Reminder: All Facebook Pages getting Timeline tomorrow

Reminder: All Facebook Pages getting Timeline tomorrow

Summary: All Facebook Pages will get the new Timeline design on Friday March 30, 2012 at 11:00 AM PST. Page administrators that haven't started adding Timeline-specific content should do so asap.


Update: All Facebook Pages get Timeline

Facebook is reminding all Page administrators of tomorrow's Timeline update. Late last month, Facebook announced Timeline for Pages and started rolling out the update. While Timeline is mandatory, Page administrators have had about a month to curate their Page before the new design goes live for everyone on Friday.

Here is Facebook's message to Page administrators:

Reminder! Tomorrow starting at 11am PST we will begin to migrate Pages who have not upgraded yet to the new Timeline format. If you admin one of those Pages, you still have time to get your Page ready by adding a cover photo, milestones, etc. before tomorrow! Check out these tips from other Page admins:

You should also check out and the new eight-page Facebook Pages guide (PDF).

Facebook is highlighting the following new Page features:

  • Cover Photo: Businesses and organizations can now add a cover photo to the top of their Page.
  • Friend Activity: When someone first visits a Page, they may see friends' recent posts spotlighted as friend activity. People will also see how many of their friends are connected to a Page.
  • Larger Stories, Milestones, and Page Timeline: The new Page design allows Page owners to tell stories through bigger photos and milestones that can include a date and other content.
  • Pinned Posts: Organizations can pin a post to keep a story at the top of a Page for up to seven days.
  • Admin Panel: The Admin panel is a new way for Page administrators to track their performance and to respond to private messages from people (Facebook started testing Private Messages for Pages two months ago).
  • Activity Log: Page administrators have access to a log of their Page activity, including tools to easily highlight, hide or delete posts and change the date of a post.

Two months ago, Facebook started rolling out Timeline to all its users. Facebook has yet to give a date for when Timeline for profiles will be pushed out to everyone.

Update: All Facebook Pages get Timeline

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  • but i dont want timeline and its a waste of time

    but i dont want timeline and its a waste of time

    In addition to my designing my own Landing Page I now loose all my work for nothing cause of the greed of FACEBOOKS new way of tripling their income by violating peoples privacy.

    Truthfully left right right right left left zigzag design by idiots who cant keep it simple and organized. Like everything else who cares about the users attitude.

    Well I guess IPO fever has blindsided the young CEO and he cares less about the users as long as its wallet fulfillment. Facebook cant even secure things properly, fix well known issues and they are gonna just shove something down everyone's throats way to go.

    It's also bad enough they never truthfully close your account or let you totally delete something cause they will bring it back for timeline. Deception to the users and people who only want a simple daily blog post and communication with certain people. No let's make everything everyone's business.

    Also Google's changes, Yahoo's Changes, Windows Changes, etc too much already! Whats wrong with keeping things SIMPLE?
    • Create your own Social Network...!

      Create your own Social Network then you won't have to put up with their BS...
    • Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc., do whatever they want -

      Facebook, Google, Microsoft, do whatever they want - you can take it or leave it, but they simply don't care. They are like governments, universities, corporations, religions, hospitals, etc. ... they are not in it for you .. they are in it for themselves, their own agenda and their own profit. At this point in time why does any one expect anything different?
  • so true

    I posted some photos to my picasa album yesterday. Google forced this facial identification thing on me which I had to cancel and then it asked me which circles I wanted to share the album with. NONE!!!

    Google continued to push this stuff on me for ever group of photos I uploaded!!!

    The truth is, companies benefit from sharing and tagging. Information is useless to them unless meaningful data accompanies it. They are out to get you to share as much as possible and give meaning to it as much as possible so they can sell you more targeted ads. It has become crazy.
  • Very Displeased

    Just who / what does this move pander to? From a user standpoint, this Facebook decision can be described in a single four-letter word that does not = 'Nice'.
  • Deleting my account

    I hate the layout, as soon as it changes I am deleting my account.
  • Left right left right left right left right. Is this a marching band?

    ----Tagged Posts

    If this gives you a headache, then imagine how users feel.
  • Don't be fooled

    It is now April 4, 2012 and I still don't have it nor can I view a green link to download it onto my page boooooo.
  • Facebook Timeline

    Great article about the new Facebook Timeline, we have written something similar to this on our blog.
  • Countless number of Facebook pages ruined

    Timeline has apparently taken a vertical slice right through the center of every Facebook-based page on the web.

    ???Facebook Pages are now used in a number of different ways to represent businesses and organizations, public figures, bands, and more. For the last several years, they have been the primary tool for those entities and people to have a presence on Facebook,??? explains the company itself about its original page feature.

    Yet I looked at several Facebook pages tonight, finding that no one is exempt. I found what appeared to be the previously well-constructed pages of banks, lawyers, pizzerias, advocacy groups, libraries, politicians, as well as some prominent recording artists had been completely destroyed.

    This was an ill-conceived way of introducing a new feature. What they should have done instead is offered Timeline itself as a new free-standing application.

    I suppose that the big execs who should have been overseeing the transition were too busy standing in anticipation of counting the money they'd be making in the company's recent stock offering.