Retailers value Google+ more than Facebook, Twitter

Retailers value Google+ more than Facebook, Twitter

Summary: Retailers are embracing Google+ faster than Facebook or Twitter, at least when it comes to social plugins. Google's +1 button is already more popular than Facebook's and Twitter's buttons.


Google's +1 button is reportedly more popular than Facebook's Like button and Twitter's Tweet button, at least amongst retailers. In other words, when it comes to social plugins, Google+ is already embedded on more retail websites than Facebook or Twitter.

The new finding comes from Darren Herman, chief digital officer at The Media Kitchen, a media planning and buying advertising agency. Herman worked with Evidon, which tracks online ad tags, and found that across 20 popular e-commerce destinations, the social plugins were implemented as follows: Google+ (45 percent), Facebook (40 percent), Twitter (15 percent), and AddThis (15 percent).

Here are the 20 e-commerce websites that were tracked: Best Buy, CouponCabin, Sports Authority, LL Bean, Gap, Dicks Sporting Goods, Bed Bath & Beyond, SVPPLY,, Modells, Zappos, Old Navy, Disney, Target, Walmart, Gilt, Sears, Amazon, NewEgg, and Piperlime. This is no fluke; these are big names and they undoubtedly took a lot of time and resources to make sure they were making the sensible choice when choosing which social networking button to embed.

Six months ago, Facebook plugins were the most used, but the Google +1 button had already passed Twitter's various buttons. I would guess Facebook is still first today, but only when considering all types of websites, and its lead may not last for much longer.

So, why is Google+ already winning with retailers? Well, by adding +1 buttons to their websites, businesses can potentially improve their Google search ranking. That's something that Facebook, Twitter, and every other social network simply can't offer.

Google's +1 button tells Google that you like what you see. On Google+, the action can show up in your stream, but on Google, it could also improve a given website's ranking. For retailers, being higher up on the search results page can be crucial, so they'll do anything to increase their chances with Google.

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  • Cross selling and vertical markets

    Not surprising. This is a function of cross selling. Google is the leader in advertising. It is a trivial opportunity for Google to upsell their retail customers in adopting the +1 button to their existing clients. Facebook does not have this presence. Google's established advertising customer base is a daunting challenge for Facebook, but is not a barrier to entry. This is something that Facebook can easily overcome with greater committment to expanding their sales force.
    Your Non Advocate
  • RE: Retailers value Google+ more than Facebook, Twitter

    G+ is dead.
    • RE: Retailers value Google+ more than Facebook, Twitter

      @vivianvein Says who? Chapulin colorado?
    • RE: Retailers value Google+ more than Facebook, Twitter

      What? G+ is dead? Or you are dead on G+?
      I have close to 1000 friends in my circles already and they are still growing, I guess R U still in day dreaming.
  • RE: Retailers value Google+ more than Facebook, Twitter

    And yet, there's still not a +1 button for ZDNet.
    • RE: Retailers value Google+ more than Facebook, Twitter

      Yes there is. Scroll up.
  • How does this figure? All these retailers had FB and twitter buttons before

    google+ even existed. I can see them adding g+ in less time but that again goes back to search ranking, not any valuation of g+
    Johnny Vegas
    • RE: Retailers value Google+ more than Facebook, Twitter

      @Johnny Vegas +1 = Google+ users = Google+ = We can clearly states who is doing the captain tinfoil script here.
    • I agree. It took retailers a while to see the value in adding like buttons

      @Johnny Vegas
      to their sites, so now that they see what it can do, of course they'll take whatever comes along.

      The headline makes it sound like they where waiting for the +1 button, instead it's really all about Facebook showing them why they should add social media concepts to their sites.
      William Farrel
  • RE: Retailers value Google+ more than Facebook, Twitter

    Stats based on just 20 sites...what a boat load of crap...
    • RE: Retailers value Google+ more than Facebook, Twitter

      @owlnet I bet it is, since you don't like G+ rising no!? Suit yourself.
    • How did I miss that

      @owlnet The Brightedge numbers article that Emil originally quotes as evidence of Facebook's demise was a sample of 10,000 sites compared to 20. I missed that vital detail. Let's look at Brightedge's numbers and see what they are today.
      Your Non Advocate
  • Errrr......

    Problem is for retailers that there are 800 million users on Facebook. I don't think Google+ even hit 100 million. That's like advertising a Mac-only application on TV. You are not reaching everyone and 93% of the population won't care anyways.
  • They better start that IPO soon

    Zuckerburg will want to start this IPO soon so he get the max amount of money. Stories like these are not good. There will be a concerted effort from Facebook's PR team to limit exposure to these blogs/articles get in the lead to the IPO.