Want Froyo on your Galaxy S? Just buy a new device

Want Froyo on your Galaxy S? Just buy a new device

Summary: Samsung has delayed the update to Android 2.2 for Galaxy S owners and conspiracy theories appeared. While you wait, a new HSPA+ Vibrant appeared on the FCC site.


A few days ago I wrote about smartphone software updates and if a manufacturer promises them they really need to deliver. Samsung promised a Froyo (Android 2.2) update for US Galaxy S owners, yet have failed to deliver before the end of 2010. There were conspiracy theories last week as owners start to lose patience and now we see a new updated Samsung Vibrant passing through the FCC bound for T-Mobile. Is the fastest way to get an updated Galaxy S really going to be for you to purchase a Nexus S or to buy a Samsung Vibrant 4G?

Is Samsung charging carriers for the updates?

There were rumors last week that part of the reason for the delay in getting the Android 2.2 update out to the various Galaxy S models was that Samsung was charging carriers for the update. Phonescoop received an email statement from Samsung Mobile stating that they are not charging for the update and are still working on getting it to owners. Samsung has sold more than 4 million Galaxy S smartphones in the US. Samsung would have been better off by not saying an update was coming to these smartphones, then buyers would have known that what they were buying was as good as it was going to get.

Samsung Vibrant 4G

TMoNews.com reported that the Samsung Vibrant 4G may be coming to T-Mobile on 23 February. There is very little news about this device, but in all likelihood it will simply be an updated Vibrant with support for T-Mobile's HSPA+ network and Android 2.2. Even though the new Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) version is out on the Google Nexus S (a Samsung device), it is unlikely that this updated Vibrant will launch with this and given Samsung's track record I would not count on a 2.3 update.

Engadget also reported that the Samsung SGH-T959V passed through the FCC review process and should be the Vibrant 4G coming soon to T-Mobile.

I thought the Vibrant had an awesome display and was a decent device, but the lack of ability to get a GPS signal and the responsiveness of Samsung in getting the device updated have killed any desire I might have had for the Nexus S or the Vibrant 4G.

Are you a ticked off Galaxy S owner? Do you have any plans to pick up this Vibrant 4G?

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  • Vibrant 4g? for that matter a Samsung phone? NO

    First and foremost its a Samsung, that means NO UPDATES, so no thank you.

    Regardless, multi core units (quad core and dual core) are around the corner. And if you are with TMobile, why be stuck at HSPA+21 when you can have HSPA+42 when it comes out juts a few months from now.

    Anyone considering a Samsung product should be aware that their brand equates to Frustration when it comes to Android.

    TMobile will lose money on this one. Samsung may not on the phone, but they will overall on how bad their reputation has been hit.
    • Samsung Profits Declined last quarter.

      Samsung probably is getting the message now.

      - HTC profits more than double
      - Apple profits almost double
      - Motorola reported profits are up based on Verizon Numbes
      - Sony-Ericcson shows it almost balanced its operation
      - LG a small decline (5%)
      - Samsung significant decline (13%)

      The question now is how bright are Samsung's executive staff, to recognize their brand is taking a huge hit!
      • RE: Want Froyo on your Galaxy S? Just buy a new device

        @Uralbas lol...... all you ignorant "Sleeper Cell" CrApple Trolls need to get a life. Come on..... you think people are that stupid that they don't know you idiots are trolls? You are the only ones in here and I wasn't going to read any of your garbage, but it only took reading the first two posts to know what was going on. You fools are like a fungus us!!! Get lost!!! CrApple must be paying you well to disseminate your trash talk!!! :D
      • I2Fun, you really dont know what you are talking about

        Thank you T Mobile. 8Mbps steady!!! download

        Linpack average 17.x

        Quadrant barely better than the old version (makes me doubt on how good quadrant really is, the diff in the UI is amazing!)

        Samsung, nice job. Why can't you get it right the first time, why the rework. You are not off the hook. If you provide other updates and improve your quality, you may have gained back a few brownie points.

