Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

Summary: Your next job might require you to bring your own smart phone and laptop. Read the ad carefully.

TOPICS: CXO, IT Employment

This could be the type of job advertisement you see in the near future where you're required to have your own advanced phone and computing equipment. I see smart phones, laptops and other such regalia as necessities of the job. They're tools--tools that you bring to the job so that you can perform your duties as assigned. Your employer doesn't purchase a car for you but you need one to get to and from work. They don't supply you a pair of shoes, yet you're required to wear them to the office. I think we've evolved into a workforce of spoiled brats but that's about to change.

Yes, spoiled brats.

Years ago, employers paid for all or part of your broadband Internet connection so that you could work from home during emergencies or on a regular basis. Almost none do it now. Why? Because you already have it. The technology is inexpensive and ubiquitous. They no longer have to pay for something that you have anyway.

Why should your employer provide basic tools to you? They don't owe you a smart phone or a laptop. You already have a smart phone, so why not use it at work? You'll have it with you anyway, won't you? You have to keep up with your Facebook, Gmail and Twitter feeds because you might miss something awesome, if you don't.

A smart phone is just another tool that you bring to the table.

Too far-fetched you say? Look at the other requirements: Certifications. Unless the ad states that the hiring company will pay for certifications, you'll have to bring them to your job when you accept it. And, if you paid for your own certifications, they're more expensive than the gadgets that you fidget with. Don't forget to explain how you'd really like to have a degree but you're expecting them to supply that for you as well. Now, we're talking far-fetched.

There are those of you, however, who see the advantages of BYOD and are part of an intelligent and growing trend not only in the IT world but in every business niche. IT workers, traditionally, are more spoiled than most, falsely believe that they can't be replaced and that they require certain "privileges" to employer-supplied technology. And, despite the trend, a lot of IT people will fight BYOD to the bitter end. For all of their wailing and gnashing of teeth, they'll be assimilated or booted to the curb by this new wave of sensibility. You'd think that a group of people who love technological change (or purport to love change) would be all over BYOD. But, alas, they're not.

To them, I say, "BYOD or Buh-bye."

So, the question to you is, "If your employer or prospective employer requires you to BYOD, would you keep or take the job?".

My answer is, "Yes, yes, I will."

I have a car. I have shoes. I have a smart phone. I have a laptop. And, if I want a job, I'll bring them all to work with me everyday.

What do you think? Would you take a job with the requirement to supply your own smart phone and laptop? Talk back and let me know.

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Topics: CXO, IT Employment


Kenneth 'Ken' Hess is a full-time Windows and Linux system administrator with 20 years of experience with Mac, Linux, UNIX, and Windows systems in large multi-data center environments.

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  • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

    As long as they are willing to accept the risk of allowing my possibly malware infected equipment on their network, then sure.
    • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

      @marbo100 Exactly, or maybe they would prefer their data sitting next to GTA 3 & Angry Birds on whatever device I already have on my custom ROM.

      The reason a company buys your laptop compared to other things is for control. They don't want me bringing in and playing on my Hackintosh at work or wasting time getting my WebOS Touchpad working with IT.
      • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

        @kingcobra23 Well, of course. But that's only if it is a reputable company that has plans for being around for awhile. If it's a fly by night startup, with next to no capital, that wants to leverage their employees assets in an attempt to succeed, then they should be willing to pay a premium for the privilege of using my hardware, right?
    • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

      @marbo100. Indeed.
    • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.


      Don't use Windows and your exposure surface reduces dramatically.
      • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

        @itguy10 - What, you want to use Linux? Well we require you to have a (Mac)(Windows machine).
      • Actually, today is DON'T use Android

        @itguy10 Today, Android is the top platform for malware .... and it is mostly distributed by the Google Marketplace.
      • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.


        Why flag my post? Does the truth hurt? And the statement stands - Windows is the desktop OS with the latest exposure surface to malware, viruses, and other data stealing apps.
      • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.


        "The statement stands - Windows is the desktop OS with the latest exposure surface to malware, viruses, and other data stealing apps. "

        That's very true. Windows is also the desktop OS with the largest "exposure surface" to software used in the enterprise. Malware risk is usually very easily mitigated; availablility of software - not so much so.
      • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

        @daftkey "Windows is also the desktop OS with the largest "exposure surface" to software used in the enterprise. Malware risk is usually very easily mitigated; availablility of software - not so much so."

        Actually, most enterprise software is available for Mac (and much of it for Linux). And if malware were so easily mitigated, it wouldn't be a problem. Any employer concerned about these issues needs to pony up and pay for the equipment to run his own business. Otherwise, he gets what he paid for.
      • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

        Really? Why is every blog post an opportunity for you to bash MS? Give it rest. (and please, get some therapy).
      • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

        @itguy10 Nah, if they're requiring me to bring my own machine, I'm purposefully infecting my laptop with all ten Linux rootkits.
      • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.


        Don't use Windows and your usefulness in 99% of IT departments out there rapidly approaches zero.
    • BYOD?!?! Absolutely!

      Heck yeah I want to bring my own equipment! Love to and will do it every day. Oh, you want me to have my own software too? Ok, you got it. Oh, you also don't get to set policy on my device or the standards on the software. Hope you like Google Docs for my office suite contributions.<br><br>I would love to NOT be limited by the small minds of the corporate bean counters that believe a one size fits all approach to end-user software and hardware brings efficiency and cost savings through some misguided thought that the IT development staff have no different system requirements than staff accountants.<br><br>Anyway, it's all a pipe dream. The risk of users bringing their own uncontrolled and unmonitored machines inside the corporate network is very high. Corporations also have to control their data. My machine = my data (or at least it is now).
    • Not going to happen.....


      Most, if not all states, have laws on the books that employers must supply the tools necessary to do the job that you were hired for. That includes a place to work, desk and chair, and a computer if the job requires one.

      Exception may be made for some consultants, most businesses disallow the use of personal electronics in the workplace. So I don't see this happening anytime soon.
      linux for me
    • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

      @marbo100 : Certainly - Just don't come around demanding to wipe my phone and/or laptop when I leave the company, because the devices are mine. I also get to choose the model, OS, and applications to get the job done. As long as the job gets done, no one can say crap about it.

      But then, companies who demand users bring their own stuff don't think that far ahead. Personally, I'd rather the company issue a phone and laptop that they can in turn control and wipe when the employee leaves.
  • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

    A job offer is a negotiation. If it makes sense financially, sure, why not?
    • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

      Cisco did a lot of research about the younger generations of IT workers and found out that they were willing to give up pay and other perks if they were allowed to bring their own smart device.

  • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

    Not here. Companies already steal a lot of our lives - give horrible benefits and very little vacation (family time). Now on top of that THEY expect ME to give THEM computer equipment and a smart phone so I can make THEM money? Not on your life Riley. Are they willing to pay my 4g bandwidth, and my minute usage? If yes, then they are already gonna do that so why not get me a laptop and phone and pay the entire bill?
    • RE: Want a job? BYOD or Buh-bye.

      @smashandgrab Indeed.

      I own my own smartphone, but my company pays for my access plan. Because, quite frankly, I don't need a bloody cell phone in my not-work life. And no, I'm not some luddite shunning technology...but I already have a phone and an internet connection at home. I don't NEED to saddle myself with an extra $50-100 bill every month.

      Don't get me wrong, if they want to pay for my plan, I don't give a crap if it is my cell plan or their cell plan, I'll have the bloody device for them. But honestly, if they don't want to pay, I'd be more than happy to go back to a time where I worked my 8 hours, took home work if I needed to, but otherwise actually got to spend some of my life with my family.