Get a Facebook girlfriend for just $5

Get a Facebook girlfriend for just $5

Summary: Do you want a Facebook girlfriend? Do you want to risk $5 in the hopes this isn't a scam or a hoax? If you answered yes to both these questions, then these ads on Fiverr are for you!


Those desperate to be seen with a girlfriend on Facebook will be interested to know that there apparently is a quick-and-easy solution. Aside from actually trying to get a girlfriend, you can head over to Fiverr, a website that allows people to sell various services for just $5. "Women" there want to sell their Facebook relationship status to you.

Twitter user Mark Luckie points to Fiverr user cathy01 (pictured top-left), who has an ad titled "I will be your girlfriend at facebook for 10 days for $5" with the following description:

I'll be your girlfriend on facebook for 10 days. I'm Cathy, a 23 year old student and I live in New York city. There's a second option by the way: If you want a few messages (3 max.) on your profile to make somone jealous that's also possible, just send me the message(s) and the facebook-link! byebye!x (I don't! do any promotional stuff!

She's got competition though. Fiverr user leite686 (pictured top-right) has an ad titled "I will be your facebook girlfriend for 7 days for $5" with a slightly different description:

I can be your Facebook girlfriend for 7 days. My name is Victoria im a model and i have many talents such as singing acting and dancing you can choose from many of the pictures i have on facebook to be my default. To make anyone jealous i can post only up to 3* wallpost and 3* facebook inbox messages for 5.00 extra. You get one free wallpost letter or note with this purchase though.

At the time of writing, a quick search for "facebook girlfriend" on the site showed that there were 156 such ads on the site in total. Will these women just take your money and run or will they actually do what they say? Are those real pictures of said women or is there just a bot behind them making money for someone else by using fake Facebook accounts?

A broader search for just "facebook" gave me 8,311 results, most of which are poorly written like the ones above, and offer sketchy deals in exchange for your money. I think a fair share of these just take your money and run, but most probably really do give you what you want, in the hopes that you'll get hooked and come back for more.

In my eyes, most of these offers are part of a larger spamming business, but hey, if you really want to waste your money, I guess it is just $5. You may even get that fake girlfriend you want so badly!

I have contacted Facebook to see if the company is planning to look into these ads and will update you if I hear back.

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  • RE: Get a Facebook girlfriend for just $5

  • I could swear I've seen these on Facebook itself...

    ...on the right where the ads are in your profile.
  • I could swear I've seen these on Facebook itself...

    Sorry. Double post.
  • RE: Get a Facebook girlfriend for just $5

    You're not paying for a Facebook girlfriend, you're paying for someone else to do the work of creating a fake Facebook account with some chicks photos. This is stupid.
  • 7 days? 10 days? Just long enough to...

    ...enjoy her company before discovering her self-created drama and bitchiness.
    Hatestone Johnson
  • I dunno man, in a globalized world

    Surely there are fake girlfriends in China and India who would do the same for less than one dollar.
  • vice versa

    The poster of these adds be it one person or many, should be so lucky as to have a fake assuming connection with my facebook profile and the mere opportunity (not obligation) of uttering my name in a sentence referencing themselves.
  • RE: Get a Facebook girlfriend for just $5

    Who is going to believe this? The whole thing looks like a scam.<br><br>Lots of dating websites are also big scams. Be careful, people!

    Check it out on to read the scams I have listed.
  • $5 so they can hoard your private info

    So you pay this bogus accounts, probably owned by gents or gays, with beautiful profile pics, so they can hoard your personal info and spam your inbox with ad weeks later?
  • Fiverr? this site is only good for things like this :D

    This is some thing really funny, lol!
    I used its capable competitor site,! Much better than Fiverr in all the aspects.
    Shamous John
  • Great solution

    This is interesting how to find girlfriend.