        The update makes Samsung Galaxy S feel great!, fast, smooth, great graphics, nice touch.

        The following is what I have done and is provided AS IS, we don't assume any responsibility or know if your device may brick or not!.

        Its just the steps we took to upgrade. If your device bricks its your choice, I DO NOT recommend you follow my instructions, if you do, you do so at your own risk.:

        1. Download Mini Kies,
        2. Install Kies as an Admin user
        3. Charge up your battery.
        4. On your phone, goto.
        - Menu
        - Settings
        - Applications
        - USB Settings
        - Choose KIES
        5. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB Cable
        6. Make sure you have a good connection to the Internet from your computer (you will need it!).
        7. Fire up Kies as an Admin user.
        8. Wait a while until the phone is recognized (if Kies fails to do so, or fails to update, just close it and try again)
        9. Press Update when you see the Option (DONT disconnect your phone from now on) this may take up to an hour on slow connections (maybe more). IMPORTANT
        - DONT disconnect your phone,
        - DONT disconnect the INTERNET from your computer,
        - DONT turn off your computer
        - DONT let your computer enter sleep mode.
        10. When complete let your phone reboot (it will take a while 10 min?)
        11. Disconnect the Internet.

        Nice upgrade, sorely needed. The GPS didn't lock fast indoors, but it gave a 5000 ft approximation very fast. It also slowed down the phone considerably, so Samsung still needs to work this out.
      • One would need to be a fool to buy an iPhone

        Who wants two year old tech
        IOS 4.3 is a year behind Android OS.

        I2Fun, if you think I like Apple, you sure don't know anything.

        I do use Apple products from time to time to see what they have. And they offer something worthwhile Ill mention it. But for the past two years, Apple hasn't brought anything innovating to consumers.

        Iphones are sold because of hype, and nothing else.

        With the update My OLD Vibrant is able to download 5Mbps + and upload of nearly 2Mbps .. thats almost 2.5 times faster than before FROYO. Why would I want an iPhone stuck at 1.8Mpbs on Verizon or 0.5Mbps on ATT?

        Why would I want a Hotspot that doesn't work and limited to a certain amount of devices, when my Android device supports all the ones I need.

        Yeah, no need to waste more time anymore.
    • RE: Want Froyo on your Galaxy S? Just buy a new device

      SAMSUNG should handle ALL updates like APPLE does?! Apple users don't have to depend on ATT... that's why their phones don't have crapware!!!!
  • Accountability

    I think we need a new site called something like AndroidUpdateReportCard.com where all these companies are held accountable. ComputerWorld's latest report might be a good starting point: http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9204779/Android_upgrades_Manufacturer_comparison_?taxonomyId=75&pageNumber=1. Then just keep it updated and let users refer to it often. Eventually, manufacturers and carriers might realize that some people WILL pay attention to their track records on this issue.

    I'm already looking for my next new phone. I'm basically locked to AT&T (family plan). At this point, I had mainly been considering HTC, Motorola, and Samsung. This latest rumor about Samsung has me rethinking, though.

    If more users started rewarding manufacturers/carriers to provided upgrades, I bet there would eventually BE more upgrades.
    • RE: Want Froyo on your Galaxy S? Just buy a new device

      @bmgoodman Wrong. Most handset buyers don't care what version of OS is on them. They only buy what is recommended by the sale guy. There is no insentive for either the carrier or manufacturer to bear the investment cost on old handsets with no return on that investment.
  • I purchased my Samsung because....

    I would NOT have bought my Samsung phone in November knowing what I know NOW. I bought it because I was told Froyo / Android 2.2 was coming anyday to this phone. I HATE 2.1, my old Windows Mobile 6.1 phone had Voice dial over bluetooth headset. I NEED this feature so I DON'T DIE DRIVING!!! I could go on, but you get my point. To bad Samsung doesn't read these.
    • RE: Want Froyo on your Galaxy S? Just buy a new device

      @dgill@... Agreed. I liked many of the features of the Samsung Fascinate(Verizon) when I bought it ALONG WITH THE ANTICIPATION THAT FROYO WOULD BE AVAILABLE as an update in the "near" future(even early 2011 is fine). But, apparently, I'm going to be disappointed yet again.
    • RE: Want Froyo on your Galaxy S? Just buy a new device

      Same here, if I'm buying anything new it will be iPhone where Apple controls the software, not ATT or Verizon.
  • Samsung Vibrant owner

    I guess its time to Root and load a modded ROM,
    • RE: Want Froyo on your Galaxy S? Just buy a new device

      @XilehNori Exactly.

      I did this on my Captivate months ago - and then left it alone. For the Captivate, one of the ROM's that came out in September looked to be a leaked "official" Froyo. I also know another Captivate user who has just stayed with 2.1 and is perfectly happy. I was just used to having to fiddle endlessly from my old iphone. 2.2 is only incrementally better than 2.1 (as the version number implies).
      Schoolboy Bob
    • RE: Want Froyo on your Galaxy S? Just buy a new device

      You should not have to ROOT, what ever happend to OPEN system google always talks about..
  • This only applies to the US.

    Internationally we have froyo and getting gingerbread soon.
  • Update Ignorance?

    I had exactly the same problem with my Motorola Cliq, endless promises for an upgrade from 1.5, to 1.6, then 2.1. It took over a year for it to finally happen, but when it did, it turned my Cliq into a dog, or worse, paperweight. That's why I now have a G2.

    But 2 types of phone by 2 different manufacturers, could it be something else. My thought is, maybe phone manufacturers aren't used to dealing with OS upgrades. Until now, you got your phone and just used it until you replaced it, no upgrades or patches of any sort. Even with Windows Mobile, it was embadded and not upgradeable.

    Now, the manufacturers are basically dealing with a pocket sized PC, and folks expect their OS to be kept to date, a totally new concept to them. Maybe they haven't fully learned how to design for upgrade-ability, let alone an easy one?
    • RE: Want Froyo on your Galaxy S? Just buy a new device

      Thank Apple for starting a revolution, whithout them we would all still be using palms with stylus and win mobile ce
    • RE: Want Froyo on your Galaxy S? Just buy a new device


      You've put your finger on it. Google does a great job on the Android OS, but they've let not one, but two incompetent (as regards software) industries intervene. Both handset manufacturers and carriers don't have much intellectual or product management firepower for managing "soft" devices. The handset manufactrers are used to build/ship/move-on-to-the-next-device. They don't understand "field upgradeable", let alone user upgradeable.

      As for the carriers, they are control freaks (dating from the days when Ma Bell tightly controlled what devices could be put on the old wired networks); they're still circuit-heads and haven't really switched thinking to the world of packets. They are also focused on milking customers for every nickel-and-dime.

      Neither intermediary wants to give Google unfettered access to the customer since they are terrified about becoming commodities (devices competing only on chip speeds or screen technology; networks competing on call quality and speed on the other). Both intermediaries try to "add value" through skins, gadgets, and crapware - but what they've done is reduce the value of the Google ecosystem by building in latencies and unpredictability.
  • really??

    SERIOUSLY??????? I HAVE TO BUY A NEW POS PHONE TO GET THE UPDATE??? BUH BYE android, im going back to the iphone... ah no crapware apps or annoying start up screen..
  • Rooted & ROMed

    Rooted the Captivate recently due to Samsung dragging this out.

    Flashed the Cognition v3.03 custom ROM.
    Removes all bloatware and installs a stable Froyo 2.2 with tons of extras. GPS picks up signals within seconds now and the speed at which the phone operates is considerably faster. Of course Flash 10.1 works now and the list goes on.
    I've yet to find anything not working for me after this flash. Looks great with the Gingerbread 2.3 dock also. Nice little touch.

    Couldn't be happier!