Facebook is now the most popular Android app

Facebook is now the most popular Android app

Summary: Facebook has become the most popular app on Android. In the last 30 days, the Facebook app saw a higher active reach than all of Google's first-party apps, and all third-party apps overall.


Disregarding the Android Market, which most Android users have in order to get apps in the first place, Facebook is the most popular Android app among adult smartphone owners in the US. That's right: Facebook is beating out all other apps on Android, including the ones made by Google.

The latest data comes from Nielsen, which ranked mobile apps by active reach: the percentage of Android owners who used the app within the past 30 days. The metrics research firm analyzed usage data from its proprietary device meters put on the smartphones belonging to thousands of participating consumers.

As you can see in the chart above, Nielsen broke down users by age group. Facebook had an 80 percent active reach for 18-24 year-olds, 81 percent for 25-34 year-olds, and 77 percent for 35-44 year-olds. In all three categories, the other apps in the top five were from Google (again, I'm excluding the Android Market): Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, and YouTube. After the top five, all the other apps not only vary much more by age group, but they also have a noticeably lower reach.

It's worth noting that Palo Alto's Android app has actually gained in popularity from the results we saw just a few months ago. In July 2011, Facebook was the most popular third-party app on Google's Android platform, and was third if we include Google's first-party apps. Among females, it was even more widely used than all of Android's first-party apps.

It's really no wonder Facebook is pushing forward with its support for Android. The latest release of the app, by the way, is Facebook for Android 1.8, released just last week.

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  • RE: Facebook is now the most popular Android app

    Facebook can put Google out of business.
    • RE: Facebook is now the most popular Android app


      Oh so I'm going to search Facebook now? And run the Facebook (Chrome) OS and Facebook (Chrome) browser and Facebook mobile (Android) OS and run Facebook (Google) apps?


      Facebook may be popular for trivial social media stuff... Google is a little more significant than that. And already has done a lot more for Humanity than Facebook ever will.

      The ability to focus attention on important things is a defining characteristic of intelligence.
      ~ Robert J. Shiller, 1946-present[/i]
    • RE: Facebook is now the most popular Android app

      @vivianvein Wow, never seen this. A Kindle lighted cover actually integrated with reserve battery. http://www.solarmio.com/en/OnlineStore.aspx
  • RE: Facebook is now the most popular Android app

    LOL! Between Google's Android platform and the Facebook App for Android, there's no need for the wormhole technology described in the novel, "The Light of Other Days", by Stephen Baxter and Arthur C. Clarke.
    Rabid Howler Monkey
    • RE: Facebook is now the most popular Android app

      @Rabid Howler Monkey


      I like your thinking!

      We are like butterflies who flutter for a day and think its forever.
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  • Where's Google+ in all of this?

    Have not hear a peep on that of late.
    John Zern
  • This concept of crippled apps gives me nausea

    Why not a simple universal app, the full web browser (Using HTMLx, including HTML5)?

    I can understand on a crippled platform such as iOS, which doesn't have a full web browser.

    But Android does have a full web compliant browser, including Flash.

    Imagine if all websites someone visits required a 'dedicated' app... What kind of madness is this? It only makes sense in the RDF.


    Build a system that even a fool can use, and only a fool will want to use it.
    ~ Shaw's Principle[/i]