Samsung's sleek Series 9 is now available

Samsung's sleek Series 9 is now available

Summary: The Samsung Series 9, one of my favorite laptops from the Consumer Electronics Show in January, is finally available.


One of my favorite new laptop designs, Samsung's Series 9, is finally available. I got a good look at the distinctive design, which is wrapped in a case of Duralumin ("twice the strength of aluminum"), at CES back in January. At the time Samsung wasn't discussing the price or configuration, but the Series 9 is now official (here's Samsung's Series 9 page and the press release).

The Series 9 is based around a bright (400 nits) 13.3-inch 1366x768 edge-to-edge display. It starts at $1,649 with a 1.4GHz Core i5-2537M dual-core processor, 4GB of memory, a 128GB solid-state drive (in place of a hard drive) and Windows 7 Home Premium. The only configurable option is the operating system--Windows 7 Professional adds $50 to the system price.

The Core i5-2537M is one of Intel's second-generation Core processors (aka "Sandy Bridge"), but it is a low-voltage chip that runs at 17 watts compared with 35 watts for the standard mobile processors. All other things being equal, the low-voltage chips are slower than their standard counterparts, but they delivers longer battery life and, since they generates less heat, they can be used in thinner and lighter laptops. Having said that, many computer companies are now fitting the standard second-generation Core processors into ultraportables as well.

The Series 9 weighs less than three pounds and is is only 0.6 inches thick (12.9 by 8.9 inches), but the ribbon of Duralumin that appears to wrap around the back hinge makes it look even lighter and thinner. The backlit keyboad and large "button-less" multitouch touchpad add to the upscale feel.

The Series 9 Windows 7 Home is available online now and will be in stores starting tomorrow; the Windows 7 Professional version will be available next month.

Also in April Samsung will release an even smaller Series 9 with a 340-nit 11-inch 136x768 display, 1.33GHz Core i3 380UM dual-core processor (the older Arrandale processor), 2GB of memory, a 64GB SSD and Windows 7 Home Premium. This one will weigh in at only 2.3 pounds putting it into netbook territory. Samsung has not announced pricing for this model.

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  • $1,649? No way

    Too high
    • $1,649? Sweet!

      Wish I was in the market. No qualms with that price for a sleek, light, reasonably powerful laptop.
      • RE: Samsung's sleek Series 9 is now available

        @nhekman Even though it has a cheap low-rez display?
        God of Biscuits
    • RE: Samsung's sleek Series 9 is now available

      Actually, $1649 is actually a good price for the hardware specs and the form factor. And, Solid State Drives are worth it, and in general, add a premium price to laptop configurations of every brand.
  • RE: Samsung's sleek Series 9 is now available

    If it had a touch screen I would. The graphic resolution is on the low side. How come they didn't match the MacBook air in screen resolution? I'm actually waiting for their Windows 7 slider slate.
  • RE: Samsung's sleek Series 9 is now available

    That price is just too high considering you can get a decent laptop starting at $400. Let's be honest, most laptops don't even get used past 3 years anyway, I know mine don't. Why waste that much money unless you absolutely require extremely resource-hunger applications on a day-to-day basis (mapping, music or video recording/editing, etc)?
    • RE: Samsung's sleek Series 9 is now available

      @EP23 $400? No, you really can't get a "decent" one for that.
      God of Biscuits
  • RE: Samsung's sleek Series 9 is now available

    About time a windows ultra portable takes on the Macbook AIR...instead of looking like a brick.

    The Specs in the MBAir seems old now in comparison like the new sandybridge processor and usb 3. Apple should release a I5 processor and thunderbolt update on it's airs....cause it's getting left behind. The MBA still wins on design and screen resolution though.....Personally I can't wait for Apple to release a revision of the AIR with i5's and thunderbolt.
  • RE: Samsung's sleek Series 9 is now available

    ... they delivers longer battery life and, since they generates less heat..." Grammar checker not included?