Facebook using natural language processing to group posts, link to Pages

Facebook using natural language processing to group posts, link to Pages

Summary: Facebook is using natural language processing to group posts in your News Feed, and link to a Page relevant to the topic that is being discussed.


Facebook has added a new type of story to its News Feed today: if more than one of your friends post about the same topic, and it has a Page on the social network, the posts will be grouped under a Posted About story, even if your friends don't explicitly tag the Page. The story is posted in the following format: "[Friend] and [x] other friends posted about [Page]" where the last part is a link to the Page in question.

It turns out Facebook is using natural language processing on status updates as well as the headlines of posted links to figure out if a topic mentioned has a corresponding Page, and then searches to see if your other friends have done so as well. This helps users quickly see which topics are popular (in Twitter terms, that would be trending topics) amongst their Facebook friends (as opposed to across all of Twitter). It also obviously gives a boost to Pages.

While Facebook has been testing the Posted About aggregated News Feed story since late 2010, Facebook only quietly announced this change today, and presumably started rolling it out to everyone on the site. The news came as part of a photo uploaded to the Facebook's own Facebook Page.

As you can see in the image above, both Dmitry and Abhinai did not tag the actual Harry Potter page in their posts, although Ken did. When Facebook grouped the three posts into a News Feed story though, it linked to the Harry Potter Page. Even if Ken didn't tag Harry Potter, Facebook would still link to it: Facebook is actively scanning users statuses for Pages that it can group content by, regardless if a Page is tagged or not.

It's also worth noting that Pages you have Liked, and are thus allowed to post to your News Feed, are also included in this new type of story. This means that if one or more of your Pages and/or Facebook friends post about a given topic, they may be grouped under one story in your News Feed that links to the topic's Page.

"You may notice some of your News Feed stories are now grouped together by topic," a Facebook spokesperson said in a statement. "We want to show you the most relevant and interesting information, and this test is designed to show you trends among what your friends are saying."

The Posted About stories let Facebook link to Pages without actually changing a user's original update, even if users don't know how to tag Pages (using the @ operator), do not want to do so, or don't Like the Page related to the topic they are discussing. It follows that some users will not like Posted About stories as they will find it intrusive for Facebook to be scanning their posts.

Facebook told Inside Facebook that its natural language processing doesn't detect sentiment, how a Page's name is being used, or whether the mentioned Page was actually the focus of the update. Page owners may not like Facebook linking to their Page if a post isn't actually what a user was discussing or if it is being talked about negatively.

Still, considering speculation that Facebook is working on an unfiltered News Feed that shows more content, this is a step in the right direction since it should make parsing more content easier for users and drive more traffic to Pages. Overall, most users and Page owners will likely embrace this change.

Topic: Social Enterprise

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  • RE: Facebook using natural language processing to group posts, link to Pages

    Most Facebook users I know don't use anything resembling natural language.
  • RE: Facebook using natural language processing to group posts, link to Pages

    It's annoying. It creates these grouped posts that are way too long and often include individual posts that I have already read and moved-on from or even hidden. There needs to be a way to turn it off.
  • RE: Facebook using natural language processing to group posts, link to Pages

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    • natural language processing will be a hot topic in the following years

      Facebook users do not use something like a natural language.

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  • natural language processing will be a hot topic in the following years

    Check how Inbenta uses NLP to search on corporate knowledge bases
  • Facebook using natural language processing to group posts

    I use FB on both a personal and business basis.. I HATE post grouping. Especially on my business page, where "first come first answered is rendered null and void by grouping even when I have the page set to sort by most recent posts. =(
    On the personal side, I end up viewing the same post multiple times once a second or third post is entered by another friend.
    I wish FB would offer an override.
  • Post grouping

    This will ruin my page. Just saw the effects as it rolled out a few hours ago. Nobody, and I mean exactly zero people are seeing 3/4s of my page posts. Just started having fun as we topped 15,000. Now I have a page full of empty posts. :(
    Christopher Scott