The Trap of Easy Color Printing

The Trap of Easy Color Printing

Summary: But don't worry – eventually the habitual printers like me will retire and the new generation will be perfectly content working on the screen. For me, though, the quality of my work done in print is better than when the same work is done on the screen. So, by the end of the day, my recycle bin is usually full.


Doc has a confession to make. I'm a serial printer, and a color one at that. I love to print things to proof them, review them, and evaluate them. I don't like working on the screen, and so my Powerpoints and Word docs end up in print many times before they are final. I know I should be saving resources but I can't help myself. It's just the way I work and my work is better for it.

I hate to be wasteful, I really do, but I've sized up the alternatives and determined that I'm well within reason to print as much as I do. First and foremost, my commitment is to my employer to do a good job, not save on printing costs.

And because part of my job is to evaluate my employer's image, I have to look at the color too – that's part of the proofing process. So black and white interim copies just won't do.

Of course, not everyone in the organization has my specific needs, so a one-size-fits-all policy clearly wouldn't work. A good MPS program has to allow for people like Doc, who measure productivity by the number of copies in my waste basket. If I'm making copies, I'm making progress.

But don't worry – eventually the habitual printers like me will retire and the new generation will be perfectly content working on the screen. For me, though, the quality of my work done in print is better than when the same work is done on the screen. So, by the end of the day, my recycle bin is usually full.

There, I've admitted it. I feel a lot better now. But I swear I take my own recycled bags to Trader Joes, so I get a few offset credits.

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  • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

    I confess I'm more concerned about the cost of all this color printing than the loss of natural resources. Short of refilling ones own ink and toner, will a manufacturer ever offer us a cheaper way to indulge our printing compulsion? Or do they have a permanent leg-lock on our pockets?
    • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

      I am a cheapskate. Also, I like to tinker so I refill my inkjet cartridges. <br><br>I found a bulk ink supplier online (purchase ink by the pint) and I can refill a black cartridge for about $4 and a color cartridge for about $5. I have tested refilled cartridges many times and have found, in general and if I am careful in how I handle the old ink cartridge, print quality does not degrade until after about 6-7 refills. After 6-7 refills I can see a slight bit of degradation in print quality but sometimes I do not see obvious degradation until after 9 refills. That means I can always refill at least 6 times.<br><br>There can be some challenges when refilling ink cartridges but if some basic steps are followed, I can easily refill a black cartridge in about 3 to 4 min and refill a color cartridge in about 4 to 5 min (no mess method and no real fuss).<br><br>I find it hard to pass up a good ink cartridge for only $5.<br><br>As for Doc needing to have a printed page in hand, that is due to the psychological makeup of the brain of some people (many people). Some need that tactile feedback. <br><br>It is hard to duplicate on a computer screen the way light will shine on the printed page, where light will flash different intensities from the rainbow of ink colors as the paper shifts and twists in the hands. Needing hard copy, it is just the way the world is for some people and it will never completely go away.<br><br>Yes some will never care about having the real printed page in their hands, but for many people having a printed page is a need that cant be fulfilled any other way.
    • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

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  • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

    It's all about the cost, and printing in color is the print manufacturers dream.
    • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

      @pc_techs_ct@... It is all about cost. If you are creating print content for a client, and they decide not to pay because the color isn't acceptible, then you've lost all around. You lost money on the job. You may lose the client. And you've lost a reference for a new client. If you don't use the proper tools for the job, then your cheap printer is costing you too much.
  • It's ok

    We all hate children. They don't deserve to have any natural resources. If you want to save resources go back to Russia! Am I right? In your honor I am going to go to a gas station right now and dump 100 gallons of gasoline directly on to the ground. FREEDOM RULES!

    There, I?ve admitted it. I feel a lot better now.
  • A print manufacturers' dream

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    Need I say more?
  • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

    if you buy a brother mfc 490cw and then buy refillable cartridges from 3cubed or somesuch hong kong supplier and then use high quality brother friendly ink and buy 160g gloss or semi-gloss paper and set the printer to "other photo paper" then you can print fab pics at up to a4 size, copy, scan, sheet feed, fax for negligible costs and wifi to boot - it has taken me years to arrive at this combo and when it starts to fail i throw it all away and start again - its still cheap at less than $150. signed - i-am-in-home-printing-heaven.
  • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

    thank you much appreciated info on how to print for people like myself. I love printing, I cant get enough of it, I mostly like to print in black and white for projects that I am proofreading, and ideas I have but cannot read as fast as I can if a document is just in front of me example a book vs ebook I would take a book so thanks for the info so I can get back to reading
  • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

    me? I just got a really big screen and proof and read on that. I can get 3 A4 pages side by side on a 24" high res screen. It was a lot more expensive than printing everything because in those days 24" screens were $800+, but I needed the screen for bit spreadsheets so it didn't cost me to use it for wordprocessing too.
    Of course, i can't use this if I'm downstairs infront of the TV or in bed, so I print and markup then.
    It's great to have options.
    • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing


      You can't REALLY effectively proof on a monitor. The gamut of RGB colours on a monitor is FAR larger than the limited gamut available to a CMYK printer. You might get a rough idea of layout and such, but unless the monitor and printer are VERY well calibrated to each other, what you see on the monitor will not much resemble what you get on paper.

      Even if they're calibrated, light transmitted by a monitor has a totally different quality than light bouncing off a page filtered by coloured ink.
  • Laser color can be cheap color

    I purposely bought a Dell 2130 because I noticed that it not only got great reviews, but there were non-OEM (not refills) cartridges for $45 for the set! It doesn't matter what color I print the cost is the same, page coverage matters of course, but not color.

    It's refreshing to print want you want without worrying about the cost so much.
  • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

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  • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

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  • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

    LOL. Those were some weak justifications for printing in color all <a href="">taxes boca raton</a> day long! Especially the one about your commitment not being to saving printing costs. Way to go!
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  • RE: The Trap of Easy Color Printing

    Doc appreciates the comments and is humbled by the accusation that I???m using up valuable resources for future generations. Despite lots of justification, it is true of course. So I promise to think twice before printing in the future. But sometimes cost is relative ??? yes color is more expensive, but if it gets the job done or wins the bid, it???s well worth the extra expense.
    DocuMentor (Doc)