Welcome to The DocuMentor

Welcome to The DocuMentor

Summary: Hello. I’m Doc. Pleased to meet you. Don’t mind my looks, just think of me as someone like “The Wolf” in Pulp Fiction (that’s the Acura-driving dude who solves gangstas’ problems), except I happen to be a pro around office printing.


Hello. I’m Doc. Pleased to meet you. Don’t mind my looks, just think of me as someone like “The Wolf” in Pulp Fiction (that’s the Acura-driving dude who solves gangstas’ problems), except I happen to be a pro around office printing. So don't come to me for disposing of dead bodies.



In a nutshell, I’m here on a mission to help rid your organization of every last trace of document management ignorance and make sure that the future of the digital office finds a home in your business. Sound good? Times have changed, bell-bottoms and corporate waste are out, and an office that runs smoother and smarter is in. A wise man once said, “In big companies in particular, printing and imaging is the last unaudited area. “ Fine. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it.

No, I’m not going to bore you with daily printing tips, so don’t roll your eyes at me. Listen up. I’ll be talking about all sorts of issues that are important to you and your business. Expect stuff like how to reign in printer sprawl or maximize multifunction devices one day, and then something altogether different the next. Like a review of Brittney’s new look. Just joke’n.

So in short, and to be curt--because time is of the essence and we both got things to do--go ahead and bookmark this page, or subscribe to the RSS feed, and let’s get ready for a fun ride.

The Doc is in the house.

Topics: Software, Banking, Data Management, Enterprise Software

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  • Who is this guy!?

    What is document Management? I think there are different definitions for DM.
    Lloyd Dobler
    • re

      document management and managed print services and managed document services is pretty broad. Wikipedia has a pretty good definition: In the broadest sense, document management systems can range from a shoebox all the way to an enterprise content management system. There are several common issues that are involved in managing documents, whether the system is an informal, ad-hoc, paper-based method for one person or if it is a formal, structured, computer enhanced system for many people across multiple offices.
    • Re: Who is this guy!?

      This blog is a joke right? I mean he can't even show his mug! I will pass
      on the RSS fed. Dealing with Jason over at Apple Core is all I can manage
      right now. For serious info sharing and meaningful discussion I will
      spend more time at TMO (The Mac Observer)
      • Re: Who is this guy!?

        Hello, this is Doc. I am real. At least I can feel my fingers as they hit the keys. I'm sorry that you have a problem with my color. That happens in the digital imaging world we must live in. But know that I'm serious about Document Management, Managed Print Services and all that. My contributions are real, and hopefully helpful for those on this topic. Until my next post. Doc.
        DocuMentor (Doc)
        • Printer Surgery

          Hi doc, do you know how to diagnose printer hardware problems?

          thanks Andrew...
    • Who is this guy!?

      My understanding that this guy or gal is a marketing campaign puppet from Ricoh. Since we don't know who it is or their background....what makes them an expert?
      • I KNOW!

        The DocuMental works for the Ricoh East region!
        The DocuMENTAL
    • RE: Welcome to The DocuMentor

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  • Documents in the Palm of your Hand

    With the pervasive infiltration of PDA and Smart-Phone technology (Q, Blackjack, Blackberry, i-Phone, etc) into our lives, both personal and professional; how will the document management industry embrace these new devices and bring them into the fold as a part of the greater document management and accessibility strategy?
    • Documents in the palm of your hand

      Write on toilet paper
  • RE: Welcome to The DocuMentor

    let's get a pool going. Who's Doc? I say it's Vigs.
    • The DocuMental

      I bet it ain't the Sheriff, Deputy.
      The DocuMENTAL
    • Vigs it is

      I say it is Vigs as well - I will see him later toady and try to get him to reveal his secret "DocMentor" identity
      • Doc sighting

        I was spotted at TechRepublic's 10 year anniversary in Louisville. According to this Tweet http://twitter.com/techrepublic/statuses/2349642210
        DocuMentor (Doc)
      • VIgs it ain't

        Vigs is one of the last Digital Support Specialists in the East, so I think he
        is too busy right now to blog about Ricoh and the C900.
        The DocuMENTAL
        • Vigs it is

          come on now - you are on the Rock and the Super DSS who can do all and never too busy for tech talk - you love this stuff - admit it!
    • DocuMentor Exposed

      The DocuMentor is very condescending and reminds me of a buffoon I
      know from Ricoh, who like to bet that he can be the first one to make the
      waitress cry when he goes to restaurants. Put that in your 'pool' and
      smoke it.
      The DocuMENTAL
  • RE: Welcome to The DocuMentor

    I agree with Kevin its Vig's.
    • Your Worst Mistake

      ...was to agree with Kevin
      The DocuMENTAL
  • RE: Welcome to The DocuMentor


    You got it right. I blog on this subject as well.
    www.ecmhawk.com and www.cmking.com.

    Now if only the business users would LISTEN UP!

    Keep it going.