T-Mobile announces the Sidekick 4G from Samsung

T-Mobile announces the Sidekick 4G from Samsung

Summary: T-Mobile and Samsung officially announced the Sidekick 4G that is launching with Android 2.2 later this spring. It is still focused on the messaging crowd, but has internals matching the Galaxy S lineup.


In January it was revealed that Samsung would be building the new Android-powered T-Mobile Sidekick devices. Just a couple weeks ago T-Mobile also announced the Sidekick service was being shut down as those legacy devices were being shown out the door to roll out the new Android Sidekick. Today, T-Mobile announced the new T-Mobile Sidekick 4G.

The Sidekick 4G follows the Sidekick Slide form factor with a slide-up display rather than the signature flip-and-swivel display that people associated with the Sidekick brand. I haven't seen it in person, but it sure looks like a rather slick device in the photos with a 3.5 inch touchscreen (a first for a Sidekick) display and spacious five row QWERTY keyboard that should make messaging a breeze. It is powered by the super speedy Samsung 1 GHz Cortex A8 Hummingbird processor running Android 2.2. There is a 4G HSPA+ 21Mbps wireless radio and front facing camera with Qik for video chat functionality.

Messaging is still the primary focus of the Sidekick brand and with the Sidekick 4G loaded with Group Text and Cloud Text you can easily stay in touch with all of your friends. Facebook and Twitter are preloaded as well as full support for Android apps. Other included apps are YouTube, T-Mobile TV, Slacker Radio, Samsung Media Hub, Qik, Gmail, Google Maps, and more.

Since the Sidekick brand has always been focused on the younger texting crowd, there is a service called DriveSmart that is loaded on the Sidekick 4G. This service helps prevent distracted driving by providing automatic incoming cal and message management that sends notes to callers and senders letting them know the recipient is driving and unavailable. You can get the DriveSmart Plus service too, which gives parents advanced controls and has the service activate automatically (rather than manual activation).

T-Mobile stated the device will be available later this spring in matte black and pearl magenta, but no pricing or service fee information was provided. Samsung makes some great Android devices and this looks like it might be quite appealing to the messaging focused crowd that is also moving into the smartphone world.

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  • RE: T-Mobile announces the Sidekick 4G from Samsung

    And here I was hoping this device was finally in its grave and buried.
  • RE: T-Mobile announces the Sidekick 4G from Samsung

    @ Bates; WHY is that?
  • best android qwerty device?

    love the 5-row keyboard. anrdoid 2.3.3 corporate rootkit and it is good for the the office! driveguard will also make life easy for office communications.
  • RE: T-Mobile announces the Sidekick 4G from Samsung

    The new Sidekick is going to hook up great with the Sling box. I work for DISH where I got mine. This is great to watch TV on the road. I took this to Mexico last month this worked out great. I didn?t miss a show or nothing I know what was going on my town with the local news and all. This is something that if you are on the road all the time this will help you along the way. Now you can enjoy that subscription you?re paying for.
  • RE: T-Mobile announces the Sidekick 4G from Samsung

    I love the way the phone looks, and the keyboard is very nice. If the Sidekick works as good as it looks I'm sure it well be a big hit. I'm a new LG Optimus user that had a hard time picking between a Samsung and LG. I'm happy with my pick but miss the keyboard.