Facebook Messenger for Windows officially released

Facebook Messenger for Windows officially released

Summary: Facebook has responded to the leak of its Messenger for Windows application by simply releasing an official download. It's a great way to downplay the leak while keeping users excited.


Update - Facebook Messenger for Windows launched, Mac version coming

Mere hours after Facebook Messenger for Windows leaked, Facebook has released the official desktop client. Facebook contacted me and said the official Messenger for Windows download link is available from fbcdn_dragon-a.akamaihd.net.

Facebook would not confirm the version number with me (update: I figured out it's version 2.0.4373.0), but given that the application updates automatically, I think Menlo Park made a decision to officially release it instead of trying to combat the leak. Smart move. This means that the screenshots I put together earlier today still apply: Facebook Messenger for Windows leaks (screenshots).

Facebook started testing the Messenger for Windows desktop client with a limited group of users last month. The application, which requires Windows 7, provides access to three main Facebook features: Facebook Chat, the new Ticker feed, and notifications. In addition to Windows 7, Facebook Messenger is also already available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry.

Facebook has hinted at a few upcoming features for the Windows flavor already: chatting with multiple friends, video calling, limiting chat availability, and editing settings. It's not clear if the company will be making announcements for every new version or if they will be just quietly released like this first version.

So, what does this application require to keep you updated? First and foremost, you must be logged into Facebook. After you click on the blue "Log In" button pictured above, you will redirected to the facebook.com/desktop/login webpage where Facebook explains that Messenger for Windows requires you stay logged in so that it can deliver chat and notification messages to your desktop. This means you will stay logged into Facebook even after you close your browser. To log out of Facebook, you'll need to actually do so from Facebook Messenger for Windows.

Facebook believes users want to use the social network's real-time features without having to keep a browser window open. The social networking giant is clearly hoping that users will leave Messenger for Windows on throughout the day, probably since most Facebook addicts already do so with a browser tab. In addition to being a standalone application, Facebook Messenger for Windows can be snapped to the side of the screen; that's probably why it only works for Windows 7.

The application was developed entirely by Facebook and does not constitute a new partnership with Microsoft, which is a big investor in Facebook. It's not clear if Facebook will offer support for anything before Windows 7, or if it will simply move on towards Windows 8. Clients for Mac and Linux will likely only be released if the Windows 7 version proves popular.

Update - Facebook Messenger for Windows launched, Mac version coming

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  • great

    i try it,it works,great ideas...
  • FaceBook your information belongs to who knows who

    The Government, employers, and who ever else harvest this information it is NO longer yours and not private.

    Some of the board members are gov people, no surprise.
  • RE: Facebook Messenger for Windows officially released

    Thank the Lord !
    Amazing news; Don't you think so ???
  • There is such a thing as being...

    too connected. It's becoming more difficult to remember the time when we actually had peaceful "free time" where nobody could reach us. I miss those days.
    • RE: Facebook Messenger for Windows officially released

      @BillDem I actually thought something like, if you want a real "free time", put any computer interfaces away...

      But what's becoming of facebook chat if this is coming out?
    • RE: Facebook Messenger for Windows officially released

      @BillDem: Show me a technological item without an off button?
  • RE: Facebook Messenger for Windows officially released

    Is this a scam? Link is like alaahkbar.exe
    • RE: Facebook Messenger for Windows officially released

      @vahnx: No: http://www.facebook.com/help/messenger-for-windows
  • RE: Facebook Messenger for Windows officially released

    I'd much prefer Outlook integration. It's about time IMAP or similar was supported. It was would be so useful to be able to mix e-mail and Facebook messages together in one program. All my e-mail/calendar/contacts communication is done through Outlook but I've got to open Facebook.com to send a Facebook Message, which I do for 99% of my friends (family it's e-mails).

    Contrary to its name it's not Facebook Messenger but Facebook Chat. The Messages link just opens the website, by the time you've done all that you may as well have gone to the site, given that Messages just opens the site anyway.

    There's also no way of sending a new message, other than clicking on their name through Chat. Maybe that's the point. There's also limit on how much of your message/chat history is displayed when opening a chat session with someone. It doesn't go back to the start.

    Using Facebook Messenger on Android and it opens Facebook Messages. Which whilst the two are connected, it's approach is different. Facebook Messages is more like e-mail, Facebook Chat is an IM tool.

    I like that you can dock it to the left though. It's useful for Widescreen monitors.

    Facebook Chat works well in Windows Live Messenger 2011 already, it's just Chat, there's no Message support.
  • No support for Win XP, Vista? :(

    Why it doesn't support Win XP or Vista??
    Not all people have Win 7 (like me).
  • I guess...

    It's not surprising and I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more in the future. Too bad I'm not really into Facebook any more. I socialize with people through kik and zocialized for now any way.
  • FB stop it.

    FB has been making changes so frequently, which is freaking out its users.

  • FB.exe

    Is there a download link on Facebooks site anywhere? I know there's that 3rd party link it seems odd that Facebook would make it so hard to find.