Two years later and we finally get an official Google Reader Android client

Two years later and we finally get an official Google Reader Android client

Summary: Android devices launched in late 2008 and today we finally get an official Google Reader client coming out from Google themselves. The client is snappy and supports what you are familiar with on the desktop.


I purchased the T-Mobile G1 over two years ago and one of the first applications I expected to see on the device was a Google Reader app. Imagine my surprise when that was not the case and Google left it up to 3rd party developers to come up with a solution. I am very pleased to finally let you know that Google rolled out Google Reader for Android as an official Google application.

I have been primarily using Newsrob as my Google Reader client, but always felt Google should provide mobile clients for their core services like Gmail, Google Maps. Google Reader, Google Search, Listen, etc. so I am pleased to now have this one on my EVO 4G. The application picks up Google accounts you have configured on your device and lets you sync up with Google Reader. I actually like the way the iPhone version website lets you tap on a story and expand it better than tapping and jumping to another page to read more details. Then again, once you are in the detail view area you can simply tap the large up and down arrows to move through your feed.

You will find support for starred items, your stuff, people you follow, and more. Settings include the ability to navigate through stories with your volume button and enable plug-ins. I am just happy to finally see an official Google Reader client and will finally stop complaining about this.

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  • It will take a bit of getting used to

    For one, the volume control does not work on my Samsung Galaxy S.
    I do like being able to drill down though to each level by subscription which you cannot do with Dolphin.

    Anyhow, now that its out I expect to see continual refinements.

    Great work Google!
    Dietrich T. Schmitz, ~ Your Linux Advocate