New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

Summary: Facebook announced that today is the day that it will start rolling out its new site to all of its 100 million users. According to the social network more than 30 million people are already using the new layout, which has brought about protests from other users.


Facebook announced that today is the day that it will start rolling out its new site to all of its 100 million users. According to the social network more than 30 million people are already using the new layout, which has brought about protests from other users. Soon the little "back to the old Facebook" frame will disappear from users' pages and we're all going to have to either put up -- or shut up.

In response to the near 800,000 members of the "I Hate the New Facebook" group, a Facebook spokesperson said today:

"We appreciate all of the feedback we have received since we started working on the new design of Facebook. We encourage our users to continue sending us suggestions that will help us make the site even better."

A bit of a soft serve from the social networking giant and it will likely not appease its many users who are against this design switch. However, Facebook's Mark Slee published a blog a few days ago that states why some changes were made and Facebook has offered some tips on how to navigate the new site:

  • Filter Feeds - Check out the most recent and relevant actions from friends on Top Stories or see them as they happen with Live Feed.

  • Customize Tabs - Access to photos, info, and applications with new tabs on the profile page. Create custom tabs for the applications you access most frequently (such as a "Music" tab for iLike).

  • Navigate Faster - Quickly jump to profile, apps, inbox, search, home, and friend updates, through the navigation bar at the top of each page.

  • Participate in Stories - Easily view the top stories generated by riends, comment inline on status updates, and filter which stories you'd like to see more of - whether it's more photos, fewer status updates, or more about a particular person.

  • Publish Content - Post comments, links, photos, music, and videos directly to the Mini Feed or friends' walls with the publisher box.

I'll admit that I am still reluctant to try the new Facebook, but lacking any other choice than to leave the site (which, let's face it, I won't do) I am open to trying some of the above tips to make my experience a bit more worthwhile.

I guess Facebook is listening to its users after all.

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  • Already used to it.

    What's the big deal? I'm already comfortable with the new interface... it's so very similar to the old I don't know what I'd even complain about...

    I'm just glad facebook pages don't look like all the crappy myspace pages.
  • RE: New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

    I think its ok - cleaner less cluttered interface and an end to those annoying three columns
  • RE: New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

    well the new design is not that big of a deal to get used to if you know technology you can fiddle your way through it. Some people are lost, but that's an opportunity for those of us who are good with it to teach them how to use it right.

    The downside is that its opened a hole for some sneaks to put out emails that snatch contacts and that's real pain in the backside as it used to be sort of a pristine area to play in. Now it's not and that's a downside. Myspace had similar issues, but I think they've been able to clamp it down a bit more now. Not so much garbage seeping in.

    And...I think their ad guidelines suck. People try to put up legit programs get shot in the butt, but others post crap and it makes it out there just fine. Someone needs to wring their ad people's necks, but that's my .02 on the subject.

  • Technology Changes: Get Used To It

    I've been using the new Facebook since my signup and I never really cared. As a matter of fact, if you were to revert to the older version from the newer, you lost ALL your changes to your profile. Think about it this way: ever had to wipe your PC due to some crash?

    So I stuck with the newer layout and it is great. I like it and I bet the users posting after me will send hate posts... anyway, leave Facebook alone. Hate it? Go to MySpace! Belong with another crowd.
  • RE: New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

    new facebook is mainly crap. there is very few things i like about the new one esp over the old one. The new facebook is not as user-friendly, clutter free/cleaner, its not more relevant and its certainly isnt faster/less time consuming as facebook says it is. As much as facebook says they want our feedback they really dont. They just want us to think we have a say and for us to keep our mouths shut and use the site the way it is now or leave. Hmmm... i think myspace and other sites are a looking lil better right now and a lil more friendly now... I might log onto them more often and facebook a lil less. At least when myspace rolled out their new look they have continued to let users choose which version we want to use the new or the old. So whose better now....Myspace. Who was better a month ago and b4....Facebook. Just my view pt though :P
    • Feedback != Design Input

      Hey RockChick, requesting feedback is simply a way to gauge how accepted anything is.

      The simple truth is that more people like the new lock than dislike. So the Facebook people "hear" what you say, they just choose not to do what you want because for every you, there are proably 25 others who don't want what you want.

      Or you could think about it this way: Facebook isn't a democracy, you don't get a vote. Or maybe it's a republic (like the USA), where your vote counts at your level but not up where it matters in the decision making level.

