UK police arrests 10 more over Facebook posts inciting riots

UK police arrests 10 more over Facebook posts inciting riots

Summary: 10 more men have been arrested in connection with messages they posted on Facebook allegedly encouraging people to riot in the UK.


Scotland Yard vowed to track down and arrest protesters who posted "really inflammatory, inaccurate" messages on Facebook, but it didn't stop at just two people. While two teenagers were arrested this week in connection with messages posted on Facebook allegedly encouraging people to start rioting, 10 more have now joined them, according to the BBC.

Two are from St Leonards-on-Sea. 27-year-old Nathan Sinden, who is alleged to have posted Facebook messages encouraging criminal damage and burglary, has been remanded in custody. Arrested on Wednesday, he appeared before Hastings Magistrates' Court this morning. An 18-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of making threats to kill. He has been freed on police bail until August 22.

Two men from Lancashire have been charged after allegedly posting messages encouraging disorder on Facebook. 25-year-old Christopher Schofield and 19-year-old Warren Calvert have been charged with intentionally encouraging or assisting in the commission of an either way offence, believing it would be committed. Schofield was bailed to appear before Burnley Magistrates' Court on August 15 and Calvert is due at Lancaster Magistrates' Court on August 25.

Cheshire police say a 24-year-old man from Runcorn, a 22-year-old man from Warrington, and a 16-year-old boy from Macclesfield were also arrested on Wednesday and remanded in custody. The three will appear before magistrates today, accused of inciting public disorder through postings on Facebook and other social networks.

In Guernsey, three men were accused of misusing Facebook. They were charged and bailed for allegedly trying to use the social network to incite a riot, which is an offence under the island's telecommunications law.

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  • RE: UK police arrests 10 more over Facebook posts inciting riots

    Anyone else notice that these are all dudes? Do the British women have a problem with expressing their passion for breaking, burning and pilfering?
    • RE: UK police arrests 10 more over Facebook posts inciting riots

      @dbisse@... There are plenty of females in the riots. Check The Mail Online at:
    • I guess they're just brighter !


      Thank goodness some have some sense, or maybe it's just acknowledging that women always get off lightly and it's just not worth the effort arresting them I uspect it's the latter :-)
  • I'm glad to see some of the effers being brought to book

    Those scum have nothing but a blatant disregard for our society and deserve a good kicking. It's been funny watching them whining as they get dragged out their homes, after the doors been kicked in. They seem to lose their sense of justice when it affects them rather thean the rest of us.

    Go get the scum and hit them hard. UK nationals - jail em. Others, jail em then send them to their homeland. And I've no beef with anyone.... just get the scum dealt with.
  • Isn't Facebook a world-wide data application?

    So, are there FB users from other countries "inciting" Brits to riot? Is there something or anything being done to them? If this was happening to the U.S., the President would just declare them enemies of the state and order a hit squad, or a CIA drone attack to take them out.
  • RE: UK police arrests 10 more over Facebook posts inciting riots

    These rioters are nothing more than selfindulgent slugs that parasitize the British economy and are throwing a temper-tantrum because the government took their "allowance" away.
    I expect to see similar riots here in the U.S. in less than two years when Congress finally gets the courage to cut some of the "entitlements".
    • I will stick my neck out ...

      ... and say copycat behavior is less likely in the US because our cops don't mess about with half measures. And the UK has noticed:

      "We should be looking beyond our shores to learn the lessons from others who have faced similar problems," Cameron said.

      He would look to cities such as Boston for inspiration, and mentioned former Los Angeles, New York and Boston police chief William Bratton as an adviser.
    • RE: UK police arrests 10 more over Facebook posts inciting riots

      @JTF243@... When Congress gets the courage? How about the Cogressmen and Senators getting their entitlements cut? It used to be, that they had regular jobs they went back too when they were done meeting.

      Now they vote themselves raises, have better retirements and health plans than some top ceo's....