Baby's got a new name: Social Business

Baby's got a new name: Social Business

Summary: It was only last June that this blog was born and I named it "Feeds". It was a beautiful yet terrifying time of uncertainty.


It was only last June that this blog was born and I named it "Feeds". It was a beautiful yet terrifying time of uncertainty. I knew I wanted to write about social media but I wasn't sure yet what direction the blog would take. I know it would have more of a focus on business than consumer tools and I knew I would have to step up my game and learn a lot. I suppose in retrospect "Feeds" might've been a silly name for a lot of reasons but it was simple -- and the blog name was the least of my worries at the time. The content was my bigger focus.

Fast-forward to the present and the blog has taken a definite direction and almost a life of its own. I do write about some "fluffy" social media stuff for kicks and do consumer-oriented posts for my random "Cool Tools" columns. Yet my passion is really for looking at how businesses use social media (i.e. my Fortune 500 series) and enterprise tech issues regarding social media and security concerns for businesses running enterprise 2.0 applications. It's only fitting that I rename the blog so it actually makes sense.

Now that my baby has an identity, I want to communicate that identity to the world (well, at least to my readers). And that is, "Social Business." It's a term that I've been using since this blog started (so maybe it was already a nickname?) and it's one that's a good descriptor of all of the stories I write about here. Social Business, to me, is the art of assessing your business goals and objectives and only then leveraging the appropriate social media tools and processes to meet said goals and objectives. The URL will stay the same (for the sake of SEO and all of that fun stuff) and the topics will continue to evolve as my education does.

Thanks for being here for the journey. I look forward to learning a lot more from all of you. And, well, working with a name that sticks.

Note to parents: I do not recommend changing an actual child's name as he / she grows up.

Note to readers: If you have me in your blog roll (and THANK YOU if you do) please change this from "Feeds" to "Social Business." I'd appreciate it.

Topics: Browser, Social Enterprise

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  • The name is already taken

    Aren't you worried that your purpose for the name "social business" is not the same thing as the definition that has already been established by a Nobel prize winner, as well as pretty much the world at large? See:
    • Mohammad Yunis and Social Business

      FYI, in case you haven't been following the progress of the idea of Yunus' social business idea over the last few years, here is a YouTube presentation:

      and here is the Amazon presentation of his book that has defined progress in the field over the last 20 years:
  • RE: Baby's got a new name: Social Business

    I like the term, quite useful. I wouldn't worry that other people have used it. Social business may become as commonly used as e-commerce.
  • RE: Baby's got a new name: Social Business

    Congrats on the new name. Were there any other shortlist candidates?

    Given the blog name and focus, I thought you'd be interested in a presentation I gave recently.

    "Outlook vs Twitter: who wins the war inside the enterprise?" (