Facebook testing seven ads per webpage

Facebook testing seven ads per webpage

Summary: Facebook seems to have increased the maximum number of ads it shows per webpage from six to seven. Just two months ago, the number was increased from five to six. Where does it end?


Facebook has started showing some users up to seven ads on one webpage. Previously, the social networking giant wouldn't show more than six. In fact, the Facebook Help Center still says six is the maximum:

Where will my Facebook Ad show up? Marketplace Ads display in the right-hand column of Facebook pages. Up to six Marketplace ads may show at one time on any given page. Advertisers do not currently have the option to choose on which pages their ads appear. Ads are eligible to appear beside apps, photos, groups, Pages, profiles (timelines), etc.

As you can see in the screenshot above though, courtesy of Inside Facebook, some users are now seeing seven ads. The increase from six to seven has been very quick: Facebook began displaying six ads at once in November 2011. Two months later, and the company is already pushing towards seven as the new maximum.

Facebook is of course trying to increase its revenue in advance of its upcoming IPO. While adding more ads per webpage will likely achieve this goal, it could also reduce clickthrough rates because users typically don't click on more than one ad per page, there is more competition between ads, and fewer ads are visible without scrolling. In short, adding more ads will likely annoy advertisers, as well as users.

Until Facebook figures out another solid form of revenue though, the social networking giant doesn't really have a choice but to play around with ads: adding more, changing their orientation, placing them in different areas of the site, and so on. As the company tried to explain to its users last month: ads are what allow the social network to operate as a free service.

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  • Adblock.

  • Facebook has ads?

    Never knew, Firefox + AdBlock
    • RE: Facebook testing seven ads per webpage


      this whole ad thing has been totally off my radar, because i don't see them. the amazing thing to me is that it seems like the website designers know this, and design for us first!
      when i go to colleagues' computers and have them look at a webpage, with ads, it looks so much less true to the design theme than it did on mine a moment before.
      and half the time, i have to think about what i am telling them to click, because it is some ad's link. the best virus prevention is blocking ads.
  • They are in a race with Google.

    Google used to be so simple and pretty in the presentation.
  • Where does it end?

    Probably like this:: http://milliondollarhomepage.com/
    Hallowed are the Ori
  • RE: Facebook testing seven ads per webpage

    Probably as insane as ZDNet, with its "accidental click in the margins" ads. And I hate to see what ZDNet looks like without NoScript and AdBlock.

    Did I mention I hate those ads in the margins? I used to use the margins to give the window focus again. Now I can't, due to ads.
    • RE: Facebook testing seven ads per webpage

      @CobraA1 I am very happy to see that I'm not the only one with that problem. I was beginning to think I was odd. Well, this doesn't prove I'm NOT odd, just not as odd as I was thinking. :-)