Salesforce Radian6 drinks from the Twitter firehose with global alliance

Salesforce Radian6 drinks from the Twitter firehose with global alliance

Summary: Salesforce and Twitter have announced a global alliance that enables customers to access public tweets in real time. Twitter will push its 400 million tweets per day to Radian6 for analysis.



Salesforce and Twitter have announced a global alliance that enables customers using Radian6 to access public tweets in real time.

This deal is different from other deals with Twitter and agreements with companies such as Datasift. Datasift gives historical access to data from Twitter for its customers going back to January 2010.

This agreement is different. It sees Twitter pushing all of its 400 million tweets per day directly to Radian6 for its customers to access and analyse.


Tim Barker from Datasift got in touch to say that:

Radian6 has a direct relationship with Twitter to access the Firehose for their own social monitoring applications whereas as a resyndication partner, DataSift provides a platform that any developer can use to filter data from the full firehose.

The difference is that DataSift is powering the ecosystem of companies that are building applications that need social data, whereas as part of Salesforce, Radian6 is large enough to strike a direct deal with Twitter.

This global strategic alliance between and Twitter provides full access to Twitter’s public tweets to Salesforce Radian6 customers. This gives extra insight to social enterprises who can turn the massive volume of social conversations about their products, brand and industry into near real time engagements.

Radian6's customers will be able to respond to changes in sentiment much more quickly which could strengthen customer relationships. As companies continue to transform their business for today’s social world, this alliance empowers them to engage with customers in entirely new ways.

Marcel LeBrun, SWV and GM for Salesforce said:

“Twitter has changed the way people around the world communicate and interact with brands. The alliance between Twitter and enables companies to apply the power of social listening and engagement to over 400 million Tweets daily, providing opportunities for social enterprises to engage, solve problems, gain followers and build brand identity.”

“Companies look to Twitter to connect with their customers in real time about the things that matter to them. understands how to facilitate these interactions,” said Jana Messerschmidt, vice president of Business Development at Twitter.

“Combining the power of Salesforce Radian6 with Twitter helps companies understand and respond to their customers as these conversations are happening.”

Salesforce is sweeping up leading social media companies, and has been extending its portfolio for some time. Last month it announced real time communication for the social enterprise with Chatter Messenger and Chatter screen sharing and has over 150,000 active Salesforce Chatter networks. acquired the industry leading Radian6 in March 2011 and quickly reshaped its core business strategy to move into social business. Only two weeks ago it announced an agreement to buy Buddy Media, the social marketing platform for $689 million.

Buddy Media is currently used by eight of the top ten global advertisers whilst Radian6 is used by more than 50 per cent of Fortune 100 companies. Radian6 already monitors hundreds of millions of conversations each day. It mines Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and online communities.

Salesforce is building up a great portfolio of social enterprise products such as Chatter, Rypple and Now connecting with customers on public social networks such as Twitter will strengthen the Radian6 brand and enhance customer insight.

Microsoft certainly has a lot of catching up to do -- whether or not the rumoured purchase of Yammer by Microsoft goes ahead. If it wants to lead with its social business big bets it needs to move fast.

With the social enterprise arsenal of products that is building, Microsoft’s on-premise social business customers could be swept up into the cloud and embraced by its more agile competitor.

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  • Typo

    Customers will be able to respond to changes in sentiment much more quickly which could strengthen customer relationships

    I believe you meant to say companies will be able.....
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  • So what is the difference?

    Radian6 does not have any analytic capacity to do research, It's more of a keyword mapper to me.. how is having access to public tweets any different than what they used to have before. I feel this article is a little misleading to make companies believe that they will get access to something they did not have before.
  • do you even know what a firehose is?

    I don't see the difference here, why don't you explain why this firehose is different? Do you know what a firehose even is? This article seems to be biased toward radian6, like a marketing promotion with no real content.
  • Understanding Buddy Media and how its' business proposition fits in.

    Let's get a better understanding of Buddy Media's model for socializing businesses. The way that they have evolved App-Vertising has become viral in the social applications industry. I am now an affiliate of Social Candy, who makes an application toolkit to drive fans to pull each other into games and collaboration from Facebook business pages. It's a creative and promising field.