Music pushes kids to early sex

Music pushes kids to early sex

Summary: We worry about what kids see online, but what about what comes in through the earbuds? Two studies find heavy exposure to sexual content in music leads to early sexual behavior.


While parents and teachers worry and worry about MySpace, two recent studies suggest that there are far more pernicious influences on kids.

A Rand on raunchy music lyrics found that kids who listen to music with degrading sexual content were much more likely to have teenage sex. AP reports:

Among heavy listeners, 51 percent started having sex within two years, versus 29 percent of those who said they listened to little or no sexually degrading music.

Exposure to lots of sexually degrading music "gives them a specific message about sex," said lead author Steven Martino, a researcher for Rand Corp. in Pittsburgh. Boys learn they should relentlessly pursue women, and girls learn to view themselves as sex objects, he said.

"We think that really lowers kids' inhibitions and makes them less thoughtful" about sexual decisions and may influence them to make decisions they regret, he said.

An earlier study by the University of North Carolina's Teen Media Center looked at all sexual content in music, not just raunchy lyrics, and came up with similar findings (PDF, published in Pediatrics). Kids who listen to a lot of sexual content when 12-14 were twice as likely to have sex between 14 and 16 as kids who were not exposed to much sexual media.

Speaking on NPR's Talk of the Nation, researcher Carol Pardun emphasized that while kids may occassionally encounter porn online, they are being exposed to sexual content in media almost continually - and it's that exposure which is forming their expectations that early, relationship-free sex is the norm.

Pornography always looks wrong and dirty. Like Justice Brennan said, you know it when you see it. But in TV, videogames, music and even fashion, the media culture is shaping kids' sense of normality, of what adults do and how they act. And if sex sells, they media companies will sell sex. Which increasingly leaves it to parents and schools to try to counteract the messages.

No wonder, then, that teacher Andrew McNamar was troubled by his teenage students dressing like "sluts," while the girls themselves were shocked and hurt by this characterization. To them, they were just dressing in style. To him, their dress presaged nothing good.

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  • Sexy Music = Kid Sex...


    Elvis Presly take that you dirty dog! Taking those poor young kids and exposing them to your hip grinding sex-u-al body moves. Why you have been corrupting the minds of young Americans everywhere! (Oh and don't forget those Canadians, British, Germans, French, Libyans, Jordanians, Iranians, Koreans, et al.)

    And oh yeah what about that young Mick Jagger having sex with all those poor young easily influenced young women. Disgusting. Just goes to show that music is an evil influence on the young and impressionable minds of our children.

    Oh and remember that British guy...that fellow who sang "Benny and the Jets" Elton...? Why that young man had sex with young women and ... oh I can't say it. It is too risque...! But you know the devil says that it is good.

    And now we have that Eminem young whippersnapper talking about women as objects of sex and young men as just sex toys. Well I don't know if another study will tell us much about the youth of the world you?
  • Music pushes kids to early sex

    Life is pretty simple really; many people make it sound so difficult. Understand the following philosophies and life will make a bit more sense to you.

    You are what you eat. To get what you want, work for it. You will become what you hear and see.

    When you condense and filter humanity through these simple, yet basic understandings external published epiphanies will be of little surprise.
    • repetition = learned for life

      It's a known educational fact that repetition is needed to internalize a concept for life. If we hear repeatedly any particular phylosophy (say for example "early sex is the norm" we will eventually internalize the message to the extent that we believe it to be true. Of course, the artists (and their already mindwashed defenders) will claim they are only reflecting morals of today. Sorry. They are promulgating their own moral code and are far more effective at getting our young people to convert to their "faith" than any church ever was.
  • The 'gov' needs to make up its mind.........

    First it's sex on TV pushing [i]kids[/i] into having sex "too early" it's Music. :|

    Here's a [b]clue[/b] for ya'll:

    Homo Sapiens has been around for [u]MILLENIA[/u]! It just so happens that Homo Sapiens comes to SEXUAL MATURITY during its [b]TEEN[/b] years! Who/What kept the first Homo Sapiens from having SEX "too early"????? NOTHING!!!!!

    This United States of America 'culture' is sooooooo hung up on SEX that it has forgotten what it IS FOR!
  • This study doesn't prove causality

    As a professor, I must protest the conclusion that that listening to music with degrading lyrics "pushes kids to have sex." Another quite plausible interpretation is that the same kids who listen to this type of music that flaunts conventional morality are also more likely to have sex whether or not they listened to this music since there is a correlation between these two types of behaviors. As researchers know, causality is much more difficult to prove than correlation.

    To cite another example, even if it were true that most teenagers becamse pregant while listening to rock music, it is an unwarranted conclusion that eliminating rock music would reduce teen pregnancies.
  • Best control

    Fatal, sexually-transmitted diseases are the most effective, long-term control for promiscuity.

    Kill off all the kids who have sex frequently, and with multiple partners early in their lives and they won't pass those traits down to future generations.

    I suppose breeding deafness into our population would reduce the effect that music has on our children also.
  • eeeeeeeeeeee

  • RE: Music pushes kids to early sex

    Two simple comments....
    First, By age 5 90% of the basic foundation of ones future character has been firmly solidified by those closest to them.
    Second, In 1955/1956 listening to Rock & Roll and watching Elvis gyrate was going to make pinko Commies out of all of us?????
    One is true the other is Bull S***
    Do you see the connection?
    Retired Navy Mac
  • RE: Music pushes kids to early sex

    I almost fell on the floor laughing after reading this article. Sex In Music = Kiddie Sex, whom may I asked cooked up this equation? It reminds me of the equation that placed a rating on video games back in the 90's (Violent Game + Child Player = Violence Prone Child).
    Someone wise once said this to me, "If you do not want your kid to act out what the movie, music, or game is portraying, explain to the child that this behavior is not acceptable (example: A young child listens to Tupac Shakur, or any of a dozen other "gangsta" rappers and takes the music seriously, without a parent, gaurdian, or some other supervisory figure to learn from may do as the music portrays because the child believes that the actions in the music are acceptable. However, take that same kid and place him in an invironment where he does not get this stimulation, he may do as he hears from his friends, and thus, said child would suffer the same end results knowingly.) In other words, if a child is going to do something, it makes no difference if that child is sheltered or not, the child will still perform the action that he or she wants to regardless of stimuli.