The Social Network won three Oscars, out of eight

The Social Network won three Oscars, out of eight

Summary: The Social Network won three awards at the 83rd Oscar Academy Awards, out of the eight that it was nominated for.


The Social Network, an entertaining but inaccurate recounting of the origins of Facebook, did not storm the Oscars the same way the website has stormed the Internet. Still, it won three out of the eight awards it was nominated for at the 83rd Oscar Academy Awards. While it did not grab the grand prize of Best Picture, three Oscars is definitely more than any movie about computer geeks has ever managed to earn.

The Social Network picked up these three Oscar Awards: Best Film Editing by the dynamic duo Angus Wall and Kirk Baxter, Best Adapted Screenplay by American screenwriter, producer and playwright Aaron Sorkin, and Best Original Score by singer-songwriter, composer, and producer Trent Reznor. Here are the five it did not win: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Actor. Both Inception and The King's Speech won one more award than The Social Network did.

Facebook initially attempted to attack The Social Network (and the book it was based on, The Accidental Billionaires by Ben Mezrich). Eventually, however, the company decided to spin the PR in a positive way, and merely called the movie fiction, which it is. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly took some employees to go see the film, said he hoped it would inspire other youngsters to pursue careers in computer science, and even appeared alongside Jesse Eisenberg (the actor that portrayed him) in an episode of Saturday Night Live.

The voters in the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences clearly thought the movie was quite good, but they were not impressed enough to declear it number one. Have you seen it, and if you have, what did you think?

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  • RE: The Social Network won three Oscars, out of eight

    I was just a click away from deleting my FB account after watching the movie...
  • RE: The Social Network won three Oscars, out of eight

    That movie was a little overrated. It was a good story and all but I didn't really see it being oscar worthy. Jesse Eisenberg talks too fast, not just in that movie but in others as well.
    Loverock Davidson
  • A Saturday night movie, that's all

    The Social Network was just a Saturday night movie (that's the kind of movie where you get to Saturday night, and your significant other says "what do you want to do tonight?" and you say "I dunno, I guess let's go to a movie, what's playing?". So you look up the listing and there's The Social Network.
    It was one step above the "Hey look what's on the shelves at Blockbuster! Oh yeah, I forgot to go see that movie when it was in the theaters".
    It was not an Oscar worthy movie (that is two steps up from the Saturday night movie category). There were no amazing performances, nothing groundbreaking in production, nothing memorable in story. About the only thing memorable for me on Sunday morning (after the Saturday night movie) was Eisenberg's line about the other attorney getting the minimal amount of his attention.
  • RE: The Social Network won three Oscars, out of eight

    While I nominally liked the movie, I was very disappointed to learn later that it was knowingly factually inaccurate. Granted, such movies must take some license to fill-in unknowable details and to make the story a viable movie. But to knowingly distort material events does everyone a grave disservice. The fact is that many people will come away thinking that is what really happened. Not so.
  • RE: The Social Network won three Oscars, out of eight

    The film was boring. two hours of my life I'll never get back. I'm amazed it won ANY awards...
  • This article is my nominee for the most useless ZDNet Blog ever...