Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

Summary: Adobe announces six new touchscreen optimized apps for tablets, including Adobe Photoshop Touch for Android.


Adobe Photoshop Express was one of the first apps I downloaded when I bought my iPad, but there it's languished virtually unused after the first week of playing around with it. A cute little freebie, it was no Photoshop (or even Photoshop lite for that matter), giving you a just handful of preset effects and tools, and only minimal control over them. Well, tablet-wielding photo enthusiasts now have something to cheer about: Adobe has just announced Photoshop Touch, a new touchscreen app developed for tablets that works more like the real thing, allowing you to combine photos into layered images and use finger gestures to control familiar Photoshop tools and effects.

Adobe Photoshop Touch will be available for Android devices in November, but iPad users will have to wait until early 2012 for an iOS version. It will sell for just $10, so don't expect a full-fledged version of Photoshop or anything (hey, it's a tablet app). Still, it looks like Adobe has put together a great tool that takes good advantage of the touchscreen interface as well as the connected nature of tablets to allow easy sharing of photos on Facebook, for example, or via the new Adobe Creative Cloud hub that the company also announced today for viewing, sharing, and syncing images among your various computing devices.

The app comes with a number of built-in tutorials that explain everything you need to know to use it. You can select images to work on from your own photo albums on the tablet, download images from the Creative Cloud, get images from your camera, or download them directly from Google or Facebook. The Google option is particularly useful -- you can search for images by keywords and/or by color, and even by copyright usage rights, allowing you to quickly and easily select images you can reuse commercially and/or reuse with modification (pretty slick).

Once you select your image, you can access a range of familiar tools with the touch of a finger or stylus, edit your images, and apply various adjustments and effects. There are also plenty of tablet-specific enhancements, such as the Scribble Selection Tool, which lets you extract objects from your image by scribbling on what to keep and what to remove.

In addition to Photoshop Touch, Adobe also announced five other touchscreen enabled apps for tablets -- which it calls Adobe Touch Apps -- including:

All six of the new Adobe Touch Apps will be available for Android devices in November for $9.99 (with iOS versions expected in early 2012).

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  • RE: Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps it begins. :) been a photoshop user for 10 years. Dunno how to use it without a mouse, pen, and keyboard shortcuts. ^_^
  • RE: Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

    What I am waiting for is the seamless interaction between tablet and PC like seen in Avatar, when an actor just dragged a file or something from the tablet in the direction of his workstation and sat down and worked on it. That will be the day. And I assume that will run on Linux:) I was just <a href="" title="blogging for web design">blogging</a> about how tablets are changing web design. And the changes today are just problems. You need more testing etc. But as apps like this mature maybe a designer can do just a bit of work on his commute and transfer it to the workstation:)
    • RE: Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

      @ehabh Not on Mac OS X/iOS? Now currently I have to drag the file into the right tab of (the increasingly mis-named) iTunes and it turns up on the iPad/iPhone... But iCloud does something more like what you want.

      As for Linux... probably rsync it, right? ;-)
  • It's NOT Photoshop. A misleading name cannot not alter reality.

    The name "Photoshop Touch" is a disgrace. I could call MS Paint "Photoshop" -- but a name does not alter what something truly is. This is a gimmick which doesn't deserve this level of hype. It's only considered newsworthy because tablets are a trendy topic.<br><br><strong>On my own Windows 7 tablet I have the <em>real</em> Photoshop.</strong> That's because a Windows tablet is a real full-power PC in tablet form. It cost me the same as an iPad, from eBay, but of course it can do infinitely more. So, let's try to cut through all the hype about iOS and Android tablets, which are at best basic netbooks, mobile phone OSs albeit on a giant screen. Despite the hype and corporate propaganda, in reality iPad and Android tablets are toys in comparison to real tablets.<br><br>Like "Photoshop Express" the new "Photoshop Touch" has a deliberately misleading name. It is absolutely NOT Photoshop, it doesn't even scratch the surface of Photoshop let alone CS5.<br><br>This statement:<br><br>"Photoshop Express ... languished virtually unused ... it was no Photoshop ... just handful of preset effects ... minimal control over them. ... just announced Photoshop Touch, ... works more like the real thing"<br><br>Sits somewhat awkwardly with this statement:<br><br>"It will sell for just $10, so dont expect a full-fledged version of Photoshop or anything"<br><br>It's abundantly clear to any Photoshop user which of the two statements above offers the most realistic insight into so-called "Photoshop Touch".
    Tim Acheson
    • RE: Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

      @Tim Acheson Probably more interesting are the augment applications for the iPad that add touch features to "real" Photoshop.

