Facebook is the best buyer for webOS (analyst)

Facebook is the best buyer for webOS (analyst)

Summary: The idea that Facebook should buy webOS from HP has been suggested again, this time by an analyst. I disagree.


Jefferies analyst Peter Misek this morning wrote a research note to clients about who would be the best buyer for Hewlett-Packard's WebOS software business. There have been many possible suitors named by industry experts, including Amazon, Baidu, Huawei, HTC, Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and ZTE. Misek believes, however, Facebook would be the best buyer.

Misek thinks none of the other companies are likely to bid on what HP is offering. Here's a relevant excerpt of the note:

Based on our analysis of prospective buyers and our checks, we believe Facebook is the best fit. Due to Facebook's scale, developer community, and movement towards media (e.g., music) and communications (Messenger), it is possible that an acquisition of an OS asset like this could be a good option. Checks with developers indicate that they would support a potential Facebook OS, and industry sources have noted Facebook's historic interest in a mobile OS or heavily influencing one.

This isn't the first time I heard of such a proposition. Last time, I wrote up my thoughts about it in an article titled "Should Facebook buy webOS from HP?" Here is the conclusion I came to (you can read the whole piece for more details):

In summary, buying webOS simply doesn’t make sense for Facebook. The company would spend more time and effort rewriting the operating system and maintaining useless parts of it than it would take to simply write its own Facebook OS.

My stance hasn't changed. What do you think?

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  • analysts are morons

    facebook as a hardware maker=good April fool's joke.
    but it's not even March yet!
    The Linux Geek
    • RE: Facebook is the best buyer for webOS (analyst)

      @The Linux Geek

      When did WebOS become something other than an operating system?
      • RE: Facebook is the best buyer for webOS (analyst)

        @the.nameless.drifter Since when did Facebook require an OS? The service side could be running on CP/M or OS/2 and it wouldn't matter as long as the output was HTML. Where does an OS fit into Facebook's operation? I suspect that the analyst has personal interest in HP finding a buyer for their mistake and so they try to generate that interest in the market. HP get into this mess by purchasing things that it did not need. Why should Facebook make the same mistake?
      • RE: Facebook is the best buyer for webOS (analyst)


        My reply was to Linux Geek when he stated this would make Facebook a hardware vendor. I don't think facebook requires an OS nor should it but one
  • RE: Facebook is the best buyer for webOS (analyst)

    Enough already with this ridiculous analyst garbage. Here's my analyst pick. The best buyer for WebOS would be my grandmother, because SHE'S DEAD!

    Come on. Why on earth would FB buy a dying OS? It's about as likely as MSFT buying WebOS rather than make their next Windows tablet run on Samsung hardware. If you want to build something new you go to a hardware manufacturer with vision. WebOS was long in the tooth for some time and there's no interest in that IP, it's ALL liability. Look at Borders books. As soon as a printed book hits their shelves it's out of date and also a liability. No one wants ownership of that. There is no business model there. I'm sick of anaylsts churning out drivel. Put up some metrics and show why a failing business could make a worthwhile investment (or just explain how you need a big loss as a write off).
  • What about Adobe? With Amazon?

    Here's a company that had major product in hardware integration and might find this an interesting boost along with AIR and also the onslaught against Flash.

    Whether they need an OS of their own or can work in the mobile niche of others it is hard to tell. And I'm not sure an Adobe/Amazon partnership in this space would be such a bad idea.
    • RE: Facebook is the best buyer for webOS (analyst)

      Ram U
  • RE: Facebook is the best buyer for webOS (analyst)

    If there were more apps, WebOS would be a viable product. Personally, I think it would be better than Android. Google, are you listening?
  • RE: Facebook is the best buyer for webOS (analyst)

    I totally agree with you, why FB needs WebOS. FB already is integrated into WP7, and OEMs like HTC integrated that into Android released FB based phones. FB apps are available for almost all sorts of computing machines, so why do they need something more than that. I just can't understand. I never understand the thought processes of Wall Street Analysts and their predictions. Whatever they predict, we can easily say the opposite will be the outcome.
    Ram U
  • RE: Facebook is the best buyer for webOS (analyst)

    I think HTC will be bought webOS.
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