CRM Playaz Episode #8: Kindle DX, C-Level Smackdown RightNow's Greg G.; and Twibes?

CRM Playaz Episode #8: Kindle DX, C-Level Smackdown RightNow's Greg G.; and Twibes?

Summary: CRM Playaz Episode #8We are back again.  Still posting it here on ZDNET.


CRM Playaz Episode #8

We are back again.  Still posting it here on ZDNET.  This is one of our best shows ever because of the C-Level smackdown.

We talk about the Kindle DX which stands'll hear.

But we get something better than the Kindle DX (though there are lots of things better than the Kindle DX, now that I think of it).  Our C-Level Smackdown this week features Greg Gianforte, the CEO of RightNow, industry rockstar and HOFer and a good dude. Does he slip up? You'll have to listen.

We do the Twidiocy thang and find out that "Twibes" is not a bad idea, but really is a stupid term.

When it comes to the opening and closing, we love Charlie Bobus and Muddy Waters.  BTW, There's no comparison between the two. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should be ashamed.

As always, the music makes us free (and is creative commons licensed).

UPDATE: Brent and I have removed the segment of the show on the Sex 2.0 conference. We don't normally alter what we do, but in this case we feel we had to because we found that we had inadvertently offended the attendees of the conference, and sex workers, which was not our intent at all.  Both Brent and I feel very comfortable in our edgy humor when it comes to the information technology world and especially CRM, because we are both well known by the members of that industry. Thus, they know our purpose is to mock, but to do so without rancor.  But in retrospect, this time we went outside the industry that knows us and as a result, we offended people who we certainly had no intention of offending. To apologize, we've removed the segment.


Opening: Use Your Experience by Charles Bobus. Courtesy of The Podsafe Music Network

Closing: Got My Mojo Working from the album, The Lost Tapes by Muddy Waters. Buy it at

Topics: Software, Enterprise Software

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  • Sex 2.0

    You guys sound like ignorant schoolboys. Too bad you are so repressed that just seeing the word sex makes you get stupid.
  • CRM for Sex Workers at Sex 2.0

    Thanks for mentioning my session, although I'm not sure what was behind the case of the giggles as soon as the term "sex" came up. I'm sure you share my understanding that CRM software is a set of useful tools; CRM itself is a mindset and a way of running your business. Sex work as a personalized service industry is no different.

    Some of the first and longest-running podcasts were sex podcasts (Open Source Sex, Bedroom Radio, and Whorecast come to mind). At a conference focused on the intersection of sex, technology and feminism, Ellie and Nobilis's Podcasting 101 panel was a perfect fit.

    As far as getting free attendance as an analyst - good luck with that one. Most of the attendees were sex/tech/culture analysts and paid regardless. The conference was inexpensive to begin with ($40 for last-minute tickets); if you were interested in attending the event for free, volunteer refunds and scholarship tickets were available.
  • Echoing Sabrina's comments, also...

    I'd like to thank you for providing a concise object
    lesson on why marginalized communities distrust the
    media. If you can't be trusted not to giggle like a
    couple of idiots when discussing something that nearly
    everybody does, what can you be trusted to discuss?
    Rusty Tanton