Facebook named best tech company to work for

Facebook named best tech company to work for

Summary: Facebook has been named the best technology company to work for in the US. This is actually a drop from last year: out of all companies, Facebook was first last year, while this year it was third.


Facebook has been named as the best technology company to work for in the US. The data comes from surveys collected from US-based employees in 2011 by career website Glassdoor as part of its fourth annual Employees' Choice Awards.

The top five Best Places to Work, according to employees, are: Bain & Company, McKinsey & Company, Facebook, MITRE, and Google. Of the 50 employers honored (the full list is pictured above), 13 have been on the list for all four years, and 17 are debuting on the list this year.

Facebook was actually ranked first last year with a 4.6 rating, but it fell to number three with a 4.3 company this year. Still, the social networking giant is number one in terms of technology companies, beating out even Google, which moved up from number 30 and a 3.7 rating last year.

Glassdoor's Employees' Choice Awards are based solely on the input of employees, who provide constructive feedback on their work environment and senior management throughout the year via an anonymous 20-question survey. The survey addresses eight key workplace factors: work/life balance, career opportunities, communication, compensation & benefits, fairness & respect, employee morale, recognition & feedback, and senior leadership.

A company's overall Glassdoor rating is the cumulative average rating from employees who elected to participate in the 20-question survey between December 1, 2010 and November 23, 2011. It's thus worth keeping in mind that these numbers can also vary based on how many and which employees decide to participate from year to year.

"The Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards recognize fifty outstanding companies rated highest by their own employees," Glassdoor co-founder and CEO Robert Hohman said in a statement. "This is the fourth year Glassdoor has assembled the Best Places to Work list, and there are consistent themes that surface among these top-rated employers, including company culture, competitive pay and benefits packages, open communication practices, and high opinions of the chief executive."

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  • You need to update your blog

    First off, the survey is totally anonymous so if you want to make sure that, say, Apple does well in next year's survey, just vote early and vote often:

    This shows how absolutely scientific this survey is. But wait, it gets better.


    "Glassdoor carefully reviews each ratings survey, company and interview review and salary report submitted through its website and only those surveys and reports that are approved by the Glassdoor research team are eligible for the list."

    So this already scientific survey is made even more scientific when employees handpick the reviews they want to have count and discard the reviews they don't like.

    Also, they make ineligible any company where the CEO has an approval level of 50% or lower so if you want to make a company you hate never show up on that list, just make sure to downvote the CEO.

    This glassdoor.com survey is a joke. It is about as meaningful as ZDNet polls.
  • RE: Facebook named best tech company to work for

    Kudos to all the companies listed.
  • And for the MS haters

    I posted the link for you all -<br><br>//www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/Microsoft-Reviews-E1651.htm
    William Farrel
    • RE: Facebook named best tech company to work for

      @William Farrel
      Great link: Employees say it's "OK"
      Cons: Senior Management isn't quick to respond to opportunities and often makes strategic mistakes A lot of projects don't go anywhere due to pressure to align with a major releases of Office and Windows Can be difficult to get promoted due to size of company.
      • Prove that those comments came from MS employees

        Can't? Exactly.