Users look at Facebook and Google+ the same way

Users look at Facebook and Google+ the same way

Summary: An eye-tracking study has found that Facebook users and Google+ users look at their respective social networks in almost the exact same way.


EyeTrackShop recently conducted an eye-tracking study of 54 individuals comparing their use of Facebook and Google+. It essentially found that Facebook users and Google+ users read their homepage in almost the exact same way.

As you can see in the image above (via All Things Digital), both Facebook and Google+ users begin by examining the main column where all the content is located. They then jump to the left-hand column (list of categories) before settling on the right-hand column (alerts and extras) as they scan the less important parts of the page. Not only is the order almost identical between the two social networks, but so is the amount of time spent reading each section.

The study also found that at approximately five seconds into their session, 50 percent of participants dedicated one second of their time to at least one Facebook ad. When the same ads were overlaid on Google+, the users responded similarly.

In short, Google did a very good job ripping off Facebook's design. You could also say that Facebook users are not that different form Google+ users, despite what the latter may insist.

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  • what?

    this is like saying "Almost all pen users hold their pens that same way that they hold their pencils". You have two different tools that look/work the same. Just out of repetition, you would expect the same habits. Why is this news?
  • RE: Users look at Facebook and Google the same way

    The only difference is: Google+ is better than Facebook. As soon as all of my friends move to Google+, I will stop using that facebook crap.
  • How are is anyone soposta know

    How are, is anyone soposta know they are spying with their consent? Will it be buried down in a 5 page EULA that we must find on some hidden page to opt-out? Must everyone now block there web cams in fear of being spying upon by advertisers and unscrupulous web sites now too?? Sorry but i just don't trust anyone on the web and they have earned that distrust> Cover your web cams people we are being invaded.