Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

Summary: Facebook has started rolling out its new Timeline profile to everyone: over the next few weeks if you haven't yet switched to Timeline, the company will make the change for you.


Facebook has started to roll out its new Timeline profile, which was unveiled four months ago at the company's 2011 f8 developer conference, to all of its 800 million monthly active users. It's still a gradual launch, but in "the next few weeks," all Facebook users will have the Timeline profile and will see it on their friends' accounts too.

If you don't choose to get Timeline now (go to facebook.com/about/timeline and click the green "Get Timeline" button), you're just delaying the inevitable: Facebook will switch you to it in the next few weeks. Either way, you'll get seven days to review everything that appears on your Timeline before anyone else can see it. Check out my getting started guide for Timeline and/or my gallery of screenshots to smooth out the review process.

The seven-day delay is important since Timeline is your new profile: it has all the content of your old profile, plus a lot more, in a completely different layout. You can choose to publish your Timeline at any time during the review period. If you don't do so, your Timeline will go live automatically after seven days.

Last month, Facebook started by pushing out Timeline in New Zealand, with the goals of gathering further feedback and to measure the new feature's speed and other types of performance. The test apparently went well, as the social networking giant deemed it ready for the rest of the world to optionally switch to, both on desktop and mobile. Now the company is pushing it on to everyone, whether you want it or not, although either way you'll still have seven days before the change is permanent.

Last week, Facebook announced a new set of Open Graph apps, which are designed to help you discover what your friends are currently doing, beyond the fact that they just Like something. I expected Facebook to push Timeline out to everyone at this event, but it turns out the social networking giant wanted to wait a little bit longer. Now we're finally here. I'll keep you updated as the Timeline rollout continues.

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  • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

    facebook needs to understand a lot of people don't want the timeline profile. Many of em will be ditching FB and moveover to other social networks
    Aayush Nagar
    • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

      @Aayush Nagar: What the ones no are using? They won't, they'll moan and then just get used to it. Which is exactly what happens whenever Facebook makes any chance.
      • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

        @bradavon "What the ones no are using?"
        Wow, bradavon do you speak english?
    • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

      @Aayush Nagar What makes you think the other social networks aren't doing the same?
  • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

    aww crap... time to dump FB for good.
  • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

    I'm not a fan of Timeline either. I love how Facebook makes changes against customers' wishes and don't care if we like it or not.
  • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

    I don't want timeline.

    Bad enough facebook dumped discussion board on facebook pages for pages, making support pages (for my internet company) useless........ and now they are pushing this piece of sh*-|-
  • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

    It was obvious this was going to happen.

    Like the ribbon it takes a bit of getting used to but just like the ribbon it's a step in the right direction. It used to be a nightmare to find old content, having to click "Show old posts" again and again.

    People only dislike it because people hate change, whether it's good or bad change.
    • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

      @bradavon Making profile pages look like MySpace is "a step in the right direction"? All it's missing is a "Facebook Music Player" in the top right frame and it would be a spitting image of MySpace. What happened to them again?

      Timeline, which I've been using since the initial public offering of it, is an eyesore. It's a jumbled mess with too many panes and too much information trying to be pushed into it. People chose not to use it because the old profile was easier to manage and read. Now they're being forced to use it because Facebook wants to push apps that require it.

      One word of warning to people: Make sure you check your privacy settings. When I migrated to Timeline, it dumped ALL of my settings back to public and I had to reset every single setting. After 2 weeks, all of the sudden, my privacy settings were dropped, again. Everything on my Timeline went back to public, and I had to set them AGAIN. Now I'm having to check my privacy settings once a week to make sure the settings aren't dropped a second time.
  • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

    there's a facebook app that provides covers and cover creation tools for your timeline. the link is https://apps.facebook.com/timeline_covers?mnd
  • Now I'm getting pissed

    I don't use my Facebook account in the same way as most do.

    These days, I only use my Facebook account to channel newsfeeds such as breaking news and article links from some of my favorite sites to my Gwibber application that's integrated into Ubuntu. I no longer connect to friends or anyone else using the account, and I deleted all contacts and posts more than a year ago, turned off all features that could be turned off and made my account effectively unavailable. I almost never go to the actual FB site anymore - except to turn off new features that they seem to think I want turned on by default. I want my only connection to Facebook to be via my use of Gwibber. I use Twitter in exactly the same way as well.

    Based on what I'm hearing elsewhere, it seems as if this new feature in Facebook is going to [i]resurect all that data that I've already spent time deleting from my account![/i] If they do that and make it permanently available, I may have to consult a lawyer.
    • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

      "If they do that and make it permanently available, I may have to consult a lawyer."

      Ha ha I actually laughed out loud. Consult a lawyer? You're right, Facebook is going to bend over and not convert your profile into the timeline.

      It doesn't resurrect anything you've deleted and nor does it make it permanent. It's the exact same information they've already had. It's just presented in a different manner.

      I see like the article author you seem to think Zuckerberg is psychic.
  • RE: Facebook starts rolling out Timeline to everyone

    I joined Friendio, FB's rival. No Timeline, thank God.
  • old school fb

    will facebooks timeline be the end of fb? dus this mean there is room for 1 more social networking site?
    well there is as people arnt happy about timeline as some people don't like change but as we all know change is always happening I myself don't mind timeline but I aso use this othere.
    social site that is connected to fb its realy good as I am able to talk to my friends that are on fb in the same context as the old fb its really cool plus there are tuns of other great stuff like watch the latest moves online, listen to tunes well playing games and chatting to your friends and lots more and you can design your own profile page its is really cool so I have more freedom with my fb and social experience its really 1 of the best moves I have ever dun so people give it a try and see what u think because its your opinion that matters.
    check the link out and give me your feed back.