Sony's "pocket" PC: Netbook or notebook?

Sony's "pocket" PC: Netbook or notebook?

Summary: Details of Sony's rumored mini-notebook are steadily leaking. The last thing the world need is another netbook, but this one seems to have a twist: a small LED display (only 8 inches) with a large resolution of 1,600 by 768 pixels.


Details of Sony's rumored mini-notebook are steadily leaking. The last thing the world need is another netbook, but this one seems to have a twist: a small LED display (only 8 inches) with a large resolution of 1,600 by 768 pixels. Other specs appear to include a 1.33GHz Intel processor, a 60GB hard drive or 128GB SSD, and Windows Vista. Based on the clock speed, the chip might be an Intel Atom Z520 or the ultra low-voltage Core 2 Duo U7700, a more powerful and much pricier processor. The display size--along with some blurry pictures which were posted on Engadget and other sites--would put the "P series" somewhere between a netbook and what Intel refers to as an MID, or Mobile Internet Device, the target device for the Z series Atom processor. But it would be unusual to pair this chip with Vista and such a high-resolution display--most netbooks use Windows XP and the handful of MIDs that have shipped tend to use lightweight Linux operating systems. So it could be that the P series won't be a netbook at all, but rather a traditional, high-end subnotebook with a distinctive display size and design.

Sony VAIO P series

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  • Not netbook!

    I wouldn't imagine it being a netbook with BlueRay and Full HD screen.
  • odd stuff

    The pitch is too small to read clearly
  • Not for me

    I believe Sony has misfired. Personally, I have sworn not to buy any device loaded with Vista. The netbook makers got it right. I recently got a Samsung NP-NC10 - an extremely cute and amazing machine - 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor, 160GB HD, 2GB RAM (upgraded in the shop from 1GB) WinXP Home, for an amazing 325 GBP! I get between 5hrs and 7hrs life from a fully-charged battery. The machine is far, far more than a netbook to me. I run Apache web server with MySQL/PHP, develop applications with BCBuilder, etc! For this Sony's machine to interest me, they must offer it for far less than I paid for the Samsung, and I don't see Sony doing such things!
    • USB ports?

      I was impressed with your review, and went to look at the Samsung NP-NC10. It seems like a nice tool, but I can't find a reference telling how many USB ports are available.
      • According to the Samsung Product brochure...

        It has 3 USB 2.0 ports.

        • Well, is my face red!

          Look at the product literature? Wow, why didn't I think of that?

          Seriously, thanks -- I just somehow thought the secondary vendors would list that, but obviously I was looking at the wrong vendors.

          Nice machine, anyway. Thanks for the link.
        • So it is a net book.

          This thing does sound like a winner and with 8 hours of battery life and a decent sized hard drive. I like it.
    • How is it for graphics?

      How well does that Samsung do graphics?

      I mean, could you play WoW on it, or Crysis, or maybe only Doom? I'd be more interested in Photoshop CS4, Lightwave and the like, but the more powerful graphically the more responsive I would think it would be for production applications.

      I've a dilemma. I want a machine I can whip out and look up something on the web easily and quickly, wherever I go. I also want a machine I can get some work done on in those idle periods. The Sony UMPC with the slide up screen seems great for the first, lousy for the 2nd. The EEEPC seems decent for the second, but lousy for the first.
      I can surf on my PPC-6700 phone, but the 320 x 240 display makes it very unpleasant. And, of course, doing graphics on it is... even more unpleasant.
  • RE: Sony's

    It would appear to be more than a bit outside the box for a net book. I'd suggest a cheap pair of magnifying glasses to take better advantage of the screen resolution on that tiny screen.
  • kindof like my ancient sony vaio505. really small. me likey. (nt)

  • RE: Sony's

    This is nothing new. Sony has been making sub-laptop Vaio computers for years. The aspect ratio of the display and the tiny keyboards have hurt their sales and that is why even with a 5 year head start they lag behind companies like Acer. But throwing away a market leadership position is not new for Sony with its Walkman now a museum item and the iPod and the iPhone having come from a computer manufacturer's product design people. Even SanDisk has shown far greater ability to innovate in this space.