Steve Jobs made technology adoption worth it for everyone.

Steve Jobs made technology adoption worth it for everyone.

Summary: Thank you Steve for showing us that technology and innovation can be such an integral and seamless part of our lives.


As I sit here now and type this post on my MacBook Pro, flanked by my upright iPad 2 on my left, my iPhone 4 on my right, both plugged into USB ports, all three devices receiving notifications and photos and videos from various internet mediums simultaneously from friends, family and coworkers, I realize that these products have become personal permanent creative appendages of communication for me. I use the Apple fan boy product trifecta every day. Steve Jobs knew how to connect people with technology products in a way that only he could do, a way that would change the world.

The video below is one that my friends are tired of me sharing, but he tells us very clearly (at about the 1:50 mark) what the big secret is. Steve's success, and the products that pretty much invented the tech fanboy genre, are done well for one simple reason. He knew technology would be a waste if it was a bad experience for those that needed to actually use it. He knew that innovation would only be able to progress if it inspired creativity and stimulated the user's imagination as opposed to just being a product of his own personal invention. His passion for the potential of everything technology was unbridled. Some hated him. Some obsessed on him. Most were just waiting to see what direction he was going to take us all next.

I've been in tech for more than fifteen years and I've never seen a technology company whose products play such a big role in people's lives. Whether someone is starting their own business, raising a family, going to work, heading out on vacation or entertaining friends, millions of people use Apple products all day every day to work, play, create and explore. Apple is a phenomenal product experience backed by an even more phenomenal story.

September of 2005 was the month that restored my faith in technology and computing and its place of relevance in my life. It was the month that I switched to Apple products and never looked back.

Thank you Steve for raising the product bar so high. You were one of a kind and will be missed.

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  • RE: Steve Jobs made technology adoption worth it for everyone.

    As he said, you start with the customer experience first and work backwards to the technology. The average person could care less about the technology that makes their car run, they just want to get in and enjoy the ride from point A-B.

    This can be seen with every one of Apple's products from the iPod, to iPhone and iPad. The iPad is a very powerful device with Three-axis gyro, Acceleromete, Ambient light sensor, A4-A5 processor, Digital compass, GPS, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR technology, Wi-Fi/3G, video out and mirrioring tech, front back cams....But all this tech mean little if the iPad wasn't user friendly <b>first</b> to the average user. Smooth scrolling. Intuitive UI. Easy to understand. Easy to get content.
  • Start With The Customer Experience And Work Backwards To The Technology

    Sound advice, except when he failed to take it himself. Apple's i-products give a wonderful user experience to those willing to remain within the confines of the walled garden; but stray too close to the boundaries, and you will feel the tug of that leash on your neck.

    The Android vendors have taken the user-experience lesson to heart. And now it is their turn to take it to the next level, and teach the lesson back to Apple. Will Apple pay attention? I'm thinking no.
    • RE: Steve Jobs made technology adoption worth it for everyone.

      @ldo17 - ....and THAT is one of the key things I don't like..and why I buy all my music from Amazon. <br><br>The flip side is that when you open up your platform to the world, you might end up with some cool stuff, but you also end up with instability as you are at the mercy of how well all the third party stuff was tested, etc. <br><br>I ran nothing but a Linux desktop for a year to really give the fruits of the open-source community a shot and loved the stuff that worked but hated how most of the time it didn't. When I install software, I expect it to work smoothly on it's own if I pay for it. I don't want to have to go download some random .so file off some random dude's FTP site....etc. From a mainstream user perspective, how can that possibly be an acceptable user experience?

      I always ended up feeling like I was part of some freelance rogue software project while trying to actually just be productive while using my computer. Very frustrating.
      Rich Harris
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