MacBook Heir? Lenovo X300 is everywhere this week

MacBook Heir? Lenovo X300 is everywhere this week

Summary: Thanks to specs that match up nicely to the MacBook Air--it also fits in an interoffice envelope--Lenovo's still unannounced X300 ultraportable got loads of press this week culminating in a BusinessWeek cover story. Other news in laptops and desktops this week. . .


Lenovo X300 is everywhere

Thanks to specs that match up nicely to the MacBook Air--it also fits in an interoffice envelope--Lenovo's still unannounced X300 ultraportable got a lot of press this week culminating in a February 25 cover story in BusinessWeek. Prior to that, The Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg posted his first impressions. My take on the Lenovo X300 is here.

Other news this week:

Dell adds 45nm Penryn options to 17-inch XPS M1730 [Laptoping]

First Everex CloudBook unboxing [Laptop Magazine]

Fujitsu LifeBook P8010 now available [Engadget]

Samsung cranks out 64GB SSDs with 3Gbps SATA II interface [TGDaily]

Nvidia GeForce 8800 GS now available in U.S. for $150 [Tech Report]

S3 Graphics announces DirectX 10.1 graphics card [Tech Report]

Sierra Wireless announces USB and ExpressCard HSPA modems [MobileBurn]

AT&T announces ExpressCard and PC Card HSUPA modems [MobileBurn]

Wireless USB now available on four Dell laptops--$145 option [Engadget]

LG won't replace laptop batteries. Says January explosion was a fluke [MSNBC]

Firefox 3 Beta 3 released. Release candidate is near. . . [The Mozilla Blog]

Apple releases Aperture 2. New interface and image processing engine

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  • Cool. Just one question:

    Can the Lenovo X300 run OS X Leopard? It would be even cooler if it could.
    D T Schmitz
  • Vaporware?

    What will it cost?

    What will the REAL battery life be?

    The Air is here and now, and the people who want it
    are buying it. They won't be in the market once this
    thing hits the street.

    Looks like the Air has influenced its design tho'. At
    least you can thank Apple for that.....
    • I always get a chuckle

      When people compare an unannounced product with a shipping Apple product and
      declare the unannounced product equivalent or even better.

      I laughed out loud when MS announced that Windows Mobile 7 would be better than
      the iPhone OS. In 2009.
    • How so?

      According to the Business Week article the X300 is scheduled to ship in February. Which means it was in design and development long before the MBA announcement. From Walter Mossberg's review, it sounds like a different take on what compromises to make for this form factor. If Mossberg's review is true, the biggest will be the fact that the X300 is an SSD only device which will make it much more expensive than the HDD version of the MBA. And it weighs more but has more features. But it does fit in a manilla envelope! Phew!
      • Good reply...

        The extra weight may be in frame hardening; I got to wonder how long the MBA would last if sat on or dropped a few times.

        It sure wouldn't be because of the SSD as they are lighter and superior in many ways. These storage devices are getting cheaper and more capable every month; thinking of buying one as a backup drive to my present laptop.
  • Major defect: The OS

    There have been small sub-notes around for along time.
    So what? This just another example of an OK, albeit
    uninspiring, hardware design that is crippled by the
    Windows OS. Its no more than a rah-rah gadget for the
    Mac Envy crowd who live in fear and loathing because the
    Win PC world has yet to "get it". That aside, and price
    considered, it breathes a bit of fresh excitement into the
    ThinkPad product line. However, if you want a real note
    with an advanced OS that runs circles around Windows and
    one you can actually buy today, at a price that is actually
    attractive (for the HDD version), the MBA (wit advanced
    features, aesthetics, and all) is truly the choice for the
    objective minded technology buyer.