Comcast really does care (aka how Twitter helped save Nick at Nite)

Comcast really does care (aka how Twitter helped save Nick at Nite)

Summary: It's a little embarrassing for me to admit this, but I go to sleep every night watching Nick at Nite. Loser, right?


Comcast really does care (aka how Twitter helped save Nick at Nite)It's a little embarrassing for me to admit this, but I go to sleep every night watching Nick at Nite. Loser, right? What can I say, I never tire of the antics of Will and Carlton on the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air."

All was fine last night until I dozed off and then awoke about 2 a.m. to an infomercial for the Kiyoseki and what appeared to be a scrolling TV Guide. I couldn't change the channel. I couldn't turn the cable box off. The same thing was going on with the television in the living room. Either my TV had been possessed by a ghost wanting me to have more naturally curly hair or something was amiss with Comcast. I decided to ponder the matter at a more reasonable hour and go back to sleep.

I awoke about four hours later and flipped on the tube, out of curiosity. Same story. This time it was an infomercial for an ab roller but the TV Guide was still there and I still couldn't turn off the cable box in either room. I called Comcast customer service, went through the menu options and just as I was about to reach a representative I was disconnected due to "technical difficulties." After this happened five times I did what any normal person would do...

... I complained on Twitter.

Within minutes of my post and subsequent conversation with my network about my cable woes, Frank Eliason, the man behind @ComcastCares on Twitter, addressed my complaint. He suggested I email his team at for help and agreed that the issue I was experiencing was unacceptable. Within about 30 minutes my issue was resolved, both televisions were working properly, I received an email back from customer service and I had the confidence that Nick at Nite would be waiting for me at bedtime.

It's not just Comcast's quick Twitter response that impressed me. It's not even about how he so quickly found my complaint. It's how Eliason communicated with me and how he appears to communicate with all of the customers he engages. My being impressed with Eliason had more to do with his approach than the fact that he leveraged social media to get there (though I write about social media so, of course, I think it's cool). Every time Eliason engages with a customer he appears to do three very important things:

  • Acknowledges the issue
  • Apologizes for the issue
  • Offers quick resolution

And, many times, he seems to follow up later with some of these customers to make sure they are still satisfied. This kind of customer care has been largely lost, especially with big cable and telco companies who have entered the monopoly game.

At the start of this process, blurry eyed and just awoken, I considered finally tossing Comcast out and moving onto satellite. But the company's attention today impressed me. I'd read about Comcast and its great customer engagement through the social Web before but this was the first time I experienced it as a consumer.

Well done, Frank. Well done, Comcast.

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  • You are not the only one...

    Fresh Prince is still cool and funny. I did the same as you, but once I started making use of my media center in vista I was watching recorded shows of Inuyasha and Angel to fall asleep. All very good shows
  • RE: Comcast really does care (aka how Twitter helped save Nick at Nite)

    My team and I are always happy to help! As we discussed on
    Twitter, I love Nick at Nite and TV Land too, so I know how
    important they are.

    Frank Eliason
    @ComcastCares on Twitter
  • Does Comcast really care about CableCards?

    Now if you could just convince your company to spend some $ on training technicians on how to install CableCards.... I can't count the number of times that friends have related to me that Comcast came out and could not get a CableCard working in a Tivo. And it's always the same solution offered, "if you go with the Comcast DVR, you won't have these problems." Your company needs to realize that HD Tivos work ONLY with cable (or over-the-air) and NOT with satellite. So, if you help a customer set up the CableCard(s) properly, you've probably got a customer for a lonnnnnng time. With the Comcast DVR, they can still drop you guys in a heartbeat.... Thanks.
  • RE: Comcast really does care (aka how Twitter helped save Nick at Nite)

    Frank addressed my complaint to Comcast recently as well, Jennifer, and I've also been impressed with the work of Frank and his team.

    And as good fortune would have it, I'll be meeting and speaking with Frank on a MarketingProfs Digital Mixer with Frank next month. We'll be talking about best practices in microblogging, and Frank certainly will have plenty of success stories to share. A certain case of a customer who had trouble watching Nick at Nite comes to mind ...

    --Bryan Person
    LiveWorld social media evangelist
  • RE: Comcast really does care (aka how Twitter helped save Nick at Nite)

    Good for Comcast here, but one shouldn't have to go to a niche web application to get good service!
  • RE: Comcast really does care (aka how Twitter helped save Nick at Nite)

    Frank's team is truly extraordinary. His group is the tip of the iceberg and part of a major investment Comcast is making to improve the customer experience.

    With as many transactions as we process each day, we still fumble a few, but the goal is to listen, learn and improve. Frank's group models that behavior and we're proud to have them in the family.

    Scott Westerman
    Vice President
    • Not to beat a dead horse,

      but please improve the CableCard "experience". I am the de facto Tivo/Comcast "liaison" for my friends and family, and I can tell you this is one area where Comcast could improve by LEAPS AND BOUNDS. Train your people, and stop letting them say that Tivo does not work or does not work well with Comcast. It took me a few days to get Comcast to correctly initialize my CableCard one year ago, and it's worked great ever since....
  • RE: Comcast really does care (aka how Twitter helped save Nick at Nite)

    Sure influentials like Jennifer here and Jon d'Dooce get their problems fixed likitysplit. Meanwhile the rest of us continue to deal -- sans Comcastic response -- with multi-years' old bugs in the DVR software, DVR and system software that was designed by know-it-all geeks and which still in no-way involve the actual users, network drop outs that "customer service" can't see and thus don't exist until n calls are received, customer service in department title only that is bored and callous.

    Come on Comcast; stop goofing off with Twitter and just fix it.
    • We are happy to help

      We have helped many people, not just well known bloggers and the best part is you do not need to blog, just email us. Beyond this effort, we are also working to improve the overall experience for our Customer. We do hope that soon you will see that!

      Frank Eliason
  • RE: Comcast really does care (?) .. (still no HDNet)

    Hey if Comcast really did care, they would't have taken away HDNet from everyone in the southeast when Comcast took over all the Adelphia accounts.

    It's not how many stations you get, it should be the quality of those that you do!

    It' all about the money. No pride or customer service. If it sounds complicated to them, they just disconnect the call. Service techs with little to no training and limited field equipment to go around. (West Palm Beach, FL)