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Summary: After a decade with VA Linux Systems OSDN, Linux.


After a decade with VA Linux Systems OSDN, has come full circle. The news broke today that is being transferred to the Linux Foundation, which says it will make a "community resource... for the community, by the community."

If that sounds familiar, it's because VA Linux Systems promised to do pretty much the same thing back in 1999 when it launched the site. has gone through a lot of changes (editorial and design-wise) since it was sold to VA in 1999, but never quite lived up to its potential. The volunteer-run iteration of eventually gave way to paid staff (disclaimer: I worked for for two years between 2005 and 2007), but always fell short of being the "community portal" VA promised when it bought the site in 1999.

That doesn't mean it can't be done, though, and it certainly needs to be done. The domain could be a useful tool for promoting Linux, if done right. Even without any promotion, drew thousands of page views per day in 1999 -- and is likely the first destination for users who've just heard of Linux.

And it needs to be done by a non-partisan organization, with a mission to promote Linux. The Linux Foundation seems like the logical choice here. It has a fair amount of experience in bringing the community together on projects, and focusing on the site as a focal point for the community is likely to produce better results than focusing on as an advertising property first and foremost.

Have an idea what should be on the site? The LF folks are all ears. They've set up an IdeaForge page to collect thoughts on what should be. What's your suggestion?

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  • Yawn...

    Who cares?
    • Well, you toook the time to post ...

      So apparently you care.

      If you don't care, just ignore stories like this. Then, you wouldn't have folks like me pointing out the obvious.
  • RE: goes to Linux Foundation

    And no one cares. A website for the community by the community? I can already tell you its destined to be a failure just by linux users nature. No one will want to go to a site where every post is "STFU n00b!!" or "RTFM!!" or even worse, want to inflict personal injury or death threats (like they always do) to the community. They are only killing themselves. Besides, who's going to have time to go to this community site when most of their time will be spent recompiling their kernel or tweaking config files?
    Loverock Davidson
    • OMFG! Loverock is right...

      All this time, I thought my team was being productive by using Linux and customizing it to our internal needs. And we've visited on many occasions - obviously when our hands weren't tied building kernels and tweaking the IPv6 configurations and patrolling the office hallways to prevent the other Linux users out there from attacking us because someone asked a stupid question.

      I had no idea what a waste of time this all was.

      It's obvious that we need to change our ways and only use Windows so that our time is only spent figuring out why our internal processes don't match the Microsoft Ideals, downloading and patching Windows systems every week, updating our workhorse PIII 750MHz servers to Quad Core Xeon systems just to run the OS, and double checking our licenses daily to ensure we haven't exceeded our Terminal Server count.

      How could I have been so blind?
  • Finally

    I'll never understand why something like this didn't happen sooner. That site was a travesty for a long time and I really home the Linux Foundation can pull it out of the ground. I used to be an avid reader there until it became little more than a bunch of whining and ranting from the readers *and* writers. Every now and then there was a good article, but nothing you couldn't find anywhere else. I won't miss the site at all.
  • goes to Linux Foundation

    First stop for many curious about Linux. Hope they do right.
  • RE: goes to Linux Foundation

    It will be nice to have another landing page where opensource can be talked about. I think it's a requirement to have someone like Loverock just to spew his venom on anything Linux. Go Zonker!
  • Make the first point of contact

    Make a global (rather than US centric) site with the following content:

    1. Implementation/deployment cook books
    2. Competitive/cross selling scenarios
    3. List of available Linux or cloud applications (both free and commercials)
    4. Self study training kits
    5. List of government regulations that promote open source/open standards
  • RE: goes to Linux Foundation

    When Adam first registered as a partner site for Linux Magazine (not Linux Journal) back in '97 IIRC, his ideas were for a community site that would offer a smorgasbord of Linux information. However, the financial realities of running such a site finally took the forefront and that's why it was sold in the first place. VA Linux was attempting to position itself as "THE" Linux company and Larry's eyes and stomach (ne purse) hadn't come into balance, so they were buying just about anything with a Linux slant.

    Hopefully, with the costs of running such a site dramatically decreased since those pioneer days, LF can turn it into the site that Adam and friends had set out to do back in '97 and drop the commercial aspects.