Will the T-Mobile HD2 really sell for just $199.99 and will people switch to get it?

Will the T-Mobile HD2 really sell for just $199.99 and will people switch to get it?

Summary: The latest rumor around the T-Mobile HTC HD2 is that we will see the subsidized price at just $199.99. That is a fantastic price for a high end Windows Mobile device with the best specifications of any available WM smartphone.


All I have to say after reading this latest post at TmoNews is WOW! They apparently have a photo of T-Mobile's pricing for current and upcoming devices that includes the T-Mobile HD2 at just $199.99 with a new contract/subsidized price. I am on a family plan with no upgrade credit so the full, unsubsidized price applies and that is shown as $449.99. I have used the European HD2 quite a bit and $200 for this phone is killer and a bit unbelievable to me. We'll see if this pricing is real or not since the phone should be coming out in the next month or two.

I generally buy most of my phones unsubsidized and at $450 for the HD2 I may just have to pick one up. This is $80 less than I paid for the Google Nexus One and competes very well on specs with a larger display. I now know the HD2 won't be officially upgradeable to Windows Phone 7 Series and was personally holding out a sliver of hope that HTC and Microsoft would surprise us with this upgrade.

A review T-Mobile HD2 should be coming to me shortly so I may get some hands-on time before the retail release and that will definitely help me make an informed decision since I really need to see what applications and services are included since it looks like T-Mobile may have considerably helped the content issue with Windows Mobile devices. At this low price with T-Mobile's all 7.2 Mbps data network and media content partnerships do you think we will see people switching to T-Mobile for the HD2?

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  • RE: Will the T-Mobile HD2 really sell for just $199.99 and will people switch to get it?

    The big disappointment for me is the lack of upgrade path. If it was upgradable, for 200, I would switch to t-mobile and go for it. Now I am not so sure.
  • RE: Will the T-Mobile HD2 really sell for just $199.99 and will people switch to get it?

    Matthew, maybe T-Mobile learned its lesson from releasing the Touch Pro 2 at jaw dropping $349.99 with two year contract. The devil of course is in the details...for example the fine print. Will an upgrade to the HD2 force those of us with grandfathered data plans to upgrade to the new higher priced plans? If not, there is going to be a flood of Touch Pro 2s on ebay and Craigslist if the HD2 comes in cheaper than what the Touch Pro 2s that are being sold today and will be sold in the future. Microsoft is now indicating Windows Phone 7 (WP7) and the HTC HD2 are not compatible; issues in regards to hardware buttons. Three letters...X D A. I can't believe they're saying those keys can't be remapped. It's a tough decision to sell my Touch Pro 2. No matter what happens; the HD2 has double the horsepower and it is assumed it can do everything the Touch Pro 2 does...so why not take the plunge!
  • RE: Will the T-Mobile HD2 really sell for just $199.99 and will people swit

    if they really sell it for that price bye bye verizon
    TMOBILE HTC HD2 here i come! anyone wanna buy this
    motorola droid, and my wife has a blackberry storm.
  • For that price. Bye Bye AT&T.

    I'm switching and I'm getting two of them. This WinMo7 thing is not a big deal. For that price, just buy another phone later. A toy is a toy.
  • Confirmed at TMobile store Friday 3/12

    I was at T-mobile getting a line for my daughter and low and behold the T-mobile guy was using a HD2. I quickly ran to him and said I want one how many u got left? He told me come in on the 24th it'll be $199 with a contract. I was like so yall already have them in huh, he told me no he had to attend a 6 hour traing inn order to get it. I immediatly asked him for a job application and told him to sign me up for the training. :) But I got it confirmed $199 3/24. Location I was at is a TMobile store in Houston at Bellaire and HWY. 6.