      As for your contention that iOS devices are toys... It all depends on the application(s) you're running doesn't it? There are plenty of times I find the iPad/iPhone very useful indeed. Does this mean I don't use desktop systems less? Yeah, but not MUCH less. But it does mean I often have critical information with me that otherwise I wouldn't.

      I did use a Windows Tablet PC (Compaq TC-1000) but the only application that really worked well "sans keyboard" was OneNote - otherwise a laptop is a better choice. The iPad, by requiring applications are written specifically for it, has many applications I'd not want to run on a system with a keyboard and mouse (though I do sometimes add a keyboard to they iPad if I want to write a large amount of text - though in truth this is quite rare, as I prefer to use a desktop for this).

      But toys? No, you can use them for real work applications.
    • RE: Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

      @Tim Acheson <br>agreed that we shouldn't be photoshopping on iPad or android. However, can you guys who argue about how much more you can do on a full windows tablet - please stop it. I GET IT. I do not want a windows tablet. Yes, they can do more as far as productivity. But simplicity is a feature for me. There's a reason the iPad is popular and windows 7 tabs are not. I want a smooth swiping simple to use, thin, cool, long running device, that sleeps and wakes in 1 second. With velcro I stick it on my car dash, my treadmill, next to my hot tub, playing music on my desk. My tablet is in use probably 2/3 of my day and don't do one productive thing with it. I have a laptop for that.
  • RE: Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

    Looks like maybe this is Adobe's way of hitting back at Apple.
    • RE: Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

      @Peter Perry

      Hitting back with what? There's not much of an alternative tablet market, yet. The only tablet market that's thriving is the iPad market and Adobe knows this. So it actually hurts Adobe more than it hurts Apple not getting it to iPad users hands. Actual paying customers.

      The very fact I was able to view the Photoshop Touch video on my Flashless iOS device shows who is winning the battle. 2 years ago Flash would have been the only choice forced upon me.
      • RE: Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

        @dave95. <br>Apple today themselves reported 26% "other" tablet usage,and other sure ain't much of windows, RIM or HP. That's after really only 6 solid months since the flood of of the mainstream ipad competitors. And just wait until the fire comes out. All that matters to the consumer and app developers is the success of android and not any one tablet.
    • Right. Because everyone is going to go out and buy

      an Android tablet so they can use Photoshop Touch. Because there isn't anything comparable anywhere on the iPad. Oh. Wait. There is.
  • RE: Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

    To Tim Acheson they are just using a recognizable brand to push a new product. This is not new, remember windows mobile, had nothing to do with windows on the desktop, and the office mobile also was a disgrace. This is a common thing and you should not loose sleep over it :)
  • RE: Adobe announces Photoshop Touch, plus five other tablet apps

    I sure hope these will run on Gingerbread, as I'd love to have a couple of these on my HTC Flyer. Either that, or I hope HTC has our Honeycomb upgrade ready to roll soon.
  • Don't cut yourself on the splinters of the Android market...

    I am an app developer. To release an app for Android, I would have to accommodate many different screen sizes, and try to sell the app in many different app stores. I would have to test the app on all those devices to see if it works properly. What a disaster... my company will not support Android for the foreseeable future (even though the SDK we use directly supports it along with iOS). There are thousands of other developers who also know how complicated creating, testing and selling an Android app is. And the worst new is that Android users don't pay for many apps... they prefer to download free apps or don't even use apps (just using their devices for mail and web).

    On the other hand, I can make one app, test it on one device and sell it on one store... and still reach the 75% of the market that *does* buy and use a lot of apps.

    Until and unless Google converts Android into something similar to Apple's ecosystem, most smaller developers will stay away. If they restricted the screen to a single size, and restricted the user to a single marketplace, I would be interested. Google could do so by phasing out all non-Motorola Androids and copying Apple's app store. Then they could actually compete.