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Summary: The open-SUSE Education Project is sponsoring a new website called The site contains a wealth of resources for the OSS community and beyond.


Just a quick note tonight as I finished rebuilding our Active Directory and Windows Terminal Servers at the high school (humming along quite handily I might add, although we'll see how things go when the students hit them first thing in the morning). If you need a break from Windows land (as I certainly do right about now), then provides a wealth of learning tools, both for the open source community and educators in general.

Sponsored by the open-SUSE Education Project, the site contains

...collections of useful courses to help you better use the applications found on the Linux distributions. There are also forums, chatrooms, courses, and help materials at your disposal.

Courses range in topics from the Sugar OS to ice formations on Europa to Moodle basics and all materials are licensed under Creative Commons. The site is truly not to be missed, whether you're a *nix fan or not. It also serves as a showcase for the power of Moodle and OSS in presenting coursework.

Topics: Enterprise Software, Linux, Open Source, Operating Systems, Software, Windows

Christopher Dawson

About Christopher Dawson

Chris Dawson is a freelance writer, consultant, and policy advocate with 20 years of experience in education, technology, and the intersection of the two.

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  • = a huge resource

    Chris Dawson's Blog = a huge waste of time
    Loverock Davidson
    • Far less of a waste of time than any/all of your posts

      But you already knew that.
      • OMGZ!!

        you told me!! your such a dork.
        Loverock Davidson
        • When will you ever learn?

          I'm not a dork, I'm merely smug and arrogant and far better looking than you could ever be, even with plastic surgery. I even look good in a black turtleneck sweater.
    • Yet you continue

      to read it and to post snide comments to it. Seems you and I share a common hobby.
      Viva la crank dodo
    • Just ignore him Chris...

      but I'm sure you knew that already. I wish he'd find a real job so he didn't
      have time to post his crap here. As for the resources, they are great, my
      LTSP lab is awesome because of them. Please keep it up. And congrats
      on the AD success (so far), I know how frustrating and time consuming it
      can be.
    • I would bet

      that most of those software titles would work under BSD.
      Roger Ramjet
  • RE: = a huge resource

    Thanks-for-educating-me = great article (blog)
  • What part of less than 1% don't you understand?

    Still looking for your educational qualifications Chris as you happily condemn your students to the graveyard of Linux.

    I mean they don't need jobs do they?

    • And if they learn...

      Windows, then they're screwed as all the Word etc jobs are outsourced to India etc. Or are you trying to convince yourself that Windows skills learned at High School make one employable at something more than minimum wage?
    • You can build on Linux and FOSS

      What you learn in Linux will only evolve and you can build ont it

      You won't be one of Microsoft's tools.

      You study the art of a thing before you bother with the *base* applications... Linux represents the *art* of computer technology. Microsoft is but a hackneyed, base application... easily learned by dogs and orcs when needed to earn beer money part-time.

    • What part of free (as in beer) that you don't understand?

      Chris has honestly blogged about how schools are getting squeezed in the budget - and free Linux keeps looking better.
      Roger Ramjet
  • School already?

    Michigan passed a law that the school year cannot start before Labor Day. Don't know if that's good or bad, but it adds certainty . . .
    Roger Ramjet
    • Wishing...

      I grew up going after Labor day, graduated in mid-Julky, and teach in a place where we start around the last week of August; one year, it was Aug 19th...but school MUST end before June, or the locals come unglued.
      I think Michigan is right. Let them have the summer... IMHO, of course...LOL