Tumblr integrates with Facebook Timeline, News Feed, Ticker

Tumblr integrates with Facebook Timeline, News Feed, Ticker

Summary: Tumblr has friended Facebook. The micro-blogging service now integrates very closesly with the social network: your posts can be automatically shared on your Timeline, News Feed, and Ticker.


Tumblr today announced some serious Facebook features thanks to some good old Open Graph goodness. The micro-blogging service now allows you to share your posts on Facebook more easily thanks to integration into the social network's Timeline, News Feed, and Ticker.

Here are the three new options:

  • Toggle "Send to Facebook" when posting.
  • Share Replies on your Facebook Timeline.
  • Share Likes on your Facebook Timeline. (They even get lumped together so they're not overwhelming!)

The new options are available in your blog settings. If your blog is already connected to Facebook, you'll be automatically prompted to upgrade and get the new features. They are of course optional: if you don't want your Tumblr to have anything to do with Facebook, you don't have to connect the two.

The result of being able to automatically share your post to these three Facebook areas should result in more referral traffic for Tumblr blogs. Many companies that have built Open Graph apps have seen more traffic coming from Facebook as users engage more with the content beings shared on the social network.

This is a smart move by Tumblr, not because it didn't already support Facebook, but because the way in which it did cluttered the social network. Now Tumblr users can share their content on Facebook without worrying they are spamming their friends. If you ask me, Twitter needs to do something along the same lines.

Last week, Tumblr surpassed 20 billion posts and 50 billion blogs, meaning it doubled in size in just six months. You can see the numbers for yourself on Tumblr's about page: tumblr.com/about.

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  • I'm not so sure

    I connected my Tumblr to Facebook, and now posts just appear in a tiny rectangle under my "Activity" rather than before, when it was a whole post that appeared on my timeline wall like a status.

    This has resulted in less traffic and doesn't even appear on my or others' news feeds. I don't get it. I liked how they were connected before -- that gave me adequate traffic, but now it's so hard to tell when I've posted on Tumblr.

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