Facebook IPO: The Amazing Kreskin predicts 'dramatic new turn'

Facebook IPO: The Amazing Kreskin predicts 'dramatic new turn'

Summary: Legendary mentalist The Amazing Kreskin has shared his predictions and intuitions on the future of Facebook post IPO.


It seems like I am not the only person who has had a couple of doubts about the Facebook IPO over the past few weeks.

Credit: Sanjay Acharya

Credit: Sanjay Acharya

Legendary mentalist The Amazing Kreskin has shared his predictions and intuitions on the future of Facebook post IPO.

Kreskin, born George Joseph Kresge Jr. is a mind reader, psychic and entertainer. He became popular on American TV in the 1970’s with his TV show ’The Amazing World of Kreskin’.

The show claimed to show evidence of the powers of Extra Sensory Perception (ESP). He makes predictions, but he does not like to be thought of as a psychic.

Kreskin made a prediction that there would be a mass UFO sighting over Las Vegas on June 6th 2002. He promised to donate $50,000 to charity if there was no sighting that evening.

Hundreds of people camped out but were disappointed when the UFOs did not appear.

For Facebook, post IPO, Kreskin reckons that there is "a cloud hanging over the Facebook scene". He calls it "The symbolic curse of Facebook":

“There is no question that when the fury quiets down, Facebook’s execs will be quite embarrassed and their credibility for future endeavours will be questioned. There will be even greater suspicion and an even greater amount of distrust toward Mark Zuckerberg.

The general public must realize that while a person may be a genius, no matter what the area, it does not guarantee that the same individual has any real common sense".

Kreskin has received international recognition for his predictions about world affairs and offers to help other celebrities. In April he offered to help Tiger Woods bring his mental game back to its former glory. So far Woods has not taken Kreskin up on his offer of help.

He has also predicted that the students of LeRoy High School in New York would be ‘completely healed’ within three months. Since February some students at the school have been affected by ‘tics’, similar to Tourette's syndrome.

So what about the future for Facebook? Kreskin says:

"I do not see Facebook’s future being in the same condition, state, or with the same image or persona that it possesses today. If it survives, I predict a dramatic new turn which may not have the same face or recognition as we know it now.

One or perhaps two other figures will partner in the organization, whose presence is not seen or known at this time.”

Kreskin reckons that there were problems too in the way that Morgan Stanley handled the flotation.  "There was a broken link within the organisation and all this could have been avoided" he said. "The Facebook IPO has become an albatross"

He did not buy any shares at IPO. He felt that the shares were "not right for the average person" as they were "too gold an opportunity". It is not all bad news for Facebook's share price though.

Kreskin reckons that Facebook's stock price will level off in 10 days to so that small business investors and the "average person" can then take advantage of the shares. Facebook is not in its final decline either.

Kreskin predicts that in six years from now "Facebook will not be the same business. It will be a dramatic change but Facebook will still be around".

Hopefully, Mark Zuckerberg can take some comfort from that.

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    Please implement a way to block articles from certain writers. I don't want to see articles writen by Eileen Brown in the news and blog section. This article is to tech news what much music is to music.
    • You bought shares didn't you ?

      at USD 42
  • In other words, he read the news ?

    I am not psychic nor have any ESP power. However, I am able to "predict" that Greek economy is in troubles. I predict that Roland Garros tournament which is playing now, after the second round, there will be a third round. Back in the IT area, I predict that the future Windows 8, when it is released, if the success is not explosive in the first 3 months, then it will likely that its success will be mild.

    Well you know what I meant ... If Mr Kreskin is that good, please impress me with something nobody knows like proving whether the Higgs particle exist or not in quantum mechanics or predicting the cure of genetics deseases. If not then his BS is worthless.
    • He always claimed to have no ESP powers of any knid

      instead telling the audience that it was a trick.
      Tim Cook
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