More 12-inch netbooks coming this month

More 12-inch netbooks coming this month

Summary: Two major netbook players appear set to release new models with larger displays that will further blur the lines with traditional laptops. Both Acer and Asustek plan to release netbooks based on 11.6-inch displays later this month.

TOPICS: Mobility, Hardware

Two major netbook players appear set to release new models with larger displays that will further blur the lines with traditional laptops.

Later this month Acer will release an Aspire One netbook with an 11.6-inch widescreen display. Acer currently sells Aspire One models with either an 8.9-inch or 10.1-inch display. A general manager for Acer in the UK described the new model in a YouTube video posted by The Register, a hardware site. The Aspire One 751 will be thinner than the current models and it will have a full-size laptop keyboard. It will start at about $560 with an Intel Atom 5-series processor, 1GB of memory, 160GB hard drive and Windows XP.

(Related: The Boy Genius Report says Acer and AT&T have struck a deal to sell the Aspire One 10-inch with a 3G data contract through Costco starting May 11--presumably at a subsidized price.)

Meanwhile, the Asia-based newswire DigiTimes reported that Asustek president Jerry Shen said his company will launch an Eee PC netbook with an 11.6-inch display later this month. Dell already sells a netbook with a 12.1-inch display, the Inspiron Mini 12.

While 10-inch netbooks have found themselves a nice niche, these larger netbooks are likely to run into stiff competition from a new class of less-costly, ultra-thin laptops based on the AMD Athlon Neo, such as the HP Pavilion dv2z, or the upcoming Intel CULV processors, such as MSI's X-Slim series.

Topics: Mobility, Hardware

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  • At this size is a netbook still a netbook

    With a nearly 12 inch screen and full size keyboard, can this and similar machines still be called netbooks just because they all use the Atom processor?

    To me, what makes a netbook a netbook is not its CPU, it's the form factor. At a bit over 2 lbs and with a 8.9 inch screen and no hard disk to worry about, I can throw my Acer Aspire One in my briefcase and not even think about it. I pull it out when I need it, such as a quick email check at the airport or as a quick spare when my work computer goes on the fritz.

    Part of me wishes I had waited for the 10 inch model; just because I am becoming far sighted. However, I purchased a netbook specifically because of its size. If I had wanted anything larger, I would have bought one of the less expensive laptops that are continuously on sale on Amazon and at BestBuy.

    • Each to their own

      To me and my wife WEIGHT matters--so does the size of the power brick--but we also demand at least 1280 x 800 screen resolution. 1024 x 600 is just too small. And we want the big HDD--and Win7. 12 inch netbooks will fit the bill. So will some of the Celeron units. The sticking point is RAM. We want 2 GB so it will run Win7 well--but they're coming
      Old and Cynical
  • high price for such low MEM and HD

    you can find Laptops with double the capacity of both for $499.
    Maarek Stele
    • they will also be heavier and thicker.

      netbooks are not about performance, they are about convenience.
  • Windows XP???

    <i>"It will start at about $560 with an Intel Atom 5-series processor, 1GB of memory, 160GB hard drive and Windows XP."</i>

    I thought Microsoft wouldn't allow netbooks with screens larger than 10".

    Good thing manufacturers have Linux as an alternative -- it forced Microsoft to decrease their prices and extend the life of XP.

    But I still prefer my XUbuntu desktop, which runs with as little as 256MB RAM:
  • Not sure I see the need or market for this

    By comparison I checked and there are four configurations that are laptops 15.4 screen, Core 2 Duo and full size keyboard for less than $560.

    When a netbook grows to a mutant size comparable to a low end laptop then it better be able to compete ? otherwise why bother?

    12 inch screen netbook ? out classed CPU, less memory, small hard drive and the user experience is still that of a pinched keyboard and smaller screen.
  • RE: More 12-inch netbooks coming this month

    12" is the perfect size for a netbook/notebook hybrid. I say this after having used Dell's X300 in the past and after trying various 10" Netbooks out there today. None of them compare to the 12" size of the X300 (Not just screen size, but also keyboard and touchpad and a place to rest your wrists when typing).

    The 10" and smaller netbook are way too miniature to be ergonomically friendly for prolonged usage. I couldn't even stand the touchpad or the keyboard on any of the 10" netbooks for more than a few minutes.

    12" netbooks provide you with the ample space and are light enough to still be considered netbooks though you're on the borderline of ultraportable notebooks.