PC makers could earn money from Microsoft by recommending Windows 8 apps

PC makers could earn money from Microsoft by recommending Windows 8 apps

Summary: Forget bloatware. Desktop and laptop manufacturers could have a new way to eke out some more money from consumers when Windows 8 is officially released.

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For years, PC manufacturers have added to their (usually slim) profit margins by pre-installing third-party software to new desktops and laptops. While users hate the practice of "bloatware" or "crapware" or whatever epithet they want to give to the practice, it helps to fatten the bottom lines of PC makers, as the software companies pay for the privilege of showing up on people's new computer screens.

The good news for consumers is that with Windows 8, Microsoft could help curtail this practice. Its new app store will be a centralized site for downloading software that emulates Apple's iTunes and OS X stores, including the ability for Microsoft to control which apps are approved or sale or download and which ones aren't.

But don't cry for PC vendors yet. According to DigiTimes, Microsoft will be giving them an opportunity to profit from the app store. The manufacturers will now be able to recommend apps for purchasers of their new systems and then share in the revenues from sales of those apps. Neither PC makers nor Microsoft would discuss what the percentage of profits would be, though it should be enough to compensate for the potential end of bloatware.

Of course, exactly how manufacturers will present these app recommendations remains to be seen. Even if it's as subtle as a hammer to the head, it will presumably still be preferable to having bloatware already residing on your new system as soon as you power it on for the first time.

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  • So, in other words

    Microsoft is now participating in crapware. (How do you think these apps will be recommended? That's right: annoy-ware on your desktop.)
  • Buy stock!

    Yep, buy stock in memory manufacturers. A tablet running Windows 8 will require 32 gigabytes of RAM just to boot!
    Tony Burzio
  • First 2 posts from Apple fanatics, how typical

    The irony is that if these rabid Apple fanbois had actually bothered to read the article, they would have realized that this means [b]fewer[/b] applications installed by default.

    Then again, I think we are expecting too much from the likes of baggins and T. Burzio who seem to have made it their life's mission to appear as ignorant as possible. They are doing a fantastic job.
    • Feel free to explain

      How PC makers will be recommending all these Windows 8 apps on your new PC.
      • Feel free to read the article

        [i] Even if it???s as subtle as a hammer to the head, it will presumably still be preferable to having bloatware already residing on your new system as soon as you power it on for the first time.[/i]

        However it is done, it won't be done in a way that the application is already installed. For all we know, it could be with a pamphlet in the box. That takes care of your ignorant post and it takes care of T. Burzio's ignorant post.
      • Toddbottom

        apparently has trouble understanding that the phrase "presumably" means "I really hope"
      • todd's bottom has a lot of issues

        And confusing "presumably" is only one of them.
  • That is very interesting

    Microsoft is smarter than i think.
    Assuming that Microsoft can potentially make a lot of money from its store and that PC OEM struggle to make decent profit from PC sales and need to load crapware to increase their margin, it seemed obvious to me that Microsoft had to find a way to share the profit made from the store with OEM to help them.
    And it seems that it is exactly what Microsoft is doing.
    Btw, assuming that these apps will be Metro apps, they can't be crapware as there is no way they can use ressources if they are not active.
  • Sharing all app revenue might be a better idea

    Microsoft need to come up with a way to reward producers whose products support the Windows ecosystem. In the 1990s, they did that by offering discounts on Windows licences, which worked, but they had to stop the practice to comply with the US v Microsoft settlement.

    Sharing revenue for all apps, not just 'recommended' apps, might be a way to re-create incentives for PC makers to produce high quality systems, at least for the consumer market. A good device will be used more than a poor device, which means more apps and more revenue.
    • Give a 5-25 split

      Or something similar. If MS is going to make 30 cents on every dollar spent on their app store, they should give some chunk of that to the OEM who preinstalled Windows on their hardware. Furthermore, like they do with Windows Phone, MS should allow OEMs to have [i]their own store[/i] where they can add value.
      x I'm tc
  • Crapware Defined

    If it is not necessary to the operation of the system (ie driver, os, etc) and I didn't either ask for it or buy the system with the expectation that the same or similar software was installed (for example a DVD player), its crapware even if it uses no resources. Time or feature limited software are always crapware. Any OEM interface/launcher bar etc is automatically crapware.
  • And what's to say it will be all that different

    from the crapware model we're already saddled with? Who's to say it won't be a trial or sampler base-install simply wired for further "immersion" (entrapment, embroilment, enslavement) to the App Store via online links?

    I'd never sell these greedy bas-tards short. Just sayin'...
    • Especially if the Windows store allows for inapp purchases

      Get ready to have a whole bunch of "light" versions of Windows 8 apps pre-installed on your PC.
  • windows 8 apps

    sorry but this is the only way i can say it Hell no no no no no no no no no
    if you think the cloud is safe thing again i had my med info stoleing by some one in the cloud that is what happens when a dumb doctor puts your med info in the cloud if any one puts your info in the cloud SUE Them
  • They must be hurting scapping pennies off of crapware

    Pure evidence to all investors of MSFT. Willing to pocket mere pennies by having vendors install crapwarez is another low. Win8 will be the end, aside from the fake numbers they will promote saying how many users are using their app store, when factual evidence will later show that noone cares about their crapware apps. Hopefully people will come to understand Microsoft as only having crapware, and everything they do is crap. It will be a great day of sunshine as we are all for it. It represents a coming of the end for the bloated company. The dismantling and breaking up the company is the only alternative that will save the tech industry.

    Makes sense, when you calculate the costs versus supply and demand and how they continue to promote false numbers about sales whenever the world starts to hear true numbers, why would anyone want to purchase anything they develop. They took a ferrarri in XP and now have a yugo in win8, noone bought vista or win7 and the people who did risk upgrading to win7 are now faced with the decision to upgrade again? at win8. When they rushed this project out the door, it means they are NOT innovating, yet they need to release a new version every year. Then you have xbox and how they are still trying to sell for cost just to have something on the market. Now people are hearing that the new xb will just be the service and does not have the capability to run disks anymore, the vendors and manufacturers that have depended on revenue streams selling hard copies of game disks, this will be no more. The amount of game companies that go out of business who only write for msft will go under since they will not be able to support losing that main steam. When you look at the future of win8 its the same EXACT thing, vendors and manufacturers will go under, since ms will collect all the profits selling digital copies at their store. No need to disks anymore, THEY just want as many app store users as physically possible. The only objective is more app store users, even if they give away their os'. They have managed to rid the world of developers and steal the profits of the hard working developers.

    More and more you can see an end of the tech realm as devs and engineers are not needed anymore, with this centralized model. An over abundance of highly qualified software engineers will now need to face reductions of pay 'again' while the company pockets even more and consolidates the industry.

    The best industry to combat this at the time would be, crapware removal sites, crapware removal apps, and develop crapware to be distributed.

    The best crapware to develop for win 8 would be to create crapware the cannot be uninstalled that easily, which in this case would be called malware.
  • realist

    Vittorio de Sica's neo-realist masterpiece, "Bicycle Thieves" (1948). Here a man who depends on his bicycle for his living sees it stolen out from under him, and with his adoring son in tow.