Subscribe to the annual Zune Pass for equivalent of $31.20/year

Subscribe to the annual Zune Pass for equivalent of $31.20/year

Summary: Microsoft rolled out an annual subscription option for Zune Pass for just $149.90 per year, but you get $118.80 in free song credits to keep music forever so it is a deal you can't pass up.


I am a Zune Pass subscriber due to my Zune HD and now with my upcoming Windows Phone 7 purchase so I quickly jumped over and renewed my subscription as soon as I read the news on WPCentral that Microsoft rolled out an annual subscription option. You can now subscribe for a year for just $149.90, which works out to just $12.50 a month. Considering that you get 10 songs to keep forever with that you are now only paying $2.50 a month for unlimited downloads and streaming on a Windows Phone 7 device.

I already wrote why I think the Zune Pass is a fantastic deal and now the yearly subscription option just makes it even that much better. You now get essentially 2 months for free. If you were going to buy 10 songs a month on iTunes or Zune anyway for 99 cents then the Zune Pass streaming and download subscription works out to an equivalent of just $31.20 a year that is paying for just the service. This is awesome and Microsoft needs to get out and explain how great of a deal this is for everyone.

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  • Dude!! Are you really this stupid???

    Since when is getting what you already paid a discount?

    Hey, I have a nice bridge for sale. It is cheap and I will give you a year of credit to cross across to the other side.
    • Couldn't agree more

      The Matthew was talking you'd think he was getting the $10 back. But hey, the headline would look pretty silly if it said, "Subscribe to the $149 Zune Pass for the equivalent of a $149."
      A Grain of Salt
    • Think harder bud.

      @wackoae He's entirely correct. Your $15/mo gets you two things from Microsoft-- credits to buy music, and the subscription to all-you-can-eat access to all the music in the Marketplace. Everyone else offers you one or the other for very little difference in price per month.

      Rhapsody is $10 per month for their subscription service. That's $120 per year. Go with Micorosft, and you only pay $30 for 120 tracks you get to keep as well.

      iTunes or Amazon is going to cost you about $120 for 120 tracks per year. Go with Microsoft, and you only pay $30 for a year of subscription to the Marketplace.

      If I were stuck with your logic and reasoning abilities, I wouldn't go around calling other people out.
      • Think harder or think stupid??

        @ericesque He is claiming that you get a discount because you get music. Guess what? You are paying for the music.

        If you are too dumb to understand that simple fact, I suggest you take somebody smart with you every time you go out (or visit a web-store) to buy anything.
      • re: Think harder or think stupid??

        @wackoae Clearly you're only capable of the latter, so I'll bid you adieu.
    • RE: Subscribe to the annual Zune Pass for equivalent of $31.20/year

      Do you even know how paid streaming music services work?
  • RE: Subscribe to the annual Zune Pass for equivalent of $31.20/year

    I agree Zune pass is really cool, just wish it had support outside of Microsoft platform.
    • RE: Subscribe to the annual Zune Pass for equivalent of $31.20/year

      It does. Their web app streams the music perfectly.
  • That is a fantastic deal!

    Apple has talked about adding a subscription service to iTunes, it will be interesting to see if they even try to compete with MS or if they will let their monopoly prices do the talking.
    • If anybody actually bought a Zune

      there might be competition, but since they don't, well, another pointless marble for the zealot.

      • RE: Subscribe to the annual Zune Pass for equivalent of $31.20/year

        You don't need a Zune for the Zune pass. Heck, you don't even need the software (unlike the buggy bloatware iTunes). You can stream from the Zune webpage.
    • a lie again

      @NonZealot <br>the usual lie from the idiot zealot. apple has never talked about planning a subscription service. they didn't even talk about the subscription model in general for the last few years. before that they stated that people have again and again voted with their wallets that they don't want subscription services, because they never took off.<br><br>no one knows what apple now thinks about it or if their stance has changed. there is no official word from apple about any plan, just some (in my mind) baseless rumors on the internet.
      banned from zdnet
  • 10 songs to keep forever!!!!

    WOW How awesome. I get to keep them FOREVER! What a concept. I will run out and buy a Zune pass tomorrow. NOT!
    • RE: Subscribe to the annual Zune Pass for equivalent of $31.20/year


      Apparently comprehension isn't your strong point.

      Zune Pass gets you unlimited dowloads for $15 per month, but you also get to downlaod 10 non DRM tracks every month, making this more like $5 per month. With the new annual discount, that becomes $2.50.

      You keep giving Apple $1.29 per track while the rest of us enjoy unlimited music, PLUS the ability to get 10 free tracks per month.
      • You are an IDIOT

        Your level of comprehension is so low, it is amazing.

        So you pay less because you are getting what you ALREADY paid for? That is the most STUPID logic I ever heard.
    • 10 songs per month, not per year

      Tim Cook
    • 10 songs per month, 120 songs per year

      @sismoc That is 10 songs per month. Actually, with the DRM in many songs you buy from different services keeping them forever without DRM is actually a big deal.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • Have been doing the exact thing on eMusic for years!

    I've been doing the same thing with eMusic for years: paying for my music, downloading it, and keeping the music I pay for and download works on any music device regardless of the platform.
    • RE: Subscribe to the annual Zune Pass for equivalent of $31.20/year

      Yes, so do the ones you download from Zune. What's your point?
  • Its astonishing that the Apple drones don't get it

    They have been programmed to giving Jobs money that they don't see the value of unlimited music for $2.50 per month. Instead they attack the author.

    Dem Apples have too many verms.