Zuckerberg: 500 million daily active users on Facebook

Zuckerberg: 500 million daily active users on Facebook

Summary: Facebook has announced a new milestone: 500 million daily active users.


At its 2011 f8 developer conference, Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg today announced that Facebook hit a new milestone: half a billion people used Facebook in one day. That's right: 500 million users logged onto Facebook in 24 hours.

Let's put that into perspective for a second. Just two months ago, Facebook confirmed it had over 750 million monthly active users (update: actually, it's 800 million). Now it's at 500 million daily active users.

The next official number will likely be 1 billion users. After that milestone, the next one will be passing India, and then China. If Facebook was a country, it would be the world's third largest, by population.

Plenty of websites only report cumulative users, which does not take into account inactive accounts. Facebook's user count metric is much better as it is defined as a user who has logged in within the last 30 days (or in today's case: one day). This does not eliminate the issue of one person having multiple accounts, and that's why the social networking giant bans 20,000 accounts per day.

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  • RE: Zuckerberg: 500 million daily active users on Facebook

    take There's a sucker born every minute X 500,000,000 and we get Facebook.
  • 500 million X $0.00 = 10 billion

    Hmmm... I just looked at my facebook and I don't see anything that makes money. Who is paying these guys the billions of dollars that this company is supposedly worth? Who has a FB account that they pay for? Does it look different than mine? Do companies like JVC or Yahoo Autos have to pay money for their pages? I can't believe data mining is worth any where near what they and others claim their value is.
    Reminds me of AOL back in the day. They didn't bother asking the actual users of AOL's dailup because they'd have gotten answers like, I don't want to change my email address. They did have a powerful lobby back then and were against the cable companies not sharing the broadband up until they got bought by one. That shut them up quick.
  • 500m accounts were touched

    Account != Person.

    First off, why believe him? We will never have access to their numbers, nor the way they calculate the numbers. Secondly, what does "used" precisely mean?

    ??? I'd wager that they include accounts that were simply touched through some "like button click"s with a perpetually logged on account, or
    ??? that the account was used as a central sign-on username/pw to access another site, or
    ??? that many of these accounts are non-human based which are used to push metrics.

    We just can't trust what comes out of the ZuckerBorg's mouth.