Windows Phone Wednesday: Favorite Xbox LIVE games

Windows Phone Wednesday: Favorite Xbox LIVE games

Summary: Microsoft released two new Xbox LIVE games this week so I decided to take a look at my top five favorite LIVE games in this week's feature article.


My 32GB Dell Venue Pro is still performing flawlessly, but I have also been using my HTC HD7 when traveling to Alaska for work because it roams on the networks in Alaska and I like the kickstand for watching video content on the plane. We continue to see growth in the Windows Phone Marketplace and I have a feeling we may see lots of action towards the end of the year when Nokia joins the other hardware manufacturers.

Last week there were 8,258 apps in the Marketplace at the time I wrote my post, based up on the count on the Marketplace Browser website, and this week we are up to 8,570. This growth of 312 apps is a bit lower than the 400 apps per week we have been seeing. However, we were lucky enough to get two Xbox LIVE games. The new games are Deer Hunter 3D, priced at $4.99 and Zombie Attack! 2, priced at $2.99. I installed the trial version of both and am likely going to buy the Deer Hunter 3D game since I enjoy it on other platforms and am much more apt to go hunting on my phone than the way my brother does with a bow and arrow in the woods.

With two solid Xbox LIVE games being released this week, I decided to post my personal top five Xbox LIVE games for you to consider.

  1. Flowerz: The very first game that became available on Windows Phone 7 back late last year was Flowerz and I am still hooked on this rather simple game. You can spend 5 minutes or one hour playing it and I have earned quite a few achievements from playing this game over the last few months. Flowerz is available for FREE.
  2. Need for Speed Undercover: I like racing games if I can steer them adequately and the gameplay is enjoyable. The first racing game I purchased for Windows Phone 7 was Need for Speed Undercover and I still enjoy racing through the streets and meeting the challenges placed before me. This game is available now for $4.99.
  3. Crackdown 2: Project Sunburst: I am growing to like tower defense games and I really like Project Sunburst because it used Bing Maps to create local regions for you to defend so you can defend your own house from the mutant freaks using different types of weaponry. This game is available now for $2.99.
  4. Parachute Panic: One of the newer games I purchased is Parachute Panic and honestly it might just be my favorite at the moment and has its own place on my Start screen above the fold. I don't know if it is the engineer in me who loves the crumpled graph paper background or just the cool way the game is presented, but I really enjoy it. $2.99 will get you hours of fun.
  5. Star Wars: Battle for Hoth: I grew up with Star Wars being THE movie to see so I am a huge Star Wars fan and thus Battle for Hoth remains one of my favorites. I haven't gotten as far as I would have liked yet, but I am still trying hard to complete it. Star Wars: The Battle for Hoth is available for $4.99.

I also enjoy and have purchased Revolution, Rise of Glory, ilomilo, Tiki Towers, and Avatar Gadgets. What Xbox LIVE games have you purchased and which ones are your favorite?

UPDATE: Paul took the time to create an Xbox LIVE category over on the Marketplace Browser site so that you can quickly see what games there are available for your Windows Phone 7 device. As you can see there are currently 45 Xbox LIVE games available.

I am looking forward to seeing Centipede and Pro Revolution Soccer released in the near future. What games do you want to see come to Windows Phone 7?

Topics: Microsoft, Mobility, Windows

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  • RE: Windows Phone Wednesday: Favorite Xbox LIVE games

    I too love parachute panic. It is one of the entertaining game I found after Angri birds. I am just waiting for Angry birds to come to WP7. With these two you could save yourself from boredom while you are at airport or flying.
    Ram U
    • Have you tried Chicks 'n Vixens?

      @Rama.NET This game is a free game similar to Angry Birds with chickens and foxes and is pretty dang funny. I am enjoying it now until Angry Birds comes out and it is fun having it be a bit different too.
      palmsolo (aka Matthew Miller)
  • What's the definition of an Xbox LIVE game?

    Are all games for WP7 called Xbox LIVE? In what way is this related to the Xbox?
    The Star King
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