Google more popular than Apple, Facebook, Twitter

Google more popular than Apple, Facebook, Twitter

Summary: Google has been voted the most popular technology brand in a recent poll. Apple took silver, Facebook got bronze, and Twitter didn't get a medal. Do you agree with the results?


Google is king of tech brands. 82 percent of Americans express a favorable opinion of Google overall, and 53 percent, express a "strongly" favorable opinion of the world's leading search engine. Meanwhile, 74 percent see Apple favorably and 37 percent are strong devotees. In the social networking space, 58 percent of Americans express an overall favorable opinion of Facebook and 34 percent do the same for Twitter.

The data comes from a poll sponsored by ABC News and Washington Post, but executed by Langer Research. The survey was conducted between March 28 and April 1, 2012, by calling a random national sample of 1,007 adults. Results have a margin of sampling error of 3.5 points.

As you can see in the chart above, just 10 percent of Americans haven't formed a basic opinion of Google (and 29 percent of seniors), while 14 percent have no opinion of Apple and Facebook alike. Twitter is less well known, with 31 percent unready to express an opinion of it, or 51 percent of seniors.

Favorability of Google and Apple peaks among people with household incomes of $100,000 or more; 93 and 91 percent express favorable opinions, respectively. Among those under age 30, Google maintains 92 percent favorability, while Apple is at 81 percent. Both are more popular among college graduates (88 and 84 percent) than the other two (a still-impressive 79 and 70 percent). Google is viewed "strongly" favorably by 66 percent of the more affluent, Apple by 60 percent. Among young adults, though, this widens to a 34-point gap in Google's favor.

Facebook's popularity also peaks among young adults, at 76 percent. It's got a particularly sharp drop-off among senior citizens; just 34 percent of adults age 65 and over see it favorably, while 33 percent of seniors view the company unfavorably. There's also an ideological gap: 70 percent of liberals have a favorable opinion of Facebook, compared with 55 percent of moderates and 54 percent of conservatives. Facebook is seen favorably by 63 percent of women versus 53 percent of men.

Twitter has a similar gap, 39 percent for women and 28 percent for men. Even among young adults, Twitter is seen favorably by just 42 percent, and unfavorably by 43 percent. Among seniors its positive rating drops to 18 percent; while 30 percent in this group see it unfavorably.

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  • Isn't it Obvious?

    To GOOGLE is a verb.

    "Appling", "Facebooking"?

    Tweeting is what birds do, pick away (from wisdom and principle), one small-talk worm at a time.

    Google is simultaneously employing complex technology with biz skill & Philosophy (Philo Sophia - Son of Wisdom), increasingly AVOIDING mere small-talk, thus establishing itself as THE GO-TO for the upcoming 4th-Layer-of-Wisdom (lit. white field; error-free realm) operators, who tend to think from above.
    • Apple is the only that is not a mail or social network in the list

      So this company being that high is incredible.
      • Errr....

        Because fanbois & fangurls would never say anything negative about their [other] religion.
  • I don't text, Google, and or Tweet.

    I have a facebook account but after the initial fun using it for a bit I grew tired of it and rarely visit anymore. I use Yahoo to search. What I found interesting is Twitters unfavorable marks are higher than it's favorable and I get the impression that it is used a lot so what gives there?

    Pagan jim
    James Quinn
  • Google is not a technology company.

    Google is an ADVERTISING company.
    Doesn't what you derive your revenue from define what kind of a company you are?
    More than 95% of Google's revenue is from selling ads. The sole purpose of their "technology" is to collect user data and get eyeballs and clicks on their targeted ads.
    Google's popularity is because of all of their "free" stuff. Keep in mind what you're giving them in exchange for their "free" goodies.
    • Correct.

      Facebook and Twitter are no different.
      • True enough. They're not really "technology" either.

        But they don't try to pretend they're a tech company quite as much as Google does. They're just basically sites.
    • If technology encompasses software, including OSes and applications,

      then, by all means, Google and Facebook and Twitter are all technology companies. Furthermore, Google has entered into the hardware side of technology with the purchase of Motorola Mobility.
    • Huh

      So what is Google [the search engine], Gmail, and even the pathetic Google+?
  • Of course!

    They run the premiere search engine...

    They make one of the most popular browsers...

    They make the moat popular Mobile OS...

    They Own YouTube...

    Google Maps Sets the Standard for GPS and Mapping Software...

    There adwords campaign is huge and makes people a lot of money...

    I would be surprised if GMail weren't the top freemail client...

    Basically, Google has failings as does Apple but the two companies have a lot more success than failures. I think putting Microsoft and HP in the list wouldn't have been impacted in the least.
  • Not a surprise

    When I do most things on the internet, "Google It!" is the common most used process.

    Apple is a love/hate relationship
    Facebook is good but.....
    and Twitter..... no use.
  • Google is a great company

    Google is a great company, a next Apple.
    Google is the number one website since a long time ago:
  • RE: Interested in other segments

    Want to results in more segments like religion, political etc especially how Apple is viewed by progressives and tea party types. I am of the view that most Apple "fanboys" voted for Obama and "haters" McCain. But my opinion comes from anecdotal evidence (Apple and Obama "haters call them "elitist" Jobs "hippie" background etc) I am curious to learn the truth from legitimate data.
    • Hmmm....

      If I remember right, I think Jobs was leaning more towards the GOP.