an Evernote app icon in your video. was that an Evernote app or was it just a weblink?

    Thank you!