The Ghost of Windows Me

The Ghost of Windows Me

Summary: Inspired by Annabelle Lee, By Edgar Allen Poe(It is almost Halloween, after all)It was many and many a year ago,In Redmond, not so far from the sea,That a miserable operating system was bornBy the name of Windows Me;And this OS was birthed for no other reasonThan to bridge the gap to Windows XP.


Inspired by Annabelle Lee, By Edgar Allen Poe (It is almost Halloween, after all)

It was many and many a year ago, In Redmond, not so far from the sea, That a miserable operating system was born By the name of Windows Me; And this OS was birthed for no other reason Than to bridge the gap to Windows XP.

I was a user and it was barely usable, Released too early from Redmond, not so far from the sea; I hated it with a passion that was unbridled - We all hated Windows Me; Open source was not yet mature enough To take the place of Me. And this was the reason that, long ago, Courtesy of Redmond, not so far from the sea, Would it be Windows 2000 or Windows XP That we would use to replace that hated Windows Me? So my sysadmin came And upgraded me. Forever, I hoped, discarding this horror From Redmond, not so far from the sea. Users not yet upgraded Went envying Windows XP and me With service packs and patches Flying out of Redmond, not so far from the sea, Coming out of the cloud at night, Bloating and slowing my beloved Windows XP.

But no lessons were learned By Redmond, not so far from the sea. No wiser for their terrible Windows Me, and neither Gates nor Ballmer prevented the release of Vista, From Redmond, not so far from the sea. Now, however, OS X and Ubuntu called to me As support faded for Windows XP. Slick, stable, and sometimes free, *nix quickly made me forget the aging Windows XP; And now my computer rarely boots To an OS from Redmond, not so far from the sea; And so, day and night, the computer by my side, Has not Vista inside. Whether Mac, Dell, or HP, Its OS is not from Redmond, not so far from the sea.

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Christopher Dawson

About Christopher Dawson

Chris Dawson is a freelance writer, consultant, and policy advocate with 20 years of experience in education, technology, and the intersection of the two.

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  • The Ghost of Windows ME

    This is friggin stupid. Your blogs get worse each day. If only the linux fanboys could concentrate more of their time not bashing Microsoft and do something productive with their time.
    Loverock Davidson
    • Loverock...when it comes to fanbois... takes one to know one. Now, I'm a Microsoft person. Can't stand Apple and am not a big fan of Linux. But even I can appreciate that neither Microsoft, nor its Windows products, are perfect. If only YOU could do that. You take every dig at Microsoft personally. It's like you're Bill Gates' alter ego. On the other hand, you think nothing about tossing digs at Apple and Linux. That makes you a hypocrite. Either learn to get over it or get some professional help. You're embarrassing yourself.
      • Bwahahahahahaha!

        Yo man you hit the nail square on the head.
      • Yup.

        Fanboys of any stripe are annoying.

        As for the poem, whilst I disagree with the content I did rather like it. :)
        Sleeper Service
        • I dunno

          The line about "Redmond, not so far from the sea" got repetitive

          • How about...

            Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary,
            Over Linux, a quaint and curious distro of forgotten lore,
            While I fizzled, nearly snapping, ndiswrapper's drivers mapping,
            As of someone gently trapping, trapping at my network's door.
            "'Tis some problem," I muttered, "with Ubuntu eight oh four ?
            Only this, and nothing more."
            Sleeper Service
          • love it!


            [i]Almost[/i] as good as the Simpsons Halloween version of 'The Raven'
          • Hilarious!

            Very well done :) Even this poor *nix fanboy can appreciate that one!

          • Styly! I like it {nt}

          • Nice

            Good one
          • Good one

            Although you may have to modify the line
            [i]ndiswrapper's drivers mapping[/i]
            some time in the future as wireless driver support in improving in Linux. But the poem was funny just the same.
          • That's How Poe Wrote Poetry

            Not everyone thinks that Poe was a great poet, but repetition was his style (Quoth the raven, "Never more!")
    • Don't be jealous L.D.

      just because he is making money writing for ZDNET & you
      don't make money complaining from your parents basement.
    • My mom sent me an email the other day

      "Hi Christopher,

      Boy, you're certainly getting a lot of flack from Loverock Davidson. How do you feel about that? Maybe you take it less personally than I do.

      Love, Mom"

      Do you realize that you're making my mom feel bad?

      Don't you feel terrible?

      Have a great day and a happy Halloween!

      • Nice

        If you're being sarcastic, that's funny. If you're being serious, that's REALLY funny.
        Real World
      • Ah another pointless post

        by you. At first I thought it was just your posts that were incredibly stupid, now I'm realizing its more than just that.
        Loverock Davidson
        • We can see that this one really struck a nerve with you.

          You are sulking.
          • You are one to talk (NT)

            Loverock Davidson
          • And you're just letting yourself get OWNED. <nt>

        • One thing you haven't realized, Loverock...

          ...and I have a feeling you probably never will, is that you're a party of one.