Will the Sprint Google Nexus One be dropped soon too?

Will the Sprint Google Nexus One be dropped soon too?

Summary: Google dropped plans for the Verizon Nexus One when the HTC Droid Incredible launched and I am now wondering if the Sprint Nexus One will suffer the same fate with the HTC EVO 4G launching in June.


Back when Google announced the first Nexus One for T-Mobile we all tried to figure out what their intentions were concerning selling hardware in their online store. Verizon was announced as a planned carrier at the same time and then we saw Nexus Ones for AT&T and Sprint also announced and understood they wanted to have a single device available across all four major US wireless carriers so that people could buy a device and stick with their carrier. The AT&T version is now available with the T-Mobile version while the Verizon version has been dropped with the HTC Droid Incredible taking its place. With the Sprint HTC EVO 4G becoming available in June we now have to wonder if the Sprint Nexus One will also be dropped soon.

If the Sprint version is dropped then there will be now CDMA version of the Nexus One and the fact that Google sells hardware seems to make less sense. We have said that the US consumer rarely pays unlocked, full unsubsidized price for a phone and instead prefers to pay the carrier for a lower cost device. With the fragmentation in the US market with 3 different radio frequencies for high speed wireless data there really is no choice and flexibility when buying unlocked devices anyway so why not buy the device for your carrier at a lower cost? The Nokia N8 is the first 5-band data device so at least you can buy it later this year and use it on both AT&T and T-Mobile, as well as around the world, and access the Internet at 3G data speeds.

Will Google chalk up the Nexus One experiment as a lesson learned in the US wireless market or will they try again with another smartphone device?

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  • RE: Will the Sprint Google Nexus One be dropped soon too?

    I hope it won't be dropped. EVO 4G will be impressive, but the Nexus One will undoubtedly be superior software-wise in the long run. I'm thinking about 1 year from now when Nexus One is running Android 3.whatever and the EVO 4G is still stuck on 2.1 or 2.2. HTC Hero users on Sprint still don't have an official 2.1 update (which is rumored to finally land on Friday I guess).
  • The Nexus One is coming to Sprint

    Why else would the Nexus One be on Sprints developers site: http://developer.sprint.com/site/global/develop/mobile_platforms/android/android.jsp
  • RE: Will the Sprint Google Nexus One be dropped soon too?

    Try again.. but this time design the phone and let someone else build it. The phone need to be unique to Google and not another HTC look alike. The phone should blow away all other Droid phones and it's hardware should be kept under wraps (as much as possible).
  • The EVO 4G is just too big for me

    I hope the Nexus One still comes to Sprint. I'm leaning toward paying for an unsubsidized Nexus One over the subsidized and generally superior EVO 4G because one of the features that matters to me is size. I need a phone that fits comfortably in my front or back pocket without looking ridiculous.
    • RE: Will the Sprint Google Nexus One be dropped soon too?

      Yea I'm in the same boat, waiting for any Nexus news. No doubt the EVO will be a better phone spec wise but most of the extra features I wouldn't use i.e. 4G, hotspot, HDMI out. The only feature I'd love is the screen size but not at the sacrifice of size & weight. Also, I'd prefer stock Android. I've been using the Hero with HTC Sense & it's pretty useless to me. I suppose it will some down to:
      A) will the Nexus reach Sprint?
      B) will it be subsidized?
      If either of those are a no, its EVO for me regardless of the size...
  • RE: So over Android

    I've used the Sprint Hero for close to 4 months, and I am completely unimpressed with the overall performance and usability of the Android system. It took buying an iPad to realize what this devise / software really lacks. Now it's time to switch carriers and get an iPhone or go back to Blackberry.
  • RE: Will the Sprint Google Nexus One be dropped soon too?

    Well, this shows us why people buy different phones from different carriers! I have been using the Hero for several months rooted and with a custom ROM. I love it! Had a Blackberry before this and think it is a pretty much a worthless device! My wife has an I-phone which I have used from time to time and won't give up my Android for one! Can't wait for the EVO 4G! I clearly don't understand the attraction of the i-pad. I have a 10 inch HP that does everything I can imagine when I travel and more.
  • No N1 on Sprint

    Hi guys,
    below is what I got from HTC. To be fair, spoke w/ Sprint who still believe N1 is coming out on Sprint, but no firm confirmation.

    New Response
    Dear Jin, We understand the importance of having a phone that fits our customer??????s needs. According to the information that is on the Google Nexus One website and the information on our (HTC) website, there is no plan to release the Nexus One on Sprint at this time. If this changes in the future, then you will be able to find that information on the Google Nexus One website. The following webpage will lead you to the Google Nexus One website: http://www.google.com/phone Thank you for contacting HTC. In order to help improve our service, we would like to invite you to take our Customer Satisfaction Survey located at http://survey.htc.com/worldwide.
  • RE: Will the Sprint Google Nexus One be dropped soon too?

    They better not drop nexus one 4 sprint.......Although EVO 4g will work for me..I loved the AMOLED on my zune, thus I can never go back to TFT based displays anymore....
  • RE: N1 drop

    Well, if Sprint says "stay tuned" and HTC says they have no plans to carry N1 on Sprint, I tend to believe HTC. I hope that's not the case, but if Verizon did not want competition for their Droid incredible then Sprint has no reason to bring N1 to compete against Evo 4G, especially in the markets where there is no 4G yet. Just a thought
  • RE: Will the Sprint Google Nexus One be dropped soon too?

    Dammit. Looks like I'll have to get an EVO 4G and a holster. May as well get a pocket protector and pleated pants as well.
  • RE: Will the Sprint Google Nexus One be dropped soon too?

    As a long time sprint user and software developer, I have an HTC Hero as well as a Verizon Motorola Droid (and HP/Palm Pre) and I have to say the Droid has won me back as to the potential of Android after being thoroughly underwhelmed by the Hero on both the Hardware and Software sides. Their Sense UI completely sucks and is exactly the opposite of what they claim it to be (designed for me). The Android device manufacturers need to look closer at Apple and Palm and think harder about what the user experience should be for their smartphones. Motorola is the closest so far from my limited exposure but there is still a lot of untapped potential on Android.