Warner Bros. offers five more movies on Facebook

Warner Bros. offers five more movies on Facebook

Summary: Warner Bros. has added five more movies to its Facebook arsenal: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Inception, Life as We Know It, and Yogi Bear.


Warner Bros. Digital Distribution (WBDD) has expanded its test offering of streaming movies for rental on Facebook (unfortunately, it's still limited to US users). Starting today at 10:00 PM PST (1:00 AM tomorrow EST), consumers will be able to rent five additional titles directly through each film's official Facebook Page using Facebook Credits. Here are the five additions:

  • Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • Inception
  • Life as We Know It
  • Yogi Bear

To rent a film, consumers simply need to click on the Watch Now icon to apply their Facebook Credits. Rentals mean fans have full control over the film while watching it through their Facebook account for up to 48 hours after the purchase. They can choose to watch it in full screen, pause the movie, and can resume playing it when they log back into Facebook. Consumers still have full Facebook functionality while watching, including the ability to post comments on the movie, interact with friends, and update their status.

"We're pleased to expand our test with a variety of titles that will appeal to a broad audience," Thomas Gewecke, President of WBDD, said in a statement. "These titles have substantial followings on Facebook. The Fan Pages for 'Harry Potter' and 'Inception' alone are two of the most popular and active communities on the site."

Earlier this month, WBDD launched its test of streaming movies for rent on Facebook with The Dark Knight. At the time, the company promised more movies would become available for both rental and purchase "on a regular basis over the coming months."

The first update was today. I will keep you posted on further updates, including when you'll be able to buy movies on the social network. As a Canadian, I am particularly interested in seeing when this test offering goes international.

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  • RE: Warner Bros. offers five more movies on Facebook

    The fact Warner bros. is doing anything in conjunction with facebook makes WB a company i would no longer do any business with or be a customer of. Facebook equals a company to avoid.
    • RE: Warner Bros. offers five more movies on Facebook

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  • Where will I watch?

    I don't have the ability to access Facebook from my TV set. Will I be stuck sitting in front of a computer watching these movies?

    No thanks. I'll stick with Netflix, which I can stream through my Wii.
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