Sony creates own holodeck with PlayStation tech

Sony creates own holodeck with PlayStation tech

Summary: Three-part video spots combine projection mapping, props, live actors, sea monsters, and more to hint at potential of immersive augmented reality.

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Sony Europe has teamed up with London-based Studio Output and Marshmallow Laser Feast to shoot three remarkable video spots to promote the "immersiveness" of movies rented or purchased from the PlayStation Store.

Using a variety of props, live actors camouflaged in Lycra, motion-tracking and projection-mapping software, and a PlayStation Move motion controller, the shots create a realistic, holodeck-like environment that must be seen to be believed.

Moreover, the videos were shot in one take and relied exclusively on visual tricks. There was no editing or post-production work, so everything you see is a convincing optical effect.

Studio Output speculates that the immersive imaging technology could one day evolve into an augmented reality experience where users don glasses with images overlaid onto real objects in their environment.

(via Engadget)


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Topic: Hardware

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  • Not that impressive when you consider the experience from the

    actor's point of view. To him he is laying flat on his chest on a box that had a coffee tablet projected onto it.

    We may not see it while he is fliying, yet he can still feel it and see it himself.
    Tim Cook
  • RE: Sony creates own holodeck with PlayStation tech

    That's neat, what computer and software did they use for the backgrounds in the first one?
  • RE: Sony creates own holodeck with PlayStation tech

    the mime at the end of #3 is a total gangster X-D
  • RE: Sony creates own holodeck with PlayStation tech

    Wow. It was you could almost NOT see the strings attached to the fruit in the first one.
    Test Subject
  • Mimes as Holodeck extras... who knew?!

    Mimes littering the unemployment landscape will now have jobs.
  • RE: Sony creates own holodeck with PlayStation tech

    I think Sony used Kinect to produce the scene! Didn't they?