FB starts trading on the Nasdaq

FB starts trading on the Nasdaq

Summary: Facebook is now a public company. Will the stock go up, or down? The social networking giant has started trading shares on the Nasdaq under the "FB" ticker. Be honest: you're a little excited.


Update - Facebook closes at $38 on day one

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Facebook on Thursday priced its shares at $38, giving itself a valuation of $104 billion, and raising $18.41 billion. Earlier today, Facebook went public at 9:30 AM EST. Now, at 11:00 AM EST, Facebook has begun trading on the Nasdaq under the "FB" ticker.

You can watch the stock in real-time on the Nasdaq or your favorite financial site. So… How high will FB go?.

Here's the market opening:

Update at 11:25 EST - Nasdaq still hasn't shown a price. Usually there's a 5 minute delay, but 25 minutes is unprecedented.

Update at 11:30 EST - We finally have a price: $42.86.

Update at 11:37 EST - Down to $40.00.

Update at 11:50 EST - We're back to $38.00.

Update - Facebook closes at $38 on day one

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  • Hoo boy

    It's the magical bouncy ball of stocks.
    • More like the sticky ball.

      It will bounce to 35$ and stick. No one will make any money today, if ever, from FB stock.
      The Danger is Microsoft
  • Not at all.

    Don't go there. Won't go there. Call it a day and go away.
    Sceptical Observer
  • Dead Cat Bounce within the hour ...

    ... not really, but funny at the time.

    I still believe they are ludicrously overpriced, and constitute a one-company bubble that must burst sooner or later. $100bn? that's over $100 per account, many of which are moribund, closed or have a zero yield. Company assets? $100million tops. Liabilities? probably $100million. They launched at 26x earnings, on the promise of cash later.

    Crazy, crazy, crazy. There'll be tears before year end.
  • ......a little excited?

    Actually I can hardly contain myself with the excitement of it all........

    Get a life ZDNet - if I was interested in Facebook shares I would check out the Financial Times or its US equivalent.....
    The Central Scrutinizer
  • Excitement?

    If this is excitement, I must be too poor to play casino with the stock market...
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Ummmmm......

    No. I'd rather bat a ball of yarn around for week.
  • shaking my head.....

    ... in despair. The first half a dozen posts in already refuting the article's (such as it is) sentiment.
    How can ZDN contributors be so out of touch with the rest of the world? Do they spend their entire lives locked up in caves and fed on a diet of MS cookies served up on Windows tablets?
    The Central Scrutinizer
    • Better things to do.

      "locked up in caves" ??

      Back at you, this whole FB excitement thing must be something that appeals to particular people living inside FB bubble, and your trying to make those of us who are unexcited somehow faulty because we aren't inside your bubble (or cave) ... well, you know that's just lame.


      I got it now .... you must have bought in and must be afraid of losing money ....

      You realize people are serving prison time for manipulating stock by shilling in public forums?

      You know preying on peoples insecurities, trying to make them feel dumb for not being with it, is a form of shilling?
      Rob Berman
      • Wowza .. that's a serious accusation, ya know?

        I am actually on the side of totally unexcited.. as I don't have enough money to play the stock market like a casino, even if I wanted to (which I don't). I prefer creating money by producing goods and hard work (yea, I know.. novel ;p).

        The accusation you make here, if proven true, would mean he committed a federal crime.

        The accusation you make here, if proven untrue, could be considered libelous.

        So, ... lets relax a bit ;).
      • Well, "you *must have* bought"

        Inclusion of *must have* makes the statement opinion and speculation. Liable/slander applies to statements made as fact.

        Rob Berman
      • reading comprehension

        I read the post a totally different way. The Central Scrutinizer is shaking his head in despair, not because people are unexcited, but because zdnet assumed that anyone would be excited.

        Despair is rather a strange word to use in that scenario, I'll admit. Puzzlement might be a better term.

        FB might end up wishing they had remained privately held.
    • Besides the accusations leveled against you by Rob ...

      Look, here's the deal ... MOST of us aren't playing casino with Facebook, and have no interest in Facebook's IPO. I don't care if it goes up, down, or stays stagnant. I really don't. Further, if it does go up, down, or stays stagnant, that in itself means nothing much. You sound like a horse racing addict getting excited at some new stud ;p.
  • You know, the only people making out with an IPO are ...

    ... the company owners and those who set up the IPO.

    If you don't remember this from the Tech boom of over a decade ago then you're proof how people can live through something and not learn from what was lived through.

    And if you're one of these children all weak in the knees thinking how you're going to get rich by buying in , well, you haven't done your homework.

    And if you're not an investor, even an uneducated investor, and getting all swooning over FBs IPO, you really need to GET A LIFE!

    Rob Berman
    • short memories

      People already forgot the housing bubble... tech boom? That's ancient history. Our society has a 6 week span of memory ;p. I do agree with you though ;)
  • I agree with all of the posts so far

    Not on FB, probably will never be! If they live or die not my problem. Two private email addresses are two too many at times. Third one is not monitored.
  • Bubble Bubble Bubble

    Bubble 2.0
  • Big Whoop.

    Prediction: FB will hit $20 within a month.
    • 20 bucks is abut 19 too much

      Want to start a pool on when they'll hit the < $10 mark?