      Hope that clears up things for you. Oh, and good luck with MySpace. Personally I find most of it obnoxous and cluttered with useless crap that others think is useful and meaningful but really it's simply mental diarrhea. But that's just me... :)
      • OTOH

        Faceboook, like Microsoft, will hear only what they want to hear not what they don't.

        Exercises such as this are a scam which are, in truth, meaningless.

        Yeah, they have the right to do as they will and risk losing people as a result even for the short term.

        Facebook, unlike Microsoft, is not a near monopoly and has to accept that they will lose a fair number of users as a result of the makeover which seems more of a Vista like makeover in that it takes simple things and makes them work worse than before.

        Just my opinion mind, but it seems shared by more than half a million people. Ad purchasers will notice numbers that big.


  • RE: New Facebook goes live

    i like it very very much.... its much more surveyable (at least
    4 me) but its gr8! good job FaceBook company ;)
    piNa Lady*
  • RE: Much Much Better! Just like Friendster!

    I like the new look better. It gives you a quick over view of what's new and what's happening right after logging in. I am a Friendster fan and I know Facebook programmers just copied the idea from Friendster. I love Friendster and Facebook was just so awful to use when it first came out especially with the more user-friendly programming of Friendster. There's a big big big difference between the two. But Facebook is now much better since it now has the Friendster-style organization going on on the "Home" page.
    • ?

      Do people really still use Friendster?


      Jennifer Leggio
  • RE: New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

    WTF is Friendster? They change, I walk, it's as simple as that. Did I ask them to change it? No. Does it need changing? Not as far as I'm concerned, so when they impose it I'll just e-mail to all my friends and close my account.
  • RE: New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

    There's a lot of improvements in the new version once you get used to it. Some people like change for change's sake, some have to be dragged kicking and screaming into any change. Obviously a lot of thought and effort went into this for the user's benefit.
  • RE: New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

    The major fault of the new presentation is that it is 180 degrees out of brand. Instead of the "face" being presented being self-determined, it is largely an artifact of what others think of you. That is wronnngg. much like several "personality test" aps tht have all degraded into meat market speed date.
    What made fb grow was the ability to self-describe, with some small aesthetic sense, thru aps.
    Now it's ability to do that is reduced, markedly, ad it transforms into a gossiping, spit-wad throwing high school cafeteria.
    Most users will not notice.
    on the other hand the "trend setters" who are critical to fb's real business model, in fact will notice, are usually members of the various "opposition" groups, and are, to my first hand direct sampling, of a number of persons i have defined as trend setters, feeling far less site stickiness than they used to.
    Having been around this "community building" on the Net since 1996, my strongest opinion is that the real reason for the redesign was to shrink server call, ad nothing else.. page loading time for the profile.
    FaceBook has the money and resources to have dealt with this other ways.
    It is likely to be bit wise, meg foolish that they redesigned to have people present their identities as slices, rather than full images.
  • RE: New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

    Yep, I like the changes. I still think there are too many apps, but at least you can reject an app permanently now so you only get invited to add it once.

    I visited MySpace yesteryday, and was very happy with my choice to sticking with Facebook.
  • RE: New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

    not thrilled with new face book at all........may try something new instead..It posts too many old posts and pictures, and you never know if the chat program is going to work or not....being on a dialup server, takes to long to open up some days as too much stuff on the front page that is out of date!!! Try ICQ !!!!!
  • RE: New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

    Firstly, why change what works. I like change, but change for the better. The old facebook was easy because everything you had on your personal profile page was right there. The games, quotes, zodiac, what ever you utilized was there. The new facebook has you clicking everywhere, the layout is not good in my books, not to mention how slow it is. Some may need to gather patience for the new facebook. Instead of how it looks why not buff up on security and remove dangerous offenders.
  • RE: New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

    the new face book is rubbish bring back the old face new face book to slow to many errors and when you want to go on a application you just use it says it cannot be found a lot of my friends don't like the new facebook either so bring back the old and out with the new facebook
  • New and better

    I like the new layout, too. Simply because I have friends who simply add the apps and their profile takes a while to load.

    I have to say removing the Wall was not a great thing, but after a while I get used to it anyway.

    Overall, it's a good improvement and I know a lot of protests out there simply they do not like changes. It happens...
    • Agreed

      It happens. I don't love it but I'll deal. I just won't go there as often. It's not that I am adverse to change (I write about social networking for the love of peat!) it's that I don't like it when the change doesn't make sense.
      Jennifer Leggio
  • RE: New Facebook goes live, old Facebook dies

    well... i have hoped over to
    and found that keeping simple is easier...

    alot of the features on facebook are for time waster... that's why corporate are banning them on